Thursday, 19 April 2012

After the Easter bunny departs.....

I've been very lazy recently when it comes to my Blog so this is going to be a bit of a catch up.

Here in Spain, Semana Santa or Holy Week, starts the previous Sunday evening (Palm Sunday) with the first procession of penitents through the town.  Because Yoda, our little black Chihuahua, is so frightened by the sound of the drums, we left on Monday morning for the coast, because each of the processions, even the 'silent' ones, seem to have the drum beating throughout!  We only really intended staying for one week but what with one thing and another, we ended up staying for just over two weeks, returning home again last Tuesday!!!  And during my time down there, I didn't give a thought to my blog as I was so 'relaxed'!!!

However, I did do a bit of sewing so have a couple of new photos to share, plus whilst I was away my trade doll, a light tan French resin Narae by Bimong, arrived, and a couple of days ago I gave her a new faceup, so some photos of her too.  I'm really really happy with how she has turned out, she is exactly what I hoped for!

Whilst at the coast I went to visit Olga (Vainilladolly on Flickr) and we had a great day together, playing with and chatting about dolls and generally putting the world to rights!  Olga has promised to carve a Blythe faceplate for me soon, which makes me really happy as I've wanted a Vainilladolly custom for ages! 

So my quest since meeting up with Olga has been to sell some existing dolls and other odds and ends so that I can either buy a complete Blythe for her to carve, or perhaps just a faceplate.  Although I want a Vainilladolly custom, I don't really want to increase my Blythe numbers (I currently have six) so maybe buying the faceplate is the best option....we shall see!

I also gave my Heather Sky a haircut.  Her hair was lovely and long and thick but it got messy ever so quickly, so she now has a neat bobbed style, and even if I do say so myself, she looks incredibly cute!  She really is my favourite Blythe, she has such a sweet little face!!!

In other news, the weather has been really changable for the last couple of weeks, with Easter week being a mix of high winds, beautiful warm sunshine, and quite heavy downpours of rain.  I guess this is what we call April Showers!  Hopefully soon though it will become a bit more settled and we'll have long, warm, sunny days!

Oh and I got a new iPhone!  I'd had my other one for more than 3 years and it was beginning to show signs of it's age...aren't we all!  And of course many of the apps were now not being produced for that older model.  So I have a lovely new shiny iPhone 4S and a new provider and number too! 

Well that's about all for now....but I promise to try and keep up with blogging!!!

A new faceup for Narae:

 New polkadot dungarees for Troy:

A new haircut for Heather:

Visiting with Olga: (Sasha, my Unoa Sist came with me!)

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