Saturday 23 July 2016

My Kaye Wiggs girls....

Hope and Layla got some camera time recently, so I thought I'd share their photos on here.  Firstly I took Hope (sunkissed resin with faceup by me) to the local lake for some photos.  It was so hot and although there was a breeze it was like a hot hairdryer blowing on us, so we didn't stop too long before going to a bar for a cold drink!!! 



And Layla, who I call Louisa, has a new look.  She has had brown eyes 'forever' although she has tried some different wigs over the years that I've had her, but I thought I'd try her with blue eyes for a change.  I like the look although it's a struggle for me to not want to change back to brown, as brown eyes are my all time favourite!  Her wig is a Monique Gold Ellowyne-Rose which is made of synthetic mohair.  I cut it to this more managable length.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my two Kaye Wiggs girls, thank you for visiting :)

Playing the tourist in Malaga.....Part Two

I'm sorry that this 'part two' of my Malaga 'tour' has been a long time in coming, but the good news is, I have more photos, having gone there again just over a week ago, to collect my dress and my fascinator for my son's wedding!

I think I mentioned previously that the centre of Malaga is known as 'Historic Malaga' and it really is street after street of historic buildings.  There is also a very large 'indoor' food market right in the centre, which sells all sorts of foodstuffs from fish to shellfish, to fruit smoothies.  I had a delicious mango and banana one!  Well it would be rude not to, wouldn't it ;)

The whole place is beautifully clean and bright, and the food for sale looked of very high quality.  Here are some of the goods on display:

These cherries, my favourite fruit, were as big as conkers!  At the time the cherries were still selling in the supermarket at about 4,99 euros per kilo, so these were a great price.  I suspect they're cheaper this week as the cherry season is sadly coming to an end now :(

These are Dragon Fruits, I've never tasted them before and still haven't!!  I didn't like the look of the insides to be honest!  

Coconuts 1 euro each and pomegranates 4,50 euros per kilo.  These were very large ones too :)

This stall is selling all sorts of olive oil, dried fruit and nuts, including dried figs, strawberries, kiwi and mango.

One end of the building has a massive stained glass window, I meant to get a closer look but got sidetracked by all the nice food on offer!

All sorts of lovely fresh fish!

Lots of different shellfish including oysters from Galicia in the north west of Spain, at 6 euros a kilo. Yum!

Sword fish steaks at 24,00 euros per kilo!  I love swordfish.

All sorts of cheeses, including cream cheeses, hard cheeses, blue cheeses....

Russian salad, potato salad in garlic mayonnaise, pate, snails in sauce.....

The following photos were taken last week on my mobile phone so the quality of them isn't as good....but hope you'll enjoy them all the same....

We discovered another church who's facade had been intricately decorated and then covered by whitewash!  

I took the photo below purely because of the perspective....seeing a small sliver of beautiful blue sky between the two apartment blocks...

I didn't get the name of this square with it's pretty buildings and fountain.  The square itself is lined with small shops and bars/cafes.

We discovered this shop selling Panama hats, it was on one of the side streets off the square.  My hubby was really taken with the pink one, whilst I preferred the mauve.  I talked him out of getting the pink, I didn't think it would go with any of his clothes so he ended up with a nice 'natural' cream coloured one.  He's happy!

Yet another shop selling pretty flamenco dresses.....

The church we saw last time, was open, so we decided to have a look around inside.  It was lovely and cool, such a contrast to the heat in the streets.   I think lots of Spanish churches are too 'elaborately' decorated for my taste, but it is what it is, so I thought I'd share some photos all the same.

Below is the main alter which is incredibly fancy and covered in precious metals.  

 I prefer the more simple look of this side chapel.....

You may also recall that in Part One, I showed you just a glimpse of a pharmacy in one of the side streets, well I managed to take a few more photos to share.  Unfortunately it's quite dark inside but I hope you get the gist....

Finally we stopped for lunch at a restaurant called Block House, which is actually part of a German chain of restaurants.  I had lamb on a bed of spinach, with grilled mashed potatoes, herb butter and cucumber.  Absolutely delicious!!

So there you have it!  I don't think we'll be going into the centre of Malaga again until maybe September, when hopefully, if it's not too hot, I will take in more of the sights and share them on here with you.

I hope you've enjoyed the second part of my little tour of 'historic Malaga', thanks so much for 'visiting'!