Tuesday 30 June 2015

She spun and she spun and she spun.....

.....but despite all her spinning, Olive still couldn't fathom out why she didn't turn into Super Girl!

In fact, all she really ended up with was....a dose of the dizzies!!!!

Wednesday 24 June 2015

My new birthday girl....

I mentioned last week about the imminent arrival of my birthday present from my lovely hubby, and she duly arrived from Denver Doll Emporium in the US, and I love her!  I've been slow in introducing her as I had a lot of other things to do first, but finally, today I have some photos for you.  She is a lovely Fairyland Little Fee Ante in tanned 'skin', a shade that I particularly like for photos as I've mentioned before, and the Fairyland tan is very nice, creamy and warm, like milky coffee, although you might be led into thinking that she has an orangey tinge, this is actually due to me taking the photos with the orange and cream sunblinds down!

I immediately changed her eyes from the blue acrylic that she came with to a smaller sized deep brown glass.  A lot of BJD companies send their dolls out with eyes that in my opinion are too large for the sockets, and no white is showing.  I find that unnatural and a little bit disconcerting, so every one of my dolls has an eyes change when they get here!!  She has also borrowed a red faux mohair wig until her own wig comes.  I did get a wig with her in mind, but the colour isn't right for her tan.  Another wig for the overflowing wig box!   Oh well, I'm sure it won't go to waste!  Outfits by me, shoes from Ebay.

The two girls together, Little Miss No Name and Fiona...

Some side by side closeups of the two girls faces....

I love how the Little Fees can squat down so naturally like this!

And touch their faces and cover their eyes....

Actually, Fiona is upset, she thought that me getting the tanned Ante that "I'd wanted for ages..." meant that she would have to go....awww poor little thing, you're not going anywhere sweetie!

I think these two are going to be firm friends!

Now, I just have to think of a name for the little newbie!

Thanks for reading!  I hope everyone is having a lovely week so far!

Monday 22 June 2015

From faded blue to chocolate brown.....a Shelly repaint!

Millie's head arrived back today from visiting with Shelly of Sasha Doll UK where her slightly faded blue eyes were repainted a warm chocolate brown. Shelly has done a super job on her and I'm really pleased with her new look.  I really do love how Shelly repaints the Sasha eyes, they are very natural and like the original Morgenthaler ones, but with Shelly's special touch.....just perfect!  Lovely dress set by Ruths Doll, a present from Steve last year when we met in England.

Sunday 21 June 2015

If I'd known you were coming......

......I'd have baked a cake!  as the song goes!  Well actually I did know that these little girls were 'visiting' today as they are Louise's pretty Sasha's who wanted to join us to model some of the new clothes that their mum recently commissioned me to make for them.
Thank you Louise for sharing your girls with us, I'm glad they and you like them!

The little girl on the left is wearing a white ra-ra skirt and sleeveless blouse set in a nice crisp cotton which Louise asked me to edge with navy blue ribbon and matching navy and white striped socks.  It also has a sailor style collar which is detachable (as you can she it's 'detached' here!) and her cardigan is beautifully knitted by Gill I believe.

Louise tells me that the little girl on the right has struggled for a while to find her 'style' as she is a bit of a Tomboy!  But she really loved her new 'aged' jeans with four working pockets and her sleeveless cotton blouse to go with them.

Oh!  Another little girlie has joined them!  And she's wearing her dungarees and another sleeveless blouse!  Louise told me that the dungarees were a nightmare to iron as they'd got a bit creased in transit.....they are a linen mix which I guess explains it.  Ooops!  Which actually doesn't bode well for the pair I started making for my own girls a few weeks back, they're still squashed into my sewing box only half finished...oh well!!!!  

Thank you very much for coming to visit us here in Spain girls, I hope you've enjoyed showing us your new outfits!

Thanks Louise for sharing the photos :)

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday, and a Happy Fathers Day to dads everywhere who celebrate.....though it goes without saying that hopefully our parents are special to us every day, not just on their 'designated' day! :) 

Friday 19 June 2015

"World Doll Day" Tag

A couple of days ago I was 'tagged' by Farrah Lily at Cozy Comforts and Dolls blog, which can be found here: 

The tag is to: 
1. List 3 favourite dolls from the ones you got last year.
2. List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist.
3. Tag 5 people to do the same thing! (Anyone with a home on the web, not just bloggers, can be tagged!)

