Friday 30 August 2013

They said to expect rain....

......but still it hasn't come!

And now I have the start of a sore throat and tickling can I catch a cold when it's over 30c every day?????

Moan moan moan ....

Ps please ignore terrible dust on dashboard!!!

Wednesday 28 August 2013

I'm forever blowing....Bubble Shorts!

This afternoon I finished another Sasha outfit for Ebay and have just listed it.  You will see that this time I'm using instead of Ebay UK, this is because Paypal keep holding my money when I sell on Ebay UK, and until now this has not been a problem when I've sold on hope it continues to not be a problem!!!  It's no good having 'dolly funds' if I can't spend the darn things, is it???!!!! :)

Here is the link:

Anyway, this outfit is again made from brightly coloured fabrics, I just can't seem to resist bright colours....I hope that there are other Sasha mums out there with similar taste!  The outfit consists of bubble shorts, a long sleeved knit tee shirt, matching socks and a wide hair band. 

Gabrielle, my brunette with repainted eyes by Shelly, was my model, but I thought I'd try it on Millie, my 1971 blond girl, and I think you'll agree that she looks equally cute in the outfit too!

Also suitable for climbing trees if your girl is so inclined!!

A close up of the 'applique' detail on the front, and two tiny heart buttons!

A headband which is also suitable for girls who's hair is a bit thin on top!
Thankfully NOT the case with these two girlies!

Looks just as good on a blond, don't you think!!

Thank you for looking!

Monday 26 August 2013

Messy worker!

I have just finished sewing for today and thought I'd take a photo of where I work during the time when we are here at the coast!  I share the patio table with my hubbie who is using his laptop, and it is located on our deck.   In the morning I get sunshine streaming from the front and in the afternoon and evening it is behind me.  But it does get very hot so I prefer to finish about 6pm as otherwise my shoulders and back get burnt!!  

I sew here all year round...I can even sew here when it rains!!!  I love to sew outside as I enjoy the fresh air plus it's lovely seeing the fabric colours in natural light!

Today you'll spot Gabrielle modelling for me, although she is hiding behind my sewing machine as she is topless!!!!   Hopefully the outfit will be finished tomorrow and ready for Ebay!!

Sunday 25 August 2013

Introducing Lyric.....

As I mentioned a week or so ago, I fell in love with a little 'waif' on Shelly's site and she arrived here in Spain this week!  She is every bit as cute in real life too, and immediately the name Lyric came to mind.  I made her a little outfit to wear....she chose all the fabrics herself! ;) I think she has a style all her own!!  She is also the lucky first time wearer of a pair of lovely T bar sandals from JJ!  I can't wait to buy some more of these great footwear!

Lyric has those bigger early Gotz shoulders so next time I'll make her outfits a bit looser, but I have to admit that I like her in blues, I think she's so pretty and the colours really look nice with her eyes!

Kendal warmed me that I would probably fall in love with older Gotz girls and I have to admit that she is right.....she already knows me so well!!!! :)

Sorry, my photos are a bit repetitive!!!!  I will get a bit more 'daring' and 'imaginative' once it quietens down around here.....!!!

PS The untidy hair look is deliberate, I really love the windswept look....which is probably just as well!!  LOL

Saturday 24 August 2013

Sun streaked blond.....

I decided to give the dark blond streaky wig another try, after a suggestion from one of my blog readers, Janet, and have to say that I'm glad I did.  OriginallyI wasn't overly sure when I tried it because I really wanted to keep this girl as a brunette, but when I see the dark blond with brown eyes combination, I do really like it!  So I tried the wig again and then plaited it into loose braids, and now I think it really does suit her!!!  I like how the streaks look, breaking up the blond, and also the wispy bits at the all looks more natural and childlike!

Here are some photos of her taken this afternoon,

I like how the sun is filtering through the leaves on this one:

She found a new branch to rest on during her quest to climb the tree!

I think by this point she was a little bit fed up with all the photos and tried to hide!

Friday 16 August 2013

A new outfit for Wibke...and a new name too!

