Monday 30 March 2015

Another little glimpse.....

....of my little girl who was once a boy.  I was taking some photos of her modelling the wig and thought she came out looking particularly pretty in them, so I thought I'd share on here. 

The sun has been well and truly shining for the last few days and this morning I actually saw people in the sea as I drove back from my trip to the supermarket.  We are already experiencing temperatures in the mid to high 20s centigrade :)  Ahhhhh spring and summer, my favourite seasons of the year :)

Just as I took the photos so there was the slightest breeze which blew the 'tendrils' over her face but I thought it looked quite good so didn't take 'replacement' photos ... (wig is a Monique Collection Christine, size 8/9 in Chestnut Brown that I've styled and trimmed)...

Here she is in front of the Jasmin which is absolutely smothered in flowers, and the smell, particularly at night, is just wonderful ....

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Tuesday 24 March 2015

A new little friend for Bertie....and other changes :)

I finally decided a couple of weeks ago that maybe having two babies was better than just the one....maybe, just maybe, the arrival of a second 'ankle nipper' would make me pay more attention to the one I already have....and if that isn't the case and the two of them end up sharing the dust that collects on them through lack of attention, then at least they have each other!

So I got this little girlie on evil bay, she is a 1970's sexed brunette with non falling hair and is in very good condition.  One thing though, in her listing the seller said she had "raised lids"...she doesn't, she has the flat lids of the slightly later babies.  Her face is matt which I don't usually like but will see how it goes!  She arrived wearing this pretty light mauve romper, beautifully sewn by A Passion for I want a boy version maybe in polkadots!  Oh and I nearly forgot, her name is Mattie (thank you Jenni!), short for Matilde, a name quite popular here in Spain!

Here she is with Bertie, he does seem to be quite taken with her actually :)

You put your left leg up......

In other Sasha news, I felt a bit bad about one of my Gregors, Jack, who is seriously neglected.  He hasn't even got a wig that is actually 'his' may recall that Jack came to me in October 2013 and he had a serious 'body odour' problem, which wasn't helped by the smelly pop sock that was on his head when he arrived...yuck!  I called him Stinky Boy for a while and he sat in the garden for several weeks to get rid of his smell.  Thankfully he has a much more acceptable 'aroma' now but he did loose all his hair.  I know that I shouldn't have washed it but anyone who'd invited this young man into their home would have done the same....he really was quite grubby.  So he borrowed a wig and then when the owner of that one wanted it back, so he borrowed another.  However, the other day I decided to try him as a girl.  So he was given some eyelashes and lips using watercolour pencils (he didn't have lips when he arrived, they'd been almost completely rubbed away) and finally he was given Bailey's old wig and a girls summer outfit.  I think he makes a very cute girl and for now he will remain as such.  From the stringing, I think he/she is probably from 1971, the same as Bailey. 


And finally with Bailey!  I think these two could almost be twins!!!

I think I might redo the eyelashes again when I have time, I've not sealed them so it shouldn't be a problem and will take more time over them, but I'm really quite happy with ex Stinky Boy now as a more sweet smelling little girl! :)

Have a lovely week everyone!

Thursday 19 March 2015

Looking for a new home.....NOW ON HOLD, thank you!

This little sweetie is looking for a new home.  She is a Puddle Eyes Sasha from 1973/74 and I got her from Shelly of Sasha Dolls UK back in May 2013.  She is clean and has no nasty smells, her hair is long and thick and as far as I can see she has no missing plugs.  It also appears to be non falling, losing only two hairs when I combed it through with a metal comb.  I am very careful with her hair though, having learned from past experience!  She has a matt face and a small shiny 'rub' to one side of her mouth.  Apart from that she is in very good played with condition. 
Her stringing is all original and a bit lose but she can still stand and hold a pose.  She would travel to her new home nude, the outfits in the photos are not included.

I am only selling because I tend to prefer the non matt faces on these dolls.

Please contact me on if you are interested in giving this sweet girl a new home.

Thanks for looking!

Tuesday 17 March 2015

I taut I saw a puddy cat.....

