Sunday 11 August 2013

Trying out heavy!!!

Today my son came down to the coast to join us until tomorrow and brought down my box of wigs to try on my little baldy Sasha.  I have dozens of wigs but only a small selection in this size, and I've had these for ages, so some of them have seen better days.  However, what I really wanted was an idea of what does and doesn't suit her, so that I can start wig shopping in earnest!!   There are a lot of photos, so might take time to load....I thought if I'm going to do a 'review' of them, I might as well show lots of photos!!  Well that's my excuse anyway!

First up we have a Monique wig which I believe has since been replaced with the Christine.  Mine is not synthetic mohair as far as I'm aware, it is so old that I'm sure it was before the Monique Gold wigs....but the Christine looks almost identical.  This one is size 8/9 and can be worn with side or centre part.

Side parting:

Middle parting:

As you can see here, the wig is waaaay too long, so if I decide this is the wig for her, I will cut it down by about half, or at least to waist length.  I think I prefer it with a side parting.  The bow is to stop it from falling in her face.

Next up is a Monique Gold Geneva in Carrot Red, size 8/9, which I cut to a more managable length at the back and also trimmed the fringe.  I'm sure I could get away with a slightly smaller size in this wig because the wigcap is quite stretchy, I think I have a couple more of these in different colours at home, so I'll try those when we're back there.   I think she looks so different in this colour, but I don't know that I want her to look THAT different!!  Love the style, so maybe I'll get this in another colour at some point.

I do love how it shows off her chubby cheeks here though!!

Next up we have another Monique wig but not from the Gold collection as far as I can remember, and sadly I can't find the name on the Monique site.  It is NOT synthetic mohair as far as I can tell, and unfortunately although it's an 8/9, it's too small....the rooting holes can be seen at the temples.  Shame because I quite like it on her.  I may work on it when I get home, it might fit with a bit of stretching and maybe with either a silicone wig cap or a bit of glue....although I'm reluctant to glue it down to be honest.

The back view is so cute looking, I love plaits!

Next up is another Monique wig, this time from the Gold collection.  This one, I believe, was a special colour released as a limited edition many years ago. The wig is called Ginger and the mid brown has a few gorgeous blue highlights.  I like the style on her, it makes her look very young, which is what I want, but not with the highlights!!  This wig is still available in many colours without the blue highlights. This is another wig that is very long and would need trimming for Sasha.

Again this one needs a clip or slide, maybe a ribbon, to keep it off her face.  

Next we have a wig that I felt was most like her original hair.  It is a Leeke World wig, reference number LR-032_L colour ChocoBrown, size 9.5-10.5 inch.

Once again this wig is too long for her and the fringe could also do with a trim, but I'm reluctant to do so.  It is made from Heat Resisting Fibre which is a little more coarse than Synthetic Mohair.   If you're new to Leeke World wigs, they are lovely and they have so many gorgeous styles and colours, but recently I have heard people complaining that they've had problems with them.  I've found that some of them would look better on a Cone Head, as they tend to be a little bit 'domed' on the crown.  Luckily this one isn't, but others I have in different sizes are.  Also the wig cap is not stretchy, so you have to get the bigger size, just in case.  But sizing with them is not always consistant!!!  Another negative for Leeke is that if you're buying new from them, they are based in South Korea and they'll only ship EMS, so you're looking at at least another $22 on top of the price of the wig.

The next wig is another Monique Gold collection wig, in fact the same style as the brown and blue one above.  It's a Ginger and this time the colour is Golden Strawberry/Chestnut Brown, size 8/9.  I've had this wig for years and it's starting to really show it's age, but it was just to give you an idea.  I've cut the length of this one at some point in the distant past, so a better length for Sasha.  I think this one would be great if I were rewigging a blond girl!!

 Again it needed a clip/slide to keep the hair back from her face.

The next wig is a definite no-no for me!  I think the colour is too light for a start, but as well as that, the texture and quality of the wig are both not very good.  The texture is far too 'synthetic' and as a result it lays very unnaturally, and also giving it an unnatural shine.  I don't like how the scalp tends to show through either.  In my humble opinion there are nothing but negatives to this one!!!  And for the life of me I can't remember where it comes from or how I happened to come by it!!!

Actually, it doesn't look too bad from this angle, or from the back!!!

Finally, (are you still awake?) we have a Monique Gold wig that really has seen better days.  I think this must be one of the oldest as I remember purchasing it from Denver Doll Emporium back in 2006 I think it was!!!  At first I thought this was the ugliest of the lot but when I pulled it about a bit and added the bow, I actually quite like it on her!!  The name of this wig is the Frankie, but I've really hacked loads off it in the past to give it this more choppy you might not recognise it as a Frankie were you to see a new one!!!!  The size of this one is 8/9.

I was a little bit concerned at first that she looked like a Gregor, but to be honest, it's really grown on me now!!

