Friday, 13 December 2013

Drake on Ebay!

A little while back I blogged about a little baby Sasha called Drake who came for a visit, here and told how he would eventually be going on Ebay to be auctioned to raise funds for the homeless!

Well he is now up for grabs!!  So I hope that everyone will take the time to look (and bid too if possible!) because it would be really great if his mum, Ronny,  could raise as much money as possible to help those people who have to spend their Christmas on the streets.

He really is a cute, well behaved little fellow as you can see in his auction:

Now wouldn't it be lovely to find him, and all his wonderful goodies, in your stocking on Christmas Day?


  1. Thanks Sharon for this wonderful post! I am looking forward to doing it all over again next year with a Sasha or Gregor this time...everyone has been SO generous giving their time and effort to either make or buy something for Drake to wear or play with. So everyone who helped or sent their good wishes and indeed those who have been bidding deserve a pat on the back as they have all been wonderful and have gotten into the REAL spirit of to others and hopefully we can make someone else's life a little bit more bearable this Christmas. Thank you Guys!!

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  3. I will try again..had to delete last effort when I realised I had put the winners trash instead of stash of goodies!! Lol, what I tried to say was Drake is doing really well, I forgot to send Ronny Michelle's gifts of a teddy motif sweater with hat and a little teddy until she emailed me last night to ask why were they not shown with his goodies!! Big trouble, so went and searched the bag of things I bought from Chat N snap but have just added changed outfits to and there they were right at the bottom!! So now they are on the way to Ronny to be added to Drakes gifts... Dee I'm off for a lie down now...

  4. Thanks Ronny and Dee for your posts, I'm sorry I'm not answering individually!!!! Christmas has caught up with me, but I've not caught up with it!!!!


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