Wednesday 10 October 2018

Oooh How Did She Slink In?

On the 4th October another little resin girlie managed to sneak her way into my BJD always, I will use my regular excuse that this little 'purchase' was my way of helping the Spanish economy!!  What a hero I am!!  But I do like to do my bit to help out my fellow countryfolk 😊

My latest arrival is called Annic and she is a 22.5cm tall resin ball jointed doll sculpted by Laura Garijo who is from Sevilla, Spain, and is the name behind Irrealdoll.  Laura groups her dolls by size and each grouping has a name.  The dolls belonging to this size group are called Setitas and Annic is the second doll of this size sculpted by Laura.  On Laura's website, Irrealdoll Annic she explains the inspiration behind the 'Annic' name:

"Her name was inspired by a beautiful deep blue mushroom known as "Entoloma Panniculus" in the scientific spheres"

Annic comes in two skin tones, 'Peanut', which is quite light and what is often referred to as 'normal' skin in the bjd world, and 'Truffle'.....I chose Truffle because as you'll know from reading my blog, I have a real fondness for tan skinned dolls.  The colour is lovely, very soft and creamy and I'm very glad this was my choice.

I chose Annic with the 'sad' faceup because, well you know that too....I love sad faced dolls!!!  She really does look like she's about to cry in some photos, which I find very endearing.  She arrived nude but with a pair of tiny, random coloured, 6mm glass eyes.  The eyes that I received were a light green but I decided to try her with a pair of slightly bigger, 8mm, violet although naturally for me, I would like to get her a pair of brown ones at some point.

I love this small size, she can wear lots of different Blythe outfits and even some (but not all) Blythe footwear.  Fortunately I'd bought 6 pairs of shoes and boots in advance of her arrival, so she's got lots of choice at the moment.  

Her wig size is 4 inches and I had a wig in mind for her but wasn't sure that it suited her once I tried it, but I've now cut it shorter so below you'll see photos of her before and after it was cut.  She's currently wearing a hat in the hope that it'll flatten the sides down a bit.  I do so wish that the doll companies made wigs that not only fit the size of the dolls head, but also were in scale.  I don't like wigs that have waaaay too much hair for such tiny heads!

Sam, my Elfdoll Hana Angel, has wanted a friend in her size and scale, for ages.  So now she is happy to have Annic to hang out with πŸ˜‰ I think the two of them look quite cute together!

Here the two girls are playing "One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes, four!" 

Trying out a Blythe dress that I made years ago...

Photos taken today after her hair cut....I hope I don't regret it, the wig was nice but I just didn't want such long hair on this tiny girl!

Thank you for visiting!  I do so hope you've enjoyed seeing this little new arrival and hope you're all having a good week so far.  I might not be around for a week or so because my son Brendan arrives tomorrow for a weeks holiday with us.....he was supposed to arrive tonight but that's a story for another day.

Big hugs, Sharon xxx