At first when Wibke arrived and I put her hair back into the plaits that she'd have had originally, I kept thinking she looked like a Heidi.  But then I thought that was a bit too 'obvious', so as I've been looking for a name for my incoming German girl, I found a new sweet name for Wibke aswell.  From now on, she will be known as Liesl.  I thought it was perfect for her!

Yesterday I sewed her a new outfit because she'd not had anything made especially for her, she'd had to 'steal' something from one of the others, so here she is modelling her new casual 'duds', plus I made some leather sandals too.  They're not perfect, I really needed more 'clamps' to hold them together whilst the glue dried, plus they are a little bit too big for her....but as I told her "You'll grow into them!"  We'll not go into the fact that I was also too impatient to wait for the glue to dry properly before going on to the next stage!!! :)

The 'angel' top is made from a pair of little girls knit leggings....I had to be quite 'imaginative' in placing the pattern pieces as I could only find small sizes left in the's sales time here so everything gets snapped up quickly, including bigger sized girls leggings!  Also it was a toss up between capri length trousers or leggings, I went with the yellow trousers but think I might also make her a pair of turquoise leggings too, as they'll be so much more comfy in the heat!!

Close up of the not so great sandals, but they'll do for now!! 
I used these paw print buttons!

Playing with 'summer frames'!

Thursday 15 August 2013

Hello, my name is Sharon...and I have an ADDICTION!

Yes, it's confirmed, I'm addicted to Sasha dolls!  I was planning on being good this month, not spending any more of my money on dolls, but then just two weeks into the month and I've already broken my own 'rule'!!! 

I think I may have mentioned that I was looking for a little Gotz girl from the 1960s, having fallen in love with Kendal's lovely blond 'waif',  I think called Sophie, so I'm constantly looking on Shelly's site, Ebay and anywhere else where one might pop up for sale.  A couple of weeks ago I saw a little 'waif' listed on Shelly's site, but the first few rows at the front of her hair had been given the 'budding Vidal Sassoon' treatment, cut off right down to the scalp.  But however much I told myself that I really didn't want a girl with her fringe cut off, I kept going back to look at her. 

Finally today I made the decision....with lots of help, thank you, you know who you are!....and decided to go for her!!  So hopefully, she will be here by the end of next week! 

Here she is, not my photo of course, it belongs to Shelly.....but I just had to share!!!

Isn't she sweet!!

Tuesday 13 August 2013

Outfit for Ebay!

With some encouragement from my lovely friends, I decided to make something for Sasha to put up for sale on Ebay.  I have only ever sold clothes for BJDs before although as you all know, I'm constantly sewing for my own girls and boys!  I hope this first outfit will be the first of many!! 

I made a pair of dungaree overalls in this pretty fabric which has a pink background and then large grapefruits on it.  I have lined the bodice and back with pink and white gingham and then decided to add some large working pockets to the front hips, again using the gingham.  I've also done the shoulder straps and front pocket in the gingham too.

I then made a white knit tee shirt to go underneath, but decided to use one of the grapefruits as an 'applique', so that if Sasha decides to wear the tee with anything other than her dungarees, it has a bit of colour and interest to the front!!! 

I hope you like it!!!

Sunday 11 August 2013

Trying out heavy!!!

Today my son came down to the coast to join us until tomorrow and brought down my box of wigs to try on my little baldy Sasha.  I have dozens of wigs but only a small selection in this size, and I've had these for ages, so some of them have seen better days.  However, what I really wanted was an idea of what does and doesn't suit her, so that I can start wig shopping in earnest!!   There are a lot of photos, so might take time to load....I thought if I'm going to do a 'review' of them, I might as well show lots of photos!!  Well that's my excuse anyway!

First up we have a Monique wig which I believe has since been replaced with the Christine.  Mine is not synthetic mohair as far as I'm aware, it is so old that I'm sure it was before the Monique Gold wigs....but the Christine looks almost identical.  This one is size 8/9 and can be worn with side or centre part.

Side parting:

Middle parting:

As you can see here, the wig is waaaay too long, so if I decide this is the wig for her, I will cut it down by about half, or at least to waist length.  I think I prefer it with a side parting.  The bow is to stop it from falling in her face.

