Sunday 4 June 2017

Dolls for Sale....

I have some dolls that are looking for new homes, so I thought I'd advertise them here first, just in case anyone is interested.

Firstly I have my Maru & Friends Tanya who I rewigged with a cute Monique Gold wig which I then cut into a cute chin length bob.  She will come nude except for the white cotton knickers that she came in.   I have had her since new having bought directly from a doll shop in France.  I can also include her original wig too if wanted, although it is a bit untidy and could do with a good brush through.  Tanya is in very good clean condition and has no nasty odours or damage.

Price for this doll is 70 euros plus postage.  SOLD THANK YOU!

Next looking to travel is Noelle, a Nicky Ladd Blythe customised by me.  She is a genuine Blythe doll from Takara and I bought her new from a Blythe seller in Hong Kong.  She has had all the usual customisation including some new eyechips, sleep eyes and face carving.  I carved her mouth to look like she is sucking in her bottom lip, which makes her look young, shy and pensive.  Noelle has a Licca body (shown in the first two photos) and will travel to her new home in an outfit of my choice but not necessarily one in the photos below.

Price for Noelle is 165 euros (or near offer) plus postage.SOLD Thank you!

Next up is a Zwergnase Junior Avery who is in brand new condition, never having been played with, only photographed twice, and I've never even undressed her.  I bought her directly from Zwergnase in Germany in November last year, so she is barely 7 months old.  She has no damage or bad odours.  She will travel in her complete outfit including boots and in her soft bag/pouch that she came in.

I'm asking 175 euros or near offer for Avery, plus postage.

Finally for now, I have my Volks Yosd Ayumu up for adoption.  Ayumu, who I call Jack, has been with me since November 2007 when I bought him new from Japan.  He has a custom faceup by the very talented and very sought after Caroline of Viridian House.  Jack comes nude in his original box with original wig and paperwork, he also still has his brass identification/authentification plate still in place on the back of his headcap.  He has had his default acrylic eyes replaced with glass ones.  He is great condition and has no odours or damage.  He is natural pureskin which has mellowed slightly with age but it is even and natural looking.  Jack is Yosd size, which in his case is 26cm, he takes size 14 or 16mm eyes and wears a size 6/7 inch wig.  He is a resin ball jointed doll and Volks were the first company to produce BJDs in modern times.

I am asking 295 euros plus postage.  SOLD Thank you!

Do not be alarmed by the tape on his headcap, I have removed it since taking this photo.

All payments would need to be 'friends and family' please, or add 4% to the total to cover paypal charges.

Thanks very much for looking.  If you'd like any further information or more photos of the above dolls, then please don't hesitate to email me on

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and I hope the week ahead is a good one for  you!!!

Hugs Sharon x