Tuesday 22 November 2011

Ebay here I come!

Today I took the plunge and listed my two outfits on ebay, they are made especially for Enyo by Irrealdoll.....I hope someone, well perhaps two someones actually, will like them enough to buy them!  Here are the links:

Little Enyo has really inspired me to sew and I've enjoyed designing new patterns for her/him and making these outfits!  Thank you for taking the time to look!

In other dolly news, I received two parcels today!  One of them was a wig from the UK, a Tibetan lambswool one that I intended for my Lati Yellow Halloween Cat Lea.  However, when I tried it on my little tanned ex Vampire Cookie, I realised that it really is for her, so she will be keeping it for now!  I really never envisaged her as a redhead but I think it is perfect for her!  Here is a photo of her wearing it!

My second parcel contained by beautiful Volks F01 Nana head which had been to Luna in Italy for a new faceup!  And my goodness, she is gorgeous, my photos just don't do justice to Luna's lovely work.  I would like to get some new glass eyes in deep brown but for now she is wearing these bright blue ones.  The wig is the one she normally wears but whilst she was away I washed and conditioned it, so it is nice and fresh and shiny.....just perfect!!  Of course as soon as we went out into the garden to take her photos, so it started to rain again, so they were a bit rushed!

Sunday 20 November 2011

Busy bee.....

I've been busy sewing all weekend and have finished another outfit which I hope to put on Ebay on Tuesday night!  This time I went for a Scottish theme because I just happened to look towards my fabric shelves and this red tartan was staring me in the face...and the idea for the outfit came to me almost immediately!!  So here it is, the finished outfit, I hope someone will like it enough to bid on it!

The outfit consists of the Tam O'Shanter hat with white pompom, white knit long sleeved tee shirt with lace at the cuffs, tartan pantaloons/knickerbockers with two small yellow buttons on the front waistband, red felt waistcoat with black spotty button on the front and black and white stripey socks with pompoms on the toes.  Made especially for Enyo by Irrealdolls....I'm so loving this funny faced little cutie!!

More dolly news.  A couple of nights ago I ordered an Iplehouse JID Asa in real skin!!!  I had saved up half the money towards her and hubby added the rest as my Christmas pressie!  I'm happy because I wanted her as a big sister for Evangeline, my real skin BID Elin and I think hubby is happy as he doesn't have to worry what to buy me for Christmas!  I wish my presents to him were as easy to buy!!!  Anyway, here is a photo from the Iplehouse site, my girl will have real skin, which for those unfamiliar with IP dolls, is a soft creamy coffee colour.  I chose faceup A and big bust, so I will be challenged by having to sew more 'grown up' outfits for her.....arrgggghhh does this mean darts??? LOL!

On the non dolly front, it has been raining off and on for the last couple of days and our newly repaired bathroom roof is still in two places!  Oh well, looks like we haven't got rid of our 'exclusive indoor water feature after all'!!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday 16 November 2011

Sewing again....

Yesterday I made a start on a little Christmas outfit for Enyo dolls that I'm going to put on Ebay.....I hope I'll get a little bit of interest.....certainly a lot of people are emailing me about sewing for them.  So we shall see.  Anyway, here is a photo of the outfit which is called Santa's Little Helper .... It'll be posted on Ebay this coming weekend.

I think I'll make something Christmasy for the girls next.....

Apart from that, nothing else to report.  The weather has cheered up from a couple of days ago when we had torrential rain, which unfortunately came through the newly repaired bathroom ceiling.....and like most builders I've come across here, once we'd handed over our money, he doesn't seem that interested in returning to have another look at why it still leaks!!! 

Anyway, never mind the rain,  Ilya-Anis had the right idea for cold damp weather....curl up on the sofa with a furry friend and a good book!!!

Saturday 12 November 2011

Yeaaah, a great dolly day!