I was asked if I could make a Sasha sized Pusheen hoodie and didn't have a clue what a Pusheen was, or more precisely, 'who' a Pusheen was....however once I'd 'googled' it, I realised that I knew exactly who the 'character' was, but never knew he/she was called Pusheen. Pusheen is a cat, a cartoon cat to be more precise and looks like this:

So I looked for a human hoodie with Pusheen on it and found this:

So I went ahead and made one.....mine is slightly darker grey in colour and the tail on mine is removable, I've attached it to the inside centre back ribbing with a metal snap, just in case the new owner wants to remove it and sit down comfortably! ;)  Devlin is doing a grand job of modelling for me as you can see:

I hope you like it!  I think Devlin is a bit miffed that he has to give it up to be honest.   Maybe I need to make him a cartoon hoodie too......though not yet sure which one!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely St Patrick's Day :)  and thanks for visiting my blog!

Monday 16 March 2015

The Homecoming.....

Sometimes the road up to the post office is narrow and steep.........

....But not today!  Today I sprinted up it like a 2 year old, as there was a special parcel waiting for me at the post office!  Yes, this morning I collected my lovely Little Darling Ellie, she'd finally arrived home after being gone for more than 2 and a half months!!!  

For those who don't know the story of her travels, basically on the 14th December I saw that one of her eyes was damaged and so sent her off to visit Dianna Effner in the US for eye 'surgery'.  She left home on the 2nd January and after what was a very 'scary' journey with tracking not working for weeks, she finally arrived at her US destination almost a month later on the 29th January.   After Dianna had worked her magic on her, she was returned to me on the 10th February and arrived back in Spain on the 15th.  As she'd been sent 'express' I thought she'd be back with me in a few days! LOL how wrong can one be!  She stayed in customs for one MONTH all but two days, and finally was on the last leg of her journey on Friday the 13th March!  I had a massive battle with customs in that month, where they asked for one piece of paperwork after another, until finally, they must have believed that I wasn't trying to get something for nothing, the doll was my own property being returned to me after repair.  And so I only had to pay admin fees of €23,50...phew!  So now I can relax and wanted to do a little photostory of her return :)  I hope you like it!


The girls are soooo excited to have their cousin Ellie back after surgery!  They've gathered in their playroom to welcome her, Olivia (Helen Kish Prima Vera Olivia) and Nicoletta (Imaginarium Nicoletta) came along too to welcome Ellie home.  There were presents and bunting, and I think Ellie was a little bit overwhelmed, poor girl!!!

"Open this one first Ellie" begs Finn as she passes one of the packages to Ellie in excitment!

"Thank you" says Ellie, carefully taking the brightly wrapped present that Finn hands her ....

.....then giving her beloved cousin and friend, a big hug :)

Reece waits patiently to join in the hugging!  

"We've missed you so much Ellie, you've been gone forever.....I thought you was never coming back!"  says little Reece, her voice quivering ever so slightly! 

Poor little Ellie, she's tired and overwhelmed from her long journey home, but like any 4 year old she's keen to open her pressies!!! :)

"Oh wow Mum, red boots!!!  Aren't they lovely!"  These were a lovely gift for all three girls from Auntie D in the US....

"Open the second one Ellie!"  the other girls chorus.....

"Ooooh red and white shoes!  These are lovely too Mama!"   (I got these shoes from Paola Reina here in Spain, very good value and cute shoes but a tiny bit loose on the Little Darlings).

"Oooooh" said Nicolette, "those are lovely, they'd go really nice with my new outfit!"

"Aren't they nice!  You can borrow them sometimes if you want to Nicki" says Ellie :)

Shoes and boots pushed to one side, the girls hand Ellie the biggest pressie of them all, and all the girls gather around to see what the package contains.......

"Awwwww lucky!"  chorus the girls, "a Pinypon!"  As they all lean forward to see better the little Pinypon doll.  Unbeknown to Reece and Finn, I have Pinypons for them too , but I thought it only fair to wait until the three girls are on their own and their visitors have left...because they might feel left out  ;)

Ellie takes her Pinypon out of her packaging and sits looking it her.....I think she seems happy with her new dollie!

A close up of Ellie's Pinypon....

Later, when their friends have gone home, I took a couple of photos of the three Little Darlings in the garden......It's soooo lovely to finally have Ellie home again, we really have missed her.

And finally some close up photos of Ellie's newly painted eyes......I'm so happy that Dianna was able to fix her for me, and now she is back to being as she was before :)

Thank you to those of you who've emailed me and sent good wishes whilst Ellie was gone, I've soooooo appreciated all your friendship and support more than I can ever express. :)