Wednesday 8 April 2015

Teddy visits the Bioparc.....

On Monday I took Teddy to the Bioparc in Fuengirola.  I have blogged about the Bioparc previously, here when I took my blond Sasha for a visit to celebrate my birthday back in June 2013.  This time though it was my brother's birthday, yesterday (7th April)  he turned 50!  I can hardly believe that my 'little' brother, well my ONLY brother actually, has now reached 50!!!

So off we went to the Bioparc and I took Teddy along because he'd been such a good boy whilst my family have been visiting from the UK.  As is normal for me, many of my photos were rushed in case I was spotted 'playing' with a doll.....I look forward to the day when I have a grandchild who I can drag around with me, pretending the doll(s) belong to her/him!!!! ;)

Teddy wasn't overly impressed with his 'mode' of transport....he had to snuggle inside a large holdall wearing a thick bedsock on his head to protect his hair and face....but once he got out in the restaurant and sat with his 'nana' he was happier, especially when she gave him a drop of her hot chocolate!

My mum is a good sport, bless her, holding on to my dolls for me....but my son Brendan wasn't too keen to be seen with me holding a doll! 

Teddy wore his lovely new striped boat motif jumper knitted by the very talented Rosie Laird, shorts and socks quickly made by me, and nice navy blue sandals by Lisa Hartley...he looks incredibly smart, doesn't he? :) 

Teddy particularly liked looking down into the many water features of the parc, but I was always very wary of letting him do so....those fishes are pretty big and he'd make a nice snack for them I'm sure!

"Hold mine hand mamma, I wants to lean over to sees the birdies better!"

Teddy just loves to CLIMB!  My heart was in my mouth several times when I caught him climbing on the fencing......the hippopotamus looked very expectantly at the little striped morsel precariously perched above his enclosure!

Teddy loved the pinky coloured Flamingoes, wanting to take one home and keep it as a pet....he wasn't convinced when I told him that these pretty birds might prefer to give him a nasty peck on his little fingers or knock him flying with their large strong wings!

"But I wanna keep mine fingers mamma!" 

Teddy really enjoyed the fish.....maybe a small goldfish would make a nice pet for him?  

The Buddha didn't have much to say to Teddy .... but appeared to be listening intently to what Teddy had to say! ;)

A little rest....well it was a lot of walking for such a small little fellow!

I think he enjoyed himself, and he got back in the back and into his bedsock 'protector' without a word of protest...and slept all the way home!!!



  1. Great post there S!! Every one including tiny Ted looked as if they had a good time!

  2. A super family special birthday celebration! Teddy's a dear little tot with such a happy looking smiley face.
    Love the use of the word 'mine' instead of 'my'.

  3. Sharon, Lovely! Your posts are incredibly cheerful and fun to find. Betsy

  4. Happy Birthday to your little brother Sharon. Looks like everyone had a good day especially Teddy. He looked lovely and bright in his new clothes, love the colours of the sweater by Rosie. Looks like you are enjoying having Teddy to photograph out and about :) I know what you mean about hurried shots in case you are seen but you'll soon forget about people watching when you just have to get the perfect photo!! :)xxx

  5. Hi Sharon it looks like you all had a great time. I love Teddy's outfit it really suits him Theresa x

  6. Looks like he had a pretty exciting day! The parc is so pretty too... :D

  7. Lovely photos, Sharon.
    And again a suitable outfit, looking great on the little boy!
    You had a nice time with your family in the BioPark.

  8. Happy birthday to your brother Sharon! 50 is a good age to be!!! What a great post at the Bioparc. I love seeing Teddy in his fab outfit. Rosie's sweater is just wonderful and what great sandals with his stripy socks! Teddy is just the best!!! Thanks for sharing the fun and your Mom is wonderful to share in the Teddy fun! :) xxx

  9. I almost missed you Teddy.

    And belated happy birthday John x

  10. Thank you for all the lovely comments and the good wishes for my brother's birthday. They have gone home to England now and the place is very quiet again.....but I think he had a good time celebrating his special birthday with us :)


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