Yesterday morning I went to the post office to send a package off and thought I'd enquire about the parcel I was waiting for.  Nothing for me though, they said nothing before Monday now!
However, a couple of hours later I was chatting in the street with my neighbour when I noticed a guy coming up the hill carrying a parcel! And yes, it was for was Enyo, my lovely little Engendrito from Irrealdolls here in Spain.  She was 'special' enough that she came by Courier and not via the post office!!

For those not familiar with these little creatures, they are described as thus on the Irrealdolls website:

....little creatures that live in our homes but we can't see them!
They used to wear skins (from animals or sinthetic), with ears and tail included, like if they were plushies or savage creatures.
Engendritos don't like humans behavior, because of that, only very strange people can see them.
For unknow reasons, their names are from butterflies or moths. For example, the Enyo name comes from “Enyo Lugubris” a non very beautiful moth...

Well my little Enyo has become human!  She is a sweet and lively little girl with wild chestunt brown hair which she keeps styled in two plaits and deep nut brown eyes.  And her name is Ilya-Anis.....Her name came to me yesterday....I looked at the date, 11th November 2011 and thought "now how can I come up with a name that reminds me of the date when she arrived?  So I thought well capital 'I' and then lower case 'L' look like the number 11, so something starting with those two letters....immediately Ilya sprung to mind.  However I also wanted something 'Spanish' included in there somewhere to reflect, not only where she lives but also where she was designed!  So 'Anis' was added.....Anis is a aniseed flavoured drink that is very popular here in Spain.  So Ilya-Anis was 'born'!!!!!  

I feel very fortunate to have her because Laura only releases batches of 50 each time and this is the second batch, so she is very limited.  

Anyway I'm really happy with her.  I did do a bit of work on her when she arrived as the elastic was quite thin and floppy, so I restrung her,  hot glue sueded her joints, added freckles across her nose and cheeks, a bit of extra blush on her cheeks and ears, gave her eyelashes.....a wig and of course a little outfit that I made especially for her last weekend in anticipation of her arrival!  And Voila, here she is, little Ilya-Anis:


Sunday 6 November 2011


Today, despite having lots of things I should have been doing, I decided to spend ages playing about with a photo framing site on the internet, giving my dolls pretty frames around their photos!  Here are a couple of them:

These are two of my favourite dolls....the top photo is of Fiona, my Little Fee Ante and the lower one is Heather Sky, my fav Blythe, customised by me!!

After that, I made a couple of pairs of jeans for my friends Limhwa to You Sara, I don't have one of these tiny little Sara dolls so I had to look at photos of her wearing jeans that I made previously for the same friends Blythe and Mini Riz and then judge the fit from there.  I used to have no problems with making jeans for any doll just from measurements and thankfully never had a single complaint but recently I've felt more stressed about making jeans for dolls just from measurements.  I like to put so many details into them that it would be such a shame if they didn't fit the doll they were intended for.  I always make it really clear to people that if I don't have the exact same doll that they want jeans for, then the sizing would be at their own risk, but I worry all the same!!  But that's just me! 

So that has been my day.  And now I'm going to grab some supper, put my feet up and watch an old episode of Foyles War!!!

Happy Sunday!

Thursday 3 November 2011

Enyo is on it's way!!!

Little Enyo is now on his/her way home!  I'm really pleased as they are so cute!  All the photos I've seen so far have been very endearing.....

I don't know if mine will be a boy or a girl, perhaps neither.....perhaps he/she will be a little 'it'!  I certainly can see why people are enchanted with them.  And hey, I'm helping the economy here in Spain too....because the designer is Spanish! 

Ahhh I knew there was a reason why I had to have one!!!

Anyway, I already have several names in mind for him or her......but I'll keep them in my head for now until the little one is here and in my hands!

This is not my photo, I believe it belongs to Laura, who 'is' Irrealdolls and designed Enyo.....but I just had to share.  I hope she won't mind me using this photo until my own little one comes home and I can take my own photos.  My little Enyo is normal/oriental skin and doesn't have the heart 'tattoo' on her face.