Tuesday 29 July 2014

It's NOT just Sashas that can wear Ra-Ra's!!!!

I made a ra-ra skirt outfit for Marlee, my Zwergnase Junior but I'm not sure she's exactly happy with it!  I had to laugh, she looks almost 'punky' in it, instead of sweet and girly as the Sashas do!....Which got me to thinking and gave me more ideas for outfits for her!  Of course she still kept her boots on, and her funky knitted beany, as she couldn't be seen without those!!!

Saturday 26 July 2014

Marlee and Skye....other vinyl dolls

I've been sewing for two of my other vinyl dolls because neither of them had anything but their 'default' outfits to wear.  I had to make new patterns as both of them are bigger than the Sashas and Natterers, and of course, as luck would have it, both are different to each other!  So two new patterns had to be made before I could even start sewing.  Luckily though, I think both bodices worked out quite well on first attempt, so here are a few photos.

The first girl is Marlee, she is a Zwergnase Junior Marlene and is approx 19 inches tall.  She is all vinyl and made in Germany.  She has handpainted eyes and very unusual, but endearing (to me!) features.  Her hair is lovely, very thick and wavy and a gorgeous red colour.  The first two photos are of her in her default outfit which is far too warm, being velvet, for the hot weather here.

Here she is in her new summer dress, made from beige linen and striped socks.  She is still wearing her heavy black boots....they really are her 'trademark'!!

Next to get a new outfit is Skye.  Skye is a Classic Kidz Luisa by Gotz and is all vinyl with rooted silky blond hair and inset acrylic eyes.  She is 48cm tall and is the biggest of all my vinyl dolls.  She also has extra joints in her legs and elbows, allowing her to do a number of extra poses.  I made her new dress from knit fabric and it fits her perfectly.  I will have to now try making it with woven cotton and hope that the fit will still be good, as knit can be very 'forgiving'!!!  Skye only got a dress, she didn't need socks as she prefers to go barefoot!

Monday 21 July 2014

Beach Belles....

Early yesterday morning I took some of my girls down to the beach for some photos, I thought I'd get there before it got busy....I'm still not comfortable taking photos of my dolls in public!  So I took 6 in all and just took random photos of them enjoying the sunshine....

First here's Heather, she's my favourite of my Blythes, customised by me....she wanted to top up her tan....

I love these eye chips below, they're made of very thin glass and from a maker here in Spain!

I might invest in another set to replace the ones below....

Next we have the four Sasha girls who came to the beach with me....Destin (60s Gotz Slate Eyes), Núria (1968 Redhead), Bailey (1971 rewigged Brunette) and Wren (Kilt).  Yes, my lovely redhead now has a name, Núria, which is popular in Catalonia. 

Here are a few individual photos that I thought came out nice enough to share:

And finally we have Ellie, my Little Darling by Dianna Effner.  She couldn't wait to take off her shoes and socks and run in the sand.....but I managed to keep her shod long enough to take these photos!

And last but not least, I wanted to share these two photos that I took with my zoom lens as I sat about 15 metres from the surf, I was really pleased with how they came out!

 Hope you enjoyed my photos of our morning at the beach!

Thanks for looking!

Thursday 17 July 2014

And another slip down the slippery slope.........

Oh dear, I should have listened when they told me about the slippery slope....because I've slipped a little further down....wweeeeeeeee!!

My new little girl arrived yesterday and I'm already smitten!  Let me introduce you to Little Miss No Name!  She is a 1968 redhead English Sasha who I bought last week from Sarah of Vintage Sasha.  I never meant to buy her but when I saw her staring from Sarah's blog....well my heart melted!  I have learned thorugh experience that the expression "(s)he who hesitates is lost..." so I quickly contacted Sarah and the rest, as they say, is history!!

Her hair is beautiful, it's thick and glossy and the colour reminds me of copper when it has that pinkish glow to it.  Her eyes are soft and brown.  She can look dreamy or even slightly peeved, depending on what angle you're looking from, she really is quite lovely!!  She even has her small gold wrist tag. 

Here I think she looks quite pensive but dreamy

 Whereas here, she just looks....well beautiful in my opinion!

Here she is wearing a dress that I made for a friends birthday, before realising that it would be too long for her tastes, so this little one is the first to wear it, and my friend got another outfit instead!

Deep in thought here....maybe she is thinking "wow, have I come to live in an oven?" as it reached 42C in the shade today!

Here she looks ever so slightly 'peeved'.....

Whereas with a little movement of her head, she looks deep in thought again!

And here, what can I say?  She just looks GORGEOUS!!! Ok, ok, so I'm prejudiced!!! :)

Love this one too, there was a slight breeze and it picked up some strands of her hair.....

Thanks so much Sarah for putting her on your blog to sell for your friend!!!!!

Thursday 10 July 2014

A little orange!

I had the urge to make something with a piece of fabric that I bought recently.   I have absolutely nothing in orange for my dolls and it's not a colour that I'm ever asked I made a very short, simple, summer dress using this orange and white cotton and edged it with orange rick-a-rack.  I intended for it to be this short because I love the Sashas legs!!  I  made her a headband from some ribbon and she made herself a necklace and bracelet with a couple of orange slice beads.  Bailey is happy!!! 

Tuesday 8 July 2014

Gotz girlies.....

I took some photos of my three slate eyes Gotz girlies to compare them.  I can see now that my newest girl, the blond Destin, has chubbier cheeks than the other two but that they really only show from a three quarter profile view.....from the front her face looks narrower.  Destin also has the most 'preserved' eye paint, although her lip paint is almost gone.  When I see them straight on like this,  I think Destin looks like a slightly younger child than the other two.  However, when viewing them in profile, I think they all look pouty and young looking!  I think Lindt, my brunette girl, is fractionally smaller in height than the other two but it's hard to tell as she is barefoot.  Another difference is that Destin and Lyric have bigger shoulders than Lindt...and definitely bigger than the English girls and boys.

Here's a closeup, with left to right, Destin, Lyric and Lindt...

And individually, closer still.   You can see Destin has quite large cheeks, as does brunette Lindt:

 And here you can see that Lyrics cheeks are less pronounced:

Another close up of the three girls together:

And a full length of all three girls:

I'm very happy with these three girls, I now need to decide if I want to reroot Lyric or leave her wigged....decisions, decisions!