Wednesday 6 May 2015

For Sale - Coat/jacket for Sasha Toddler *** SOLD ***

I have for sale a hooded coat for Sasha Toddlers.  The coat/jacket is made from baby pink fine corderoy and fully lined with white dotted with pale pink Swiss batiste fabric.  This fun coat has a hood decorated with two wired rabbit ears and the front of the coat has two lined patch pockets.  It closes with metal snaps covered by small white buttons.  All fabrics are new and clean and I finished sewing the coat today.

Teddy, my Gotz Toddler Erik, who is in touch with he 'feminine' side is modelling the coat below for you!

Price is £18 plus postage from Spain.  Postage to the UK is £4 and to the US would be approx £6.  Paypal only and payment as gift please!

Please email me if you're interested:

Thanks very much for looking!



  1. Lovely coat Sharon! Love those ears! :) Poor Teddy having to model for you but he does look cute! I would be tempted if I still had a girl toddler but I know for certain that Lucas would cause havoc if I even suggested him trying it on!! :)
    hugs Dee xxx

  2. Thank you very much Dee! Thankfully it is already sold yeaaah! I can only imagine how Lucas would have reacted to the suggestion that he just try the jacket on....LOL....thankfully Teddy is much more relaxed about being seen in girls clothes, which I guess is just as well :)

  3. Hi Teddy
    I just read that, until the last century, pink was a BOY colour! That was because it was a mixture of white and red, which was a military colour, so little boys had pale red things, or pink. So, I want a pink coat like yours. But I want one with piggy ears and a piggy tail behind.
    Timmy xxx

  4. A precious coat Sharon. I love the ears so much and your sweet Erik is a fab model! :) xxx


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