Wednesday 16 May 2012

A nice dolly day....

Today I met up with Olga and we had a great time, lots of dolly chat and laughter, as well as putting the world to rights, as we usually do!
I took several dolls with me but I took Percy, my little Secretdoll Person 21, especially for Olga to give her a new faceup, after my own efforts at doing so failed so dysmally!!!!  I'm delighted to have my little Percy back again, she looks even better than she did before!  And she certainly hasn't lost any of her attitude as you'll see below!!

Also I left my FBL faceplate with Olga for carving....I'm very excited about it and hope that she'll be able to work on them soon!  I can hardly believe that I've wanted a Vainilladolly girl for almost 2 years now, and maybe soon one will be within my reach!

Here are a couple of other photos taken today, one is of Hershey, my Simply Chocolate and the other of Olga herself.  She wanted me to edit the photo but I think she looks nice as she is!!!

In other news, the weather has been beautiful and hot, although cooler down here on the was really very hot in Estepa before we left last weekend....low 30s centigrade.  And in Sevilla they've been reaching temperatures of high 30s!!!  Even in Sevilla this is high for mid May!  I'm not complaining though, I love the hot weather and it could stay this hot all year round if I had my way!!

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