So here goes, these aren't in any particular order:

1.  My 3 favourite dolls from ones I got last year.....

Of the three Sasha dolls that came to live here in July 2014, my favourite is definitely Núria, my beautiful redhead Ballet girl from 1969.  I saw her pop up on Sarah of Vintage Sasha's blog and knew immediately that she was for me.  She has such an expressive face, one moment she looks tranquil or sometimes sad, but she can also look quite annoyed too, it just depends on how the light hits her beautiful features!

Another favourite is Ellie, my Little Darling painted by Dianna Effner.  When I saw her up for sale on a BJD forum back in  I was immediately smitten and contacted the seller about her.  I wanted her so badly but was a bit short of the asking price, but the seller was lovely and agreed to wait a week or so until I'd sold one of my BJDs to get the balance!  Fortunately I sold a doll really quickly and this little beauty came to live her in Spain.  Readers of my blog will know that she's put me through some angst in the earlier part of this year, but I have to say that I've no regrets adopting her, I love her!!!

My next favourite of the three has got to be another of my Little Darlings!!  It is in fact Reece, my factory painted #2 sculpt which was released for the UFDC back in July 2014.  I saw several fro sale on Ebay and could see the potential in this little sweetie, so I decided to contact the UFDC directly and bought one from them.  As soon as she arrived home I changed her wig, then I enhanced her eyes slightly with glaze to bring them to life.  I love this girl too, she's so sweet and cheeky looking!!!

2.  Three dolls that are on my wish list.....

Now this is hard because I am not very good with Wish Lists....I tend to make a decision that I want to adopt someone then I will go all out to find that doll and adopt it if I have the money at the time!  If the doll becomes available and I don't have the funds then I will do my best to find them, usually by selling a doll that I know I can replace if I miss too much!!!  However, if money were no object, I would like a girl just like this one, she belongs to a lovely dolly friend who I'm sure won't mind me sharing his girl here.....I do believe though that if, in the unlikely event that this doll became available for adoption, there would be a very long queue!!!  

This is Steve's gorgeous No Philtrum Sasha from the her!!!

Another doll that I suppose we could say is on my Wish List, although she is actually already ordered and deposit paid, is this lovely girl being painted by the artist Lana Dobbs.  She's a tanned Little Darling #1 sculpt.  I have already been waiting 15 months so hopefully I'll have her by Christmas!!  

And finally, one day I would like an early brunette Sasha with non falling hair and a wider face!!  Not asking much eh?  ;)  The one below belongs to another lovely dolly friend, Kendal, and I'm sure she'll not mind me using a photo of one of her lovely girls who fits my description perfectly!!!

3. Tag 5 people to do the same thing!

OK so who to tag!  I think I'd like to hear from the five people below, but if you'd like to do this anyway, then please do....I'd love to read it!

Dee of Sasha Village
Jenni of The Bryn Derw Kids
Kendal of Kendal's Sasha Brood 
El Rincon de Bright
Cloud and Klaus

Please don't feel obliged to do this, I know people are busy but if you want to then please do share!!


Monday 15 June 2015

A change of wig for Fiona....and dolly nudity!

Fiona is my Little Fee Ante by Fairyland in South Korea, and I have had her since 2008 when she came to me secondhand from California. 

Fiona/Ante is approx 25cm tall, normal skin, resin ball jointed doll.  The Fairyland dolls have about the best joints for posing that I've ever come across in my 9 years of collecting BJDs.  I don't think another company has yet come close to achieving the posability of these dolls to be honest.  I remember being amazed at the company's photos when they were first released and wondering if it was really possible to get them to hold such great poses, but yes, they can indeed hold great poses.  I thought I'd share some of those old photos with you which are from the Fairyland website.....warning dolly nudity!

The dolls also have magnetic wrists and ankles so that their hands and feet can be removed for easy dressing, as well as magnets placed inside the resin on their backs so that they can wear little resin wings and on their heads so that they can wear horns!!  You can also purchase additional hands, such as pointing fingers and little fists, as well as different faceplates such as 'winking' or 'sleeping'!