Next up is a Monique Gold Geneva in Carrot Red, size 8/9, which I cut to a more managable length at the back and also trimmed the fringe.  I'm sure I could get away with a slightly smaller size in this wig because the wigcap is quite stretchy, I think I have a couple more of these in different colours at home, so I'll try those when we're back there.   I think she looks so different in this colour, but I don't know that I want her to look THAT different!!  Love the style, so maybe I'll get this in another colour at some point.

I do love how it shows off her chubby cheeks here though!!

Next up we have another Monique wig but not from the Gold collection as far as I can remember, and sadly I can't find the name on the Monique site.  It is NOT synthetic mohair as far as I can tell, and unfortunately although it's an 8/9, it's too small....the rooting holes can be seen at the temples.  Shame because I quite like it on her.  I may work on it when I get home, it might fit with a bit of stretching and maybe with either a silicone wig cap or a bit of glue....although I'm reluctant to glue it down to be honest.

The back view is so cute looking, I love plaits!

Next up is another Monique wig, this time from the Gold collection.  This one, I believe, was a special colour released as a limited edition many years ago. The wig is called Ginger and the mid brown has a few gorgeous blue highlights.  I like the style on her, it makes her look very young, which is what I want, but not with the highlights!!  This wig is still available in many colours without the blue highlights. This is another wig that is very long and would need trimming for Sasha.

Again this one needs a clip or slide, maybe a ribbon, to keep it off her face.  

Next we have a wig that I felt was most like her original hair.  It is a Leeke World wig, reference number LR-032_L colour ChocoBrown, size 9.5-10.5 inch.

Once again this wig is too long for her and the fringe could also do with a trim, but I'm reluctant to do so.  It is made from Heat Resisting Fibre which is a little more coarse than Synthetic Mohair.   If you're new to Leeke World wigs, they are lovely and they have so many gorgeous styles and colours, but recently I have heard people complaining that they've had problems with them.  I've found that some of them would look better on a Cone Head, as they tend to be a little bit 'domed' on the crown.  Luckily this one isn't, but others I have in different sizes are.  Also the wig cap is not stretchy, so you have to get the bigger size, just in case.  But sizing with them is not always consistant!!!  Another negative for Leeke is that if you're buying new from them, they are based in South Korea and they'll only ship EMS, so you're looking at at least another $22 on top of the price of the wig.

The next wig is another Monique Gold collection wig, in fact the same style as the brown and blue one above.  It's a Ginger and this time the colour is Golden Strawberry/Chestnut Brown, size 8/9.  I've had this wig for years and it's starting to really show it's age, but it was just to give you an idea.  I've cut the length of this one at some point in the distant past, so a better length for Sasha.  I think this one would be great if I were rewigging a blond girl!!

 Again it needed a clip/slide to keep the hair back from her face.

The next wig is a definite no-no for me!  I think the colour is too light for a start, but as well as that, the texture and quality of the wig are both not very good.  The texture is far too 'synthetic' and as a result it lays very unnaturally, and also giving it an unnatural shine.  I don't like how the scalp tends to show through either.  In my humble opinion there are nothing but negatives to this one!!!  And for the life of me I can't remember where it comes from or how I happened to come by it!!!

Actually, it doesn't look too bad from this angle, or from the back!!!

Finally, (are you still awake?) we have a Monique Gold wig that really has seen better days.  I think this must be one of the oldest as I remember purchasing it from Denver Doll Emporium back in 2006 I think it was!!!  At first I thought this was the ugliest of the lot but when I pulled it about a bit and added the bow, I actually quite like it on her!!  The name of this wig is the Frankie, but I've really hacked loads off it in the past to give it this more choppy you might not recognise it as a Frankie were you to see a new one!!!!  The size of this one is 8/9.

I was a little bit concerned at first that she looked like a Gregor, but to be honest, it's really grown on me now!!

I buy a lot of my wigs from Facets by Marcia,  and so far I've not been disappointed.  Marcia is very helpful and posts quickly and doesn't charge a fortune for postage from the US.  They can also be found on Facebook:

Well I hope this wig experience has been useful to those of you looking for a replacement wig for their Sasha.  If I come across any more wigs in this size when I go home and look through my wig box, I will try those and let you know!!