Monday 28 October 2019

Autumn already!!!

It's been more than a month since I last wrote anything here on my blog but now that the evenings are darker, I'm more inclined to be sitting inside using my laptop, rather than outside so thought I'd do some catching up!  I don't like putting the clocks back, the sun sets here at about 6.30pm and I thought that was bad enough until my son, who lives on the south coast of the UK, sent me a photo this afternoon at 5pm UK time, and it was completely dark!!!!  We are very lucky here to be honest, as even in the middle of winter, it never really gets dark before about 6.15pm.

That aside, the weather here has been beautiful.  The temperature during the day is still in the low to mid 20s centigrade, so I really cannot complain.  I think waking up to bright mornings with blue skies and lots of sunshine really does help my frame of mind. And it has certainly made my morning walks easier to get up for!!!

On the dolly front I have been busy.  I have recently sold another 6 dolls and a Super Dollfie sized body, so of course that money was burning a hole in the bottom of my paypal account.  I ended up buying two dolls, one was an impulse buy and the other was a doll that I have wanted for absolutely ages but had not been able to find within the EU and I was not prepared to buy from elsewhere as I didn't want to get caught for customs charges.

So the impulse buy is by an artist that I've admired for a while but never thought I'd find one of her dolls for sale within the EU.  She is a Madeleine by the Australian artist Liz Frost and she is approx 12 inches tall.  Madeleine is a tan resin ball jointed doll (BJD) and I adopted her from a friend in the UK....I am thinking that I might give her a new faceup or at least partially redo her as I'm not sure about her current blush.  We shall see.  The good thing about this doll is that she can share the clothing belonging to the Little Darlings, so that gives her a lot of options as they have a lot of clothes!!!

Here she is on arrival day:

The second doll that I bought recently is one that I have wanted for AGES!  I mean a really long time!  Probably since she was released back in about 2011.  I remember wanting to pre-order her but again the customs charges put me off as she would be shipped from the US.  So I decided that if I was to get her then it would be secondhand ... but each time she was for sale within the EU, so I was broke!  In the end I sort of moved on.  However about three weeks ago I saw one for sale on Ebay and she was being sold in France.  The seller had stated she'd only ship within France but several messages later she was coming home to me!  She is just what I was looking for.  A Kaye Wiggs Gracie in sunskissed skin tone with a default faceup.  She arrived last week and she is just so incredibly cute, I'm really glad to have found her and can honestly say that she was worth the wait!!!

Also my new body (I wished!!!) arrived for the Dandelion head I bought back in September.  I bought this head actually as a full doll but I didn't like the body so I sold that body and ordered an Elf body from Dollstown.  Now I'm very happy with her new look.  I took a few very quick photos of her when the body arrived and some photos of the head on the first body....

And some quick photos of her with her new body.  I will take more detailed photos soon.

I quickly made her this blue top but need to make her more of a wardrobe of clothes, as I don't have much in this size :)  I'm actually looking forward to sewing in this bigger size again after years without a Super Dollfie sized doll, even if she is actually considered to be a 'smaller super dollfie'. 😉

There are some other 'newbies' here but I will leave them for another post.  I hope you've enjoyed seeing a brief post of what I've been up to.  

Have a great week ahead!

Hugs Sharon x