Wednesday 18 June 2014

Back to blogging.....

The last couple of weeks have been both busy and relaxing.  Busy because my mum and brother were over here on holiday for two weeks from the UK and relaxing because apart from the usual cooking etc., I didn't really do any sewing at all!  In fact I didn't have any dolly time whatsover, which I suppose is good in some ways......although I have to say that I do miss my dolly sewing!  So yesterday my family left to return home and I am now playing catchup.  I immediately got back to my commissions list.......I apologise to those waiting, but hope you'll appreciate that I want to spend time with my mum when she visits as I don't see her very often!!

I made 6 ra-ra skirts since yesterday, and tomorrow will start on the tops and socks to go with them, they are part of a very big commission that I have for a lady in the US.  I will add photos on here as soon as they're done.

In the meantime, I bought a cute outfit on Ebay for Ellie, my Dianna Effner Little Darling, and thought I'd share some photos of her wearing it.  It is by the very talented OliveOil*53 and is perfectly made!  It consists of a pretty dress made in owl fabric, striped knit socks and hairbow.  Very cute!

A few weeks back I said that I was more than happy with my Sasha/Gregor family and had no plans to add anyone to it in the near future....famous last words!!!   I did keep looking out for another earlier English Brunette girl, but the constant threat of falling hair put me off a bit......then last night I ended up buying a new girl on Ebay!!!  However, she is not at all what I was looking for, but I fell for her sweet face......she is going to my mums house first as the seller only ships within the UK, but hopefully she'll arrive here in Spain in a week or so and I will share her on here!!!!

Hope everyone is having a lovely summer so far!


  1. Welcome back Sharon, we missed you :)
    Love this girl as you know!! The dress is lovely. Owls are very IN at the moment and the blues and browns of the fabric are great together and suit Ellie beautifully.
    A new Sasha purchase mmmm, It's like a drug, you need a fix every so often!! :) I made a totally unexpected Sasha purchase today!! Must be something in the air!!! :)
    hugs Dee xx

    1. Thanks so much Dee, it's nice to be missed...I missed our dolly chats too! ;)
      Isn't it a pretty dress! I was amazed that I got it for such a good price as Anita does such lovely sewing. It also a surprise to see her in such a pretty girlie outfit as I usually have her in more casual clothes....but she is happy with it! I thought owls were 'in'....I see them everywhere at the moment, my goodness I'm soooooo trendy, aren't I! LOL
      My Sasha purchase was really unexpected too, I just saw her face and that was it! She arrived at my mums today so hopefully I'll have her next week some time. I look forward to seeing who you've added to your lovely family!!!!
      Big hugs Sharon xxx

  2. Great to have you back blogging again and pleased that you had a lovely time with your mother and brother..
    Ellie is such a cute and sweet looking little girl and this new dress suits her perfectly.
    I hope that Sasha purchasing 'isn't in the air' and 'catching' as I'm still trying to downsize BUT look forward to seeing both your new dolls in the near future.

    1. Thanks so much Kendal, and yes, it was nice having my family here, but now it's also nice that we are just us two again.....oh and the five dogs too of course!!!
      Thank you too for your nice comment on Ellie and her outfit.
      LOL downsizing? What's that?!!!! ;)
      I look forward to sharing my new girl on here very soon!

  3. It's nice to take a break every now and again even from the things we enjoy doing! Sounds like you had a great visit with your Mum and brother. :)

    That dress is adorable, and looks so cute on Ellie! The hairbow is the perfect touch. <3

    1. It's true Lynn, it's nice to have a rest because then we are refreshed for starting again! I've been working very hard in the last couple of days and hopefully I'll have some photos to show for it all soon!
      Thanks so much on the dress, I'm really pleased with it. I love the owl fabric too and the bow is very cute!

  4. Glad you're back Sharon, I've missed the craic!
    Totally agree with all the comments about Ellie, but I'm curious about her shoes - they look so much like the ones for Sasha, i have to keep reminding myself how much smaller they must be. Are they leather?
    I too have been tempted recently by some handsome Gregors but so far resisted - do I really need more?

