Wednesday 23 January 2019

Dolls for Sale & Updates!

I mentioned in my previous blog post that I would write about my doll plans for 2019 and it's taken me until now to do just that.  I can't recall what my plans were last year and I'm being too lazy to search for my post, but I'm sure I would have said that I intended taking more photos out and about with dolls, without worrying about what strangers might think of me.  Did I do that?  No, not really, but it was more that I just didn't make the time to take dolls with me when I went out, rather than being embarrassed to be seen with them.....well that's my excuse!!!

So my plans for this year.  Well for a start I still have two dolls on pre-order from last year. One of them was ordered in September and the other early December, so hopefully the first of those will be shipping within the next couple of months.  Both are artist dolls, although from two different artists and most artists will say that the dolls take approximately 4 or 5 months to that gives me a while to go yet.  The first of these dolls that I've ordered is Eminor by Harucasting in South Korea.  She is an MSD sized girl and I've ordered her in a medium tan with a custom faceup by Blisslacosta from Russia.  (Photo by Blisslacosta/Harucasting):

And the second doll on order is called Ninon and she is from the French artist, Lillycat Dolls, she is also MSD and her skin colour is called Chocolate.  (Photo by Lillycat Dolls).

In the meantime, I come to the dolls that I mentioned in my last blog post, that I would be putting up for sale.  To be honest the task is such a daunting one that I really don't know where to start.  I have so many dolls to sell, photos to take, listings to type up, postage to work out, that I've been dragging my feet about making a start.  I have sold three dolls on Facebook, which should have encouraged me to keep at it, but still I am not getting anywhere and it is driving me to distraction.  I tried to make a separate page on here so that at the top of the page there would be a tab that you could click on to see what I'm selling, but for some reason I am unable to get that right, so that is my next task.  Anyway, I thought I'd just add some photos here and if you're interested in anything, please give me a shout!!  
And as I also said previously, I will be listing things on ebay too, so again,  I will add links here too once I have them.

Here is a collage of most of the dolls I'm selling.  I've not numbered them but if we say that number 1 is the photo on the top left and work across and down from left to right.....(if you click on the collage it should enlarge)....

I also have a bunch of Barbies and a Ken that have never been removed from their boxes, I have two of the first batch of the Made to Move Barbies, the blond and the dark skinned girl, plus the Asian girl, she has been removed from her box and posed.  I don't have her box.  I also have a couple of the Fashionista girls (numbers 24 and 33) and a Ken Fashionista (number 3).  All brand new in their boxes, although one of them, the dark skinned red head has some damage to the side of her box where the clear plastic front has come away from the cardboard backing.

I am also considering selling my Gotz 50th Anniversary set of dolls, they're by the artist Sylvia Natterer and represent the Gotz family.  The set is limited to 50 sets worldwide and they were released in the year 2000.  One of the dolls has some caving to her chest but apart from that, the dolls and their clothing are in good condition. 

And I have three other Sylvia Natterer dolls that are looking for new homes, one of those has never even been undressed.

If you're interested in any of the above dolls, or would like more information, please email me:

I'm open to offers on their prices, please don't be shy about making an offer, I can only say no, and I promise that I'll say it in the nicest possible way!!!  Unfortunately I'm not able to offer more than one month layaway at the moment. 

Thanks for reading, I hope you're all having a great week!

Big hugs Sharon xx

Wednesday 2 January 2019

Happy New Year!!!

An ever so slightly late Happy New Year to all my readers, thank you so much for staying with me this year, I hope you'll carry on visiting throughout 2019.

I will start to list quite a few of my dolls for sale this month, all being well, as I'm going to be having a BIG clear out!!!  There will be Sashas, Gregors, Gotz, Natterers, Zwergnases as well as Little Darlings, to name but a few, who will be looking for new homes.  I will list them here and probably on Ebay too, with the auction links also listed here.  I'm going to be really ruthless as there will be big changes happening this year and I need the dosh!!!

Dollies aside, yesterday, New Years Day, myself and some friends, started the New Year with a swim in the chilly Mediterranean!  The weather has continued to be beautiful and sunny through the festive period and so what better way to start the new month and year, than a group of Irish, British and Dutch friends to go for a swim!! 

The photos are not great but hope you'll enjoy seeing us nutty people having fun!  There weren't enough crazy wigs to go around so I sprayed my hair with blue dye....fortunately it washed out afterwards with shampoo!!!  I'm the one with the full body surf suit....I'm not taking any chances with jelly fish....and that's my excuse!!! 😉


I don't know why I have my mouth open like that below, the water wasn't that cold!!!!

Swimming in the lead here, but it didn't friends are so much stronger swimmers than me!!!

I will probably do a 'summing up' of my year in my next post as I enjoy looking back at what I've been up to and what dolls have come and gone, but as my family have been visiting from the UK, I've not really had time over the Christmas period.

I hope you all have a great 2019 and wish you good health and happiness!  Thank you once again for your support during 2018.

Big hugs and lots of love
Sharon xxx