Saturday 31 October 2015

And so back to sunny Spain!

I'm home again now from my week long trip to the UK and have to say that on the one hand it feels like the week flew by, but then on the other, I feel like I've been gone from the 'blogging world' for ages and ages!

I had a lovely, lovely time in England, visiting with my mum and brother and then the three of us going down to the south coast of England to spend a few days with my son Brendan and his fiance Virginia, in Worthing, West Sussex.

The weather was mixed, I arrived in soft drizzling rain and left in a downpour but in between it wasn't bad at all!  In fact apart from the Monday when we visited Brighton, I was able to go without my coat during the day (as long as I had my thick cardigan!) but Monday wasn't so nice and I ended up buying myself a couple of woolly scarves which helped a lot!!

I enjoyed the Chat n Snap, so perfectly organised by Dee of Sasha Village,  thanks so much Dee for everything!  I have to say I did a whole lot more 'chatting' than 'snapping' up of bargains, or snapping photos, as I actually forgot to take my camera out of my bag.  In fact, my poor dolls, having got all ready for their visit to their Sasha/Gregor cousins, never left the table in front of me as I was so engrossed in my conversations with the lovely people I met last year, or have met since on the internet!!  However, I did manage to spend some money at the event and will show those off on another post as I've not got the right accessories here at the coast to take photos of them  now.

So I thought I'd share some random photos of the Sunday when we arrived in Worthing, Virginia was in London with a friend over from Spain, so they are only of my family,  but hope you'll enjoy them.  I will put dolly photos on another post, another day!

My brother John and my son Brendan on the beach...

My mum on the promenade in Worthing, it must be warm, she's undone her top button ;) 

 These very curious young seagulls were strutting their stuff on the pebbles!

There were a lot of people enjoying a stroll on the pier, including us of course!

Oh gosh!  Is that me in front of the camera for a change? 

Worthing beach from the pier...

Looking east towards Brighton....are those the White Cliffs of Dover in the distance?  

Brendan was thinking "Now why didn't I bring my fishing gear with me from Spain?" 

I'm told the domed building is the newly refurbished cinema complex.  I like how they've blended it in with the surrounding buildings.

Now one minute my mum's head was in the hole....and then it was gone!!!  I have no idea what happened! LOL

I don't know what this sport is called but there were several pairs of people doing it!  It was a bit like gondoliers without the gondola or the Venetian canals!!  But it certainly needed a flat sea like it was that day!

The seaweed covered uprights of the pier...

I guess some people have to be told!!  

Children seem to enjoy playing on the beach regardless of how cold the water is, don't they!

I had a lovely time in Worthing, I was so happy to see my 'boy' and to know that he and Virginia are happy and content there.  I don't like that they are far away from us but it's their lives and they must live them to the full!  But I do so miss them!!! 

Thank you for looking, I hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween and a good week ahead!

Sunday 18 October 2015

Tea time visitors!

Today it's a 'no dolls' post but I just wanted to share some photos of some 'visitors' who came by this evening. 

I just happened to look up when something caught my eye through the living room window and I looked out to see a big herd of goats walking past on the bank of the dry river bed next to us.   A few of them were walking along the river bed itself.  I thought I'd quickly grab my camera and take some photos, I've always loved goats and always wanted a miniature goat as a child!

I ran out to our back deck and started snapping photos.....but forgetting that having just put a deep conditioner on my hair, I was sporting a most attractive (NOT!!!) bright blue towelling turban!  LOL!

I think the elderly goatherd was rather amused at this funny English woman standing there taking photos of his goats and wearing a turban!  Oh well!

Looking towards the beach.....I wonder if this lot had been for a little swim!

I think the goatherd found me highly amusing!!!

This one decided that there was more fun to be had on the dry river bed!


I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead! 

I'm off to the UK on Wednesday but hopefully will have time to do another blog post before I go!!

Saturday 10 October 2015

Little Boneka girl....

I just took some photos of my sweet little Tuesday's Child doll, Daniela, who is sculpted by Dianna Effner and handpainted and released by Boneka. 

I made this outfit some years ago and just thought I'd try it on her, I think she looks very cute in it and it fits perfectly.  The only thing missing are the socks, which I couldn't fit on with these trainers/sneakers.

A close up of her sweet little face :)

Thank you for visiting!  I hope everyone has a great weekend and that the week ahead is good for you too!

Wednesday 7 October 2015

And Brodie comes too....

This is the sight that greeted me this morning when I went out of the door:

Me:  "Hey little one, where do you think you're off to this early in the morning?"

Brodie:  "I'm getting ready to go on holiday with you to Yoookay!"

Me :  "Yoookay?  Oh you mean the UK!"

Brodie:  "Yes, that's what I said didn't I! Mari and Fiona said they're going, please mummy, let me come too!  I'm only little!  I'm just THIS small!"

Me:  "Oh Brodie, I've got so much to carry, you'd be better off staying here with dad and the dogs, I'll only be gone a week!"

Brodie:  "But I don't want to stay here, I want to come with you!  Pleeease, I want to see nana!"

Oh dear, how can I refuse this little face?  

Looks like yet another member of my dolly family will be travelling with me to the UK in two weeks time then!!!

Doll: Iplehouse BID Bordy in Special Real Skin
Faceup: Default Iplehouse
Height: 26cm
Wig: Tibetan lambswool made by me
Overalls: by TTYA
Shirt:  vintage Sindy shirt from the 1960s
Socks: by me
Shoes: by MimiWoo
Backpack: clone fashion doll
Little bead doll: gift from a friend in the US!

Some bonus photos of this little sweetie:

Thank you very much for looking!

Tuesday 6 October 2015

Valentine gets some wheels....

A few weeks ago I found a couple of these tiny 'finger' skateboards in a craft type shop called Tiger, in Fuengirola,  so thought that I'd let Valentine have fun with one.  She had to take it apart of course, so it's good that they come with spare wheels, spare nuts, a screwdriver and a socket!  All for just 2 euros.

I just took a few photos of her which I'll share here.  They came out very 'golden' as I took them with the sun blinds down on the deck. 

I'm sure she really is happy with her new toy....although perhaps you could be forgiven for not seeing that from her face in these photos!!!  

Thanks for stopping by!