Monday 25 July 2011

Life's a Beach!

This morning I decided to make a pattern for a knit fabric hat with ear flaps for the size 6/7 head.....well it was Persephone's idea so she helped me to draw up the pattern....she hopes that the 'prototype' will be hers!!! We shall have to see how it turns out, I might have a go at sewing it tomorrow.

Today after a lovely lunch of good old fish and chips from a British bar in Torre del Mar, I spent a pleasant few hours on the beach with our friends, Audrey and Bill. The sea was a lot warmer than last week but unfortunately Audrey wasn't in the water long before she was stung on her arm by a jellyfish! It was a nasty sting but fortunately it didn't hurt her for too long.

We were fortunate enough to see a couple of wild dolphins swimming by but they were quite far out, much to far to be able to photograph.....such a shame as I've been waiting 6 years to spot dolphins here! Everyone else seems to have seen them but me. I swear that when I stop looking and turn away from the sea, so they start performing all those tricks that they so seem to enjoy doing! LOL!

We finally left the beach at 7.30pm, such a lovely day!

Sunday 24 July 2011

Sewing again....

This morning I did a bit of sewing for my little Lati Yellow Halloween Cat Lea.....she didn't get a special 'just for her' outfit when she arrived here, so I thought I'd make something now. I set all my things up on the deck, I love being able to sit in the sunshine and is so much better than when I have to sew indoors and need a lamp right over my head to see what I'm doing! Anyway, I made her a teeshirt, leggings and little pink socks.

When she first came here I thought she was going to be one of those little dolls that liked wearing frilly dresses and bows, but she has proved me wrong. She looks cute in everything she wears!

And now I'm going to sit in the sunshine and read....I'm currently half way through a Stephanie Plum novel written by Janet Evanovich, one of my favourite authors!

Saturday 23 July 2011

I couldn't let the today go by without expressing my deepest sympathies to the people of Norway for the terrible attocities that happened there yesterday.

My thoughts go out to the families and friends of those people killed and injured, and I ask the same old questions, that never seem to get answered: In this day and age, why? Why do these sorts of things happen? And will it ever end? I guess, sadly, no-one can answer them for me.

Beach days....

Yesterday I went to the beach, it is just about 100 metres from my front door and yet I do not often go there in the summer, I prefer it in winter when it is sunny but not as hot. But yesterday I was persuaded to go by my neighbours, who only come here a few times a year from the UK. So off we went and of course I got carried away listening to all the gossip and forgot to put my suncream on until the damage was done. I'm now red like a lobster and my skin stings a bit!!! I think it is time to cut a stalk from the aloe vera plant and soothe my skin!!! I never learn! But it was nice all the same.....we swam in the sea and the water was really cold though!

Later I spoke with my son Brendan, who told me that a dolly package had arrived for me from Belgium! It is my little Lati Yellow Dragon Gabie that I bought from Shazdolls.....Gabie has been a doll on my wish list for ages, so I was delighted to be able to get her from Shaz! I really look forward to getting her out of her box when I get home! Here is a photo of her (borrowed from Shaz, who I hope will not mind)....I've already been making a little 'welcome home' outfit for Gabie, so she will have something to wear that is just 'hers'!!!

Thursday 21 July 2011

Percy wants to go to the beach. She has her sunhat, her bucket and spade, her shorts and canvas deck shoes....but she doesn't have any suntan lotion. There is NO WAY she can go out in the sunshine with such fair skin without suntan lotion, no way at all! ;)

Tuesday 19 July 2011

Another nice dolly day...

Today I went to visit my friend Olga (Vainilladolly on Flickr) and took Percy along with me. She really enjoyed meeting up with Pinda and Kodama, Olga's two Secretdoll Persons....and it wasn't long before the three of them were chattering away as if they'd known each other for ages!

In the meantime I was able to collect Michael, my little Lati Yellow tanned Pirate Ruki who has been visiting with Olga for a new faceup. She worked her usual magic and he is just gorgeous, with a really boyish, mischevious look and Olga's lovely 'trademark' freckles....I'm delighted with him!!! Thanks again Olga!

And I finally got to meet Javi, Olga's little lad! What a cutie! He has the loveliest hair, the colour is a mixture of so many shades of blond.....the sort of natural highlights that women like me pay out hundreds of euros to get!!!! Anyway, he may only be 5 but he taught me EVERYTHING I needed to know about Super Mario....go on, ask me, I bet I know the answer!!!!

Monday 18 July 2011

Everything EXCEPT the kitchen sink......

Today we came down to the coast, we have a little place here on the Costa del Sol and have had it since July 2005, so you would think by now that I'd be able to travel light.....NOT so! I always get accused by my hubby of bringing everything except the kitchen sink. Well there's not much point bringing the kitchen sink as we already have a sink here LOL....but I admit that I don't travel so light. But I like to have something for every eventuality, so along with my clothes, I like to bring my sewing things, my Kindle and my knitting and crochet.
So hubbies luggage looks like this, one small holdall for his clothes and then his laptop:

Errrm....and mine looks like this :)

Here you will see my black suitcase packed full of clothes and four, yes four, pairs of sandals...well you just never know! Then there is my big Canon EOS 1000D camera for taking great close up photos, then there is my small Canon camera (can't remember the model number) that is easier to carry in my handbag if we go anywhere. The orange bag is my laptop...can't leave home without that! The beige bag in front is my dolly bag.....this time there are 10 tinies in there....including my Lati's and my Puki Fees, as well as Percy, my Secretdoll Person 21. Alongside that, you can just see my holdall with the Miniature Pinscher on the front....that contains my Kindle, my earphones and a few other things that I just couldn't live without!! ;)

Then there is my wooden sewing box.....can't not bring that, it has everything I need in it to sew. Oh and my sewing machine, then just ONE of my pattern folders, this time the one for small dolls.....and then behind that is my stripey holdall of fabric....I bring a lot of choices because, well you just never know, do you? And finally right over the back is my knitting and crochet bag.....Oh and hanging on my wardrobe door is my Betty Boop handbag......

Honestly, I really can't see what on earth he is complaining about, can you?!!!!!

Sunday 17 July 2011

A great week!

Parcel-wise, this has been a great week for me! First of all my new Kindle 3 eReader arrived and I'm very pleased with it. I did already have an ebook but it was a cheap make and had its limitations....the battery would only last a few hours on a full charge, being one of them. As an avid reader, I really needed something that would last at least a day before needing to be recharged again, so after some research decided on the Kindle.

I sold a doll so decided to spend it on a Kindle if I could find a good one on Ebay for a reasonable price....and lo and behold, hubby sent me a link to one, new in packet, within the EU, so I bought it! It arrived within 4 days and already I've loaded some 130+ books on to it!

My second parcel of the week was my Secretdoll Person 21! And I really love her, she has so much personality crammed into her 18cm frame! Who'd have thought it...this weird looking little doll with no ears, could turn up and take over the dolly room! I've named her Persephone, but will call her Percy for's a photo of her wearing the outfit I got up at 5am to make for her!!!...isn't she the cutest little thing!!!

Welcome to my blog!

I had a blog in the past but could never think of what to write on it, then someone said to me "but you live in such a beautiful place, surely you can think of something to write about?"....and yes, she was right, I can think of lots of things to write about...I just forget to do so!!! So please bear with me, I'm going to have another go at sharing my life via blog and hope that someone will read and perhaps even, enjoy it!