A funny little story about a lovely friend of mine who sadly has since passed away, and her Little Fee's magnetic hands.  My friend used to knit and sell on Ebay and one day she wrote to say that she'd lost her dolls hands, she'd looked high and low and couldn't find "the darn things"!  I made a few suggestions because I'd also had occasion to lose mine.....had she checked the metal legs of the ironing board?  Her buttons tin?  Anywhere metallic near to where she knits?  Yes, she'd checked all these places but they'd failed to turn up so she got onto the Fairyland company and ordered another pair.  A week or so later, she received an email from an Ebay customer in America to say that she loved the cardigan that she'd just received having won on Ebay, but did my friend know that there was a Little Fee hand in each of the sleeves?!!!!!  Mystery solved!  So although the hands don't usually just fall off like that, they have a little notch that keeps them in place, they'd obviously got snagged on the yarn in the sleeves and gone off with the cardigan!!!  It's always nice to have a pair of spare hands though, isn't it! 

Standing up straight showing the jointing system from the front:

And from the side, I love this pose because it's so like little kids stand when you tell them to "stand up straight"!:

And from the back:

A cute little pose:

Sitting down nicely, a typical child's pose whilst sitting on the floor to play!

 Another cute pose:

Standing on one leg:

A great TV watching pose!

Playing leapfrog with a friend!

Awww Little Angels!

Well I got a bit sidetracked there, didn't I!!  But I know that there are some friends who follow my blog, who, although they don't collect bjds, are still interested in them and their posing ability so I thought I'd share. 

So going back to Fiona, every now and again I change her wig to give her a new look and a new lease of life.....and nearly always change it right back to the original again.  Today she is wearing this pale blond one but I'm not sure that it's actually 'her'......I think this sort of short wispy style but maybe a darker blond?

Fiona is wearing a very simple summer dress which I made for her last week, the bodice is lined, and the sleeves are not inset, so it took me no time at all to produce and yet I think it looks really quite nice on her!!! :)  She's added her white leatherette summer sandals too!  Next time I would make it shorter in length though, I prefer to see children in shorter dresses so that they can run about and play without the extra fabric getting in their way! ;)

Well I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into Fairyland Little Fee dolls and their posing....and of course seeing Fiona, she, for me, is definitely a keeper! :)

Have a great week!!

Sunday 14 June 2015

Decisions, decisions....

Although I love my Sashas and my Little Darlings and they've been getting a lot of my attention recently, my love of my BJDs, which I've had since 2006,  has never really gone away and was boosted recently by my birthday present from my husband, which hasn't arrived yet so I will leave that for when she does! 

I've been looking at a BID (BID literally means Baby Iplehouse Doll)  by Iplehouse, a south Korean company that make beautifully realistic looking sculpts in various sizes, the BID is 26cm tall, a size I particularly like and am now tempted to add one to my collection.  I have actually had one in the past and for one reason or another sold her. 

I absolutely love the 'choosing' stage when buying a new doll, the joy of looking at the company's website, the researching of 'in real life' photos of the different sculpts on Flickr and Den of Angels....such a lot of fun, but sooooo time consuming!!!  And the narrowing down of the different choices.......I tell you, if I'd did this much research on my school homework as a child, I'd have been a brain surgeon by now! LOL

So here's who I've been looking at.  All of my choices would be in 'special real skin' which is a lovely creamy tan, because it  photographs best for me here in southern Spain where the light is so clear and bright. 

The first girl is called Bordy and I think she'd look wonderful in a Tibetan lambswool wig with maybe deep brown eyes, and bright colourful clothing (and we all know how much I like bright colours!)  just like a little Afro Caribbean child, don't you think?

(Photos by Iplehouse)

The other one I've been looking at is Bonnie, she's not shown on their site in my skin colour choice but these photos give an idea of her face shape.  I just find it very hard to visualise the other skin colour though.....I need to find more photos!  And so another search begins.......

Thank you for listening to my musings, I guess I should say to "watch this space!"

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!