    1. Thanks so much for your nice comment Rosie, I'm glad to be back amongst my dolly friends again! I've missed you all, although I do sneak in for a quick peak at the blogs first thing in the morning on my iphone but rarely comment.....chubby fingers and tiny iphone keypad do not a great message make!!!!
      The shoes are vinyl and 50mm in size.
      As for whether you need more Gregors.....well who am I to judge, but can one ever have enough dolls??? ! ;)

  5. Ellie is a wonderwonderfull girl, Sharon. And the photos are so sweet as always. Now I look forward the new English brunette girl. At the moment I also have less time for blogging because we build a new business park. We have a very big construction zone at the front of the house ... we have coarse dirt in our house and a lot of work ...

    1. Thanks so much Barbara, I'm glad that you enjoyed seeing Ellie, I do love her little face!!! Her and my Sashas are getting all the attention lately...maybe time for some more of my BJDs to move on!
      WOW it would seem you are incredibly busy! A new business park! It might seem a lot of work now, but won't it be great when it's all finished! Well done!!!
      PS the girl who's coming here is actually a blond 60s Gotz girl.....far different from what I was actually looking for! LOL xxx

  6. First of all my outing: I'm an internet-picture-looker ;-) most of the time I do not read the text AND I do not read English texts!!! ;-)
    But here I love every word sometimes use the translater but most of the time I understand you. Love this little girl with her sweet nose so much(and understand with translater on the homepage of Mrs. Effner that if you have so much money you have to wait soooooooo long time :-( )
    And I understand your new Sasha buying ;0) my one and only Sasha Boy is very poor (sometime he must play a girl for me because he looks so nice in some dresses ;0) )
    Looking forward to every word and every picture

    1. Hi Saphira, thank you very much for taking the time to comment on my blog, I'm very pleased that you are able to understand what I've written! I am also very happy that you like Ellie, my Little Darling by Dianna Effner. Yes, the wait is long for these dolls, especialy if you don't want to pay the high amounts that some sellers on ebay are charging, but some of the artists have shorter waiting lists than others. I have a girl on order from a lady called Pat Green and in March, when I ordered from her, I was told 4 months wait, so that should be hopefully I will hear from her soon. But Lana Dobbs takes 11 months at the moment! Which is such a long time, but hopefully worth the wait.
      I hope you will come back again and view my next posts on here, and look forward to speaking with you again then!
      Big hugs Sharon xx

  7. Hello again Sharon!
    So glad you have soent time with your family. It is good to give the sewing a break sometimes - I used to make baby dresses and there were some days when I wished I could never look at pastel coloured batiste fabric ever again.
    Your sweet Ellie looks gorgeous in her new dress. What a sweet face that little girl has - she reminds me of Snow White in my favourite childhood story book. Such a little poppet!
    Don't work too hard.
    Jenni xx

    1. Hi Jenni, I hope you're well, and thank you for coming to visit and see Ellie!
      Yes, I do think that the break has done me good because I was just sewing, sewing, sewing beforehand and that can get a bit boring, especially if it's the same sorts of things all the time. However, I'm working really hard at the moment and this week have managed to finish 6 ra-ra skirts, 6 long sleeved teeshirts and 4 pairs of socks. It is only the fact that I have accidentally left some fabric that I needed at home, that has caused me to not finish two more pairs of socks to go with the sets. I will move on to the hairbands next and those sets will be almost completed!!!
      Going back to Ellie, it's funny you should say that she reminds you of Snow White because when I saw her in the dress that is exactly what I thought too! I'd only seen the dress on a blond doll and I really liked it but then loved it with Ellies dark hair!!
      big hugs Sharon xx

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  9. Lovely that you have had time with your family, Sharon. Sweet Ellie is very pretty in her new dress. I can't resist and must say that she is just a "Little Darling". :). Hugs for you, xxxx



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