Sunday 26 March 2017

Wichtel Outfit.....SOLD

I have for sale this outfit for the Wichtel girls.  The outfit is brand new, having been made by me today.  It consists of cute overalls made from cotton pique printed with little items of clothing, the overall seams are all finished inside, the bib and shoulder straps are topstitched and they close at the back and the top of the bib with blue plastic snaps.  The short sleeved tee shirt closes at the back with three metal snaps.  The polka dot fabric hair ties are included.  Shoes and model (OOAK Neele by Rosemarie Muller) are not included in the sale.

The outfit is SOLD, thankyou!  Please email me at: if you are interested in purchasing this outfit.

Thanks very much in advance.

 Thank you for visiting and I hope you all have a great week ahead!

Hugs Sharon xx

Saturday 25 March 2017

All she needed was a little breeze......

All Dylan needed was a little breeze to make her windmill spin, sadly for her that didn't happen! 

Don't be sad Dylan, tomorrow is another day!

Thank you for visiting, I hope you all are enjoying your weekend and that the week ahead is a good one for you!

Hugs, Sharon xx

Thursday 23 March 2017

Curly topped girls!

I haven't been up to much at the moment but firstly, wanted to share a few photos taken yesterday of two of my BJDs who are both curly topped girls, wearing Tibetan lambswool wigs that I made. 

First we have Mouse, my newest girl, wearing a new dress that I made for her last week.  I am not that happy with the style though, I don't think it is really 'her'.... or maybe it is the shoes that just don't go with the look of the dress.  I will make something more 'modern' soon and see if I like that look better on her.

Secondly, we have Brodie, my little Iplehouse BID Bordy.  I made this wig particularly for her from a small scrap of lambswool that I had left over from another wig.  I would like a bit more curl in this wig but am happy with how it looks on Brodie.

I have a few other girls who've had curly hair styles over the years and thought I'd share some photos of those below too!

Firstly we have Kaye Wiggs Hope who for a while wore a blond lambswool wig that I made for her, this photo was before I gave her a new custom faceup:

Then below she wears a brown lambswool wig with her new faceup.  In fact this wig is actually the same wig being worn by Mouse above!  

Fiona, my Little Fee Ante, wore a brunette lambswool wig for a little while back in the spring of 2009.  I think she looks quite sweet as a brunette but I always preferred her with fairer hair.

Riley Mai, my Ppinkydoll girl, wears a ginger lambswool wig with paler ends,  that I was given as a gift some years ago.  I think the colour suits her quirky face and pale skin.

And finally for this post, a photo of my lovely Little Darling Ellie wearing a lambswool wig.  I loved how she looked in this wig but then I realised she wasn't 'Ellie' any more with this look!  So she went back to her regular wig.  This wig is now being worn by Mouse above!!! 

Thank you very much for visiting and viewing the curly haired girls!  Well we are almost at the end of another week so I hope you all have a great weekend!

Big hugs Sharon xx

Friday 17 March 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day.....

Now that I am the proud owner of a new Irish passport, I feel it is even more important that I embrace my Irish-ness and with it, take the opportunity to wish you all a very Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

As I child and into my adulthood I was always part of my family's St. Patrick's day celebrations, even on a school night!  All day long my mum would be boiling up crubeens (pig's trotters), tripe and onions and lambs tongues, all 'delicacies' that my dad and his friends loved, and these would be wrapped in foil or put in plastic containers to take out to the local Catholic club in the evening, when a fair few pints of The Black Stuff (Guinness) would be consumed to accompany the Irish dishes!!  I'll never forget how greasy everything would feel afterwards, door handles, tables, glasses...YUCK!!!  And no, despite my new Irish citizenship, I've never acquired the taste for any of the above!

Here is a little Irish Blessing for you!

I don't think I have any dolls clothes in green but here is Marisol wearing shades of is after all, the colour of the Irish Sea when it's not stormy!!!!

Who knows, one year I might even have clothing for my dolls that reflects 'special occasions'.....but it's highly unlikely as I'm not that organised!!!

I hope you all have a lovely weekend and that the week ahead is a great one for you!

Big hugs, Sharon x

Thursday 9 March 2017

Dollstown Seola ....

You all must know by now that I love dolls with expressive faces, whether they be sad, grumpy or in this case pretty forlorn!  I don't know why but they appeal to me more than happy dolls....I have had happy smiling faces in the past but they just don't seem to stay here long!  Here is an example of one of those who only stayed a short while because his happy open mouth drove me nuts!!!!  (Looks like I wasn't the only one who was driven nuts by this little one's constantly open mouth!!!)

So when I saw this gorgeous Dollstown Seola on a DT7 (7 year old style body) for sale on Den of Angels I just had to go for her.  I had been watching Ebay and DOA for more than 6 months in case a Dollstown girl came up for sale but the couple that did, were both outside of the EU and I really couldn't afford to pay customs on top of the price of the doll, so when this lovely girl was put up for sale by a seller in the UK, I jumped on her!  She came with pink eyes and a mid brown straight wig so I immediately changed her eyes to these brown glass ones and then set about finding the perfect wig for her from my overflowing wig box.   You will also see that she has white eyelashes, I think these will eventually go and she'll have natural brown ones.

I finally settled on this Tibetan lambswool wig that I made for my Little Darlings, which is actually too small but because I liked it on her, I decided to adapt it a bit.  It still falls off, being a bit small, but I'm working on that!!

Seola will now be known as Mouse after a dear friend of mine who encouraged me to go for her when I showed her the 'for sale' thread!!!

In the photos below she is borrowing a dress and leggings from my Kaye Wiggs girls but today I made her a new dress and will take some more photos soon and share them on here.

I love her delicate waif-like appearance..... (please excuse the stray hairs, it was windy!)

Even Yoda seemed keen on this girl! ;)

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you're having a great week :)

Hugs Sharon x

Tuesday 7 March 2017

Dog walking.....

Today I had some help with dog walking!  Sam, my Elfdoll Hana Angel, who is just 20cm tall, took one of the Chihuahuas out for a walk ;)

Knitted dress and hat were a gift from my dear friend May in Australia, who went by the name Maisiedoats on Ebay and Etsy.  May died some years ago now and so my knits by her are extra special to me.  Leggings/tights and boots from Cool_Cat in Hong Kong.

Thank you for visiting, have a lovely 'rest of the week' !

Hugs Sharon x