I buy a lot of my wigs from Facets by Marcia,  and so far I've not been disappointed.  Marcia is very helpful and posts quickly and doesn't charge a fortune for postage from the US.  They can also be found on Facebook:

Well I hope this wig experience has been useful to those of you looking for a replacement wig for their Sasha.  If I come across any more wigs in this size when I go home and look through my wig box, I will try those and let you know!!


  1. This is a great and very helpful post Sharon, for anyone like myself IMHO is searching for wigs! It's so good to be able to see some of the wig's I have been looking at on a Sasha!
    I like the one called Ginger is very nice on .
    The Christine is one I have looked at and it is good to be able to see it on,I agree it is too long and would suit a Sasha if cut to waist or just below.
    Genova is nice too!
    Frankie is very trendy a great look but maybe a bit boyish? But another look for a sasha.

    Thank you for showing these great wigs on the Sasha and the link is great, I'm off for a look and a list making. :)
    Hugs Dee

    1. Forgot to say I like the unknown one with the plait too!

    2. Thanks so much Dee, it was fun trying them all on her. And after all that, I'm still not sure which one I like best on her! But at least I know know the colours that suit her and the sort of style I'm after, so I can go from there.
      I'm glad that this is helpful to you and if it just helps people from buying (or not as the case may be) wigs that aren't the same when they arrive, then that's the main thing!!

    3. Meant to add Dee, that it is a real nuisance not knowing the name of the plaited one because I really quite like it on her. I'm thinking of trying the Navajo and see what that's like in a mid brown or something.

  2. Wow! What a fab collection of wigs you have there S!! Miss Baldy looks so different :) I really like the wig with the plait (when my daughter was little I always used to plait her hair so it reminds me of that) and the Ginger wig. I like the Frankie wig but on another doll, the shortness makes her look like a Gregor in my opinion, but that said she looks very cute in the last picture!

    1. Thanks Ronny, although I have to say that some of them are very old now so they don't look quite so good when you see them close up in real life. One of them is really sheadding too!!! I don't want yet another bunch of hairs all over the bedroom floor!!
      Yes, the plait one is nice, it makes her look very sweet and young. I was thinking though, that because I'm sure it's no longer available, I could probably learn to plait a long straight wig in the same way...with a bit of patience!!!!

  3. it's hard to choose a favourite, Sharon! I really like the two toned blonde one with her brown eyes - I know you were n't thinking of making her a blonde..... and then I'd be very interested to see her with that wispy blonde wig you put on your Gregor previously - I think you may have a very spunky girl on your hands then - you know me bias for short haired girls:)

    1. Thanks Nikola! Glad you enjoyed the wig trying on session! Once I go home I'll try that blond one on her again, it's currently being worn by my big Volks SD girl. I think the blond will be too light for her, but maybe I could get one the same and dye it....I don't know how well the synthetic mohair dyes though...I'll have to ask around for information, only it just comes in four colours.
      I also like short haired girls!!!

  4. Oh, I don't know how you'll decide! She looks lovely in so many of them! I do like the side-part wigs...and the braided wig...and that first one.... :D

    1. Thank you!! Yes, it has been hard deciding and to be honest, I'm still not decided!! I will keep looking at her and try some more wigs when I get home....I think there are a couple that, although not her size, are stretched bigger than their original size!!!

  5. I've looked at all of these and the best seem to me to be the Monique golds. The two long ones with the side part are by far the healthiest looking. I do think the blond and blue is a little too trendy for this young girl, but the style, fit and allover look are great. the other shaded blond is lovely, but you said you wanted to keep her brunette, right? Does this one come in shaded brunette?

    I think it's the fact that both of them are multi-toned that they look so natural- children's hair is often many many shades.
    I do like the Frankie - I am very fond of shorter hair, especially when it's tousled. I think it would suit a girl just little bit older looking.
    So there you have my professional (yes, I am) opinion, but what it amounts to is chose the one that you think suits her the best.

    1. Janet, after reading your comment, I went back and tried the dark blond with brown highlights wig again on my little baldy girl. I wasn't sure at first, but then put it into two loose plaits! I'm really happy with how she looks. I've decided that, for now, this will be her look. I'll take more photos this afternoon or tomorrow and post them here on my blog. I think the brown eyes look really good with blond hair, a bit like Pintucks Sasha, a very nice combination!
      Thank you for 'inspiring' me!!

  6. Thanks so much for your opinion Janet, it's appreciated. I agree, those MG wigs are really nice and because they are so soft, they're very natural looking too. I think I really would prefer her to stay as a darker haired girl, though thinking about it, I do actually like the brown eyes/blond hair combination, so I think I might have to give that some more thought.
    The wig you like does indeed come in darker colours too, so that is certainly an idea too.

    Yes, I agree on the multi-toned hair, especially as we live in the sun, so they'd definitely have a sunkissed look to their hair!!

    I do have a few more wigs at home to try, so when we eventually go home, I will try those out too and take more photos!


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