Monday 11 December 2017

The Third Newbie!

As promised I am sharing here a few photos of the third new BJD that I mentioned in my previous post.  Unfortunately things haven't quite gone to plan yet and she is still waiting for a professional faceup, however, because I wanted to take photos of her, I thought that I would give her a temporary and very basic faceup myself. 

I'm not as happy with this faceup as I was with the previous one I did on my Volks doll, but it did enable me to feel more happy about dressing her and taking some photos.  Her face was a much tinier 'canvas' to work on and her eye openings are really, really small, so a real struggle to get the upper eyelashes attached, but hopefully you will think she 'passes muster' for the time being until she can be done properly!

So without further ado, here is Gala, she is Adori, a Yosd sized, all resin, fully jointed BJD from Harucasting of South Korea.   Haru offers many different shades of resin and I chose Milky Tan for my girl.  She is approx 26cm tall, wears a size 6/7 inch wig and has tiny 10mm eyes.

Thank you for visiting, I hope you've liked seeing this new little girlie of mine.  I hope those of you who're experiencing bad weather in the form of heavy snow, keep safe and warm.

Have a great week!

Big hugs Sharon x

Sunday 3 December 2017

It's been a while....but a little dolly activity!

Once again I'm writing that I can't believe how neglected my poor blog is!!  I'm beginning to sound like a stuck record, but I have no excuses, I've just not really been in the dolly frame of mind for months now but finally I have a bit of dolly news so thought I would share.

Back in the summer I placed a couple of orders with companies in South Korea for BJDs (ball jointed dolls) and as most of you will know now, you order, you pay and then you WAIT!!!  I placed one order in July with expected shipping date of mid September and another order in September with expected shipping date of late December, and Sods Law, the July order was more than a month late in shipping and even more surprising for me, the September order was a month early!  So both dolls arrived within a few days of one another!!! 

In the meantime I also purchased another BJD from someone in the US and so I have three new BJDs to show you but will start with just two as one is still waiting for her face to be painted.

The first doll I want to show you is a Volks Super Dollfie Midi, she is 42cm tall and her skin tone is a light tan which Volks call 'Sunlight skin'.  She came to me blank and although I bought her secondhand from a seller in the US, she is like brand new with all her defaults still sealed in their packaging.  She is a lovely heavy doll and I had planned initially to send her to a faceup artist to have her face done but in the end I decided to do it myself.  I made a start this morning and finished her a few hours later.  I'm very pleased with how she's come out.  Outfit is by a company called Tree Designs in South Korea.  Now she needs a name :)

The second doll that I want to show you is from the South Korean company, Secretdoll, and she is a Meng, Version 4, in tanned resin.  She is 17.5cm tall and as you can see is a little cutie with her big head and pouty face!  She has a default faceup, wig and glass eyes.  Her outfit consists of corderoy flares made by me and a little knitted sweater by Feltland here in Spain. 

I have decided to call her Marley!

Here she is with Valentine, my tanned Person #21 also from Secretdoll.  The new doll has a much better body and posing ability than the older girl, but I think they work quite well together.

The third girl to arrive is a tanned Adori from Harucasting, also in South Korea but I will keep her under wraps for now until she has her faceup.  Hopefully she will go to my friend Olga, Vainilladolly, very soon, to be made beautiful!!!

In other news I continue to walk in the mornings and go to my aquagym classes and have now lost 44 pounds and 13cm from my waist!!!  I still have a long way to go but am feeling so much better about myself :)

Here are a few photos that I've taken on my walks:

I just spent a weekend with my family in the UK and although it felt bitterly cold to me (and I came back with a stinker of a cough and cold) I had a great time seeing them. 

Some photos from my UK morning walking!!!

Worthing pier:

Elegant houses on Worthing seafront:

Chichester cathedral:

Chichester main street:

Hayling Island:

I won't see my son now until about February when he hopes to come over to Spain for a visit, but my mum and brother will be coming here for Christmas from the 18th December!

My son Brendan and his wife Virginia in Hayling Island:

Well, I hope you enjoyed my photos.  Here's wishing you all a great week ahead, thanks so much for visiting!

Big hugs Sharon xxx