Sunday 27 September 2015


Whenever I photograph my Little Darlings, I think it's really not hard to love these girls, but then having six of them living here, I guess I'm prejudiced.  I honestly don't have a favourite but Ellie was my first girl to arrive here, having been adopted from a lady in the US, back in May 2014.  I never realised that I would love her so much!  But I really do, she's just so special to me.  And it honestly hasn't anything to do with the fact that she's handpainted by Dianna Effner herself.....I think it is that there is just something about her that really pulls on my heartstrings!

So this weekend she's been modelling for me as my current commission, for a lovely lady in Sevilla, is for a Little Darling.  In fact this lady is just about to receive her first one, so she's incredibly excited! 

All the dresses are sleeveless with hoods:

The lady also wanted white socks....

When Ellie had finished with her modelling she wanted to show you her own newish outfit......actually it'd been made for about a month but I only got around to putting the snaps on today!!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed seeing Ellie as much as I love showing her ;)
Here's wishing everyone a lovely week ahead!


  1. Oh Sharon, another beautiful post and Ellie looks fantastic in each outfit. She is the perfect model and the close up photos with the aqua colored hat with the dotted ribbon are just so precious. All of your Little Darling dolls are wonderful and Ellie has really been my favorite all along. I missed seeing her when she was away. There is something extra special about Ellie. Thank you for sharing Ellie and the new outfits! :) xxx

  2. Sharon Ellie is such a Gorgeous girl , I'm not surprised she's your favourite. Could be because she was the first to arrive and therefore you bonded best. I know that of my No navel's Ginny the first and the waif is the one I could never part with! :)
    Love these hooded, sleeveless dresses, so cute and Ellie looks just perfect in the turquoise hat with the ribbon.
    A lovely post thanks for sharing , hugs Dee xxx

    1. Thanks very much Dee! I try not to have favourites but sometimes it's hard not to!!! But it is, as you say, because she was my first girl....I do love the others too :)

  3. Darling little Ellie! The big brown eyes and brunette hair are so real looking and her outfits are perfect.Her outfits are all gorgeous too but I specially like her in the cute little hat.
    Ellie - we all love to see you, keep reminding Mummy that you need LOTS of clothes to show us.
    I agree with Dee. My first Sasha (well, actually a Gregor) will always be a favourite, despite the fact that, to most people, he's a perfectly ordinary mid 70s boy with a slightly stiff neck. Firsts are always special but in Ellie's case it is also to dowith her charm and grace - a true little beauty!

    1. Thanks Jenni, yes, first ones are often favourites, aren't they?!

  4. She just looks perfect in all of those outfits! And I just love how she somehow looks extra innocent with the hoods up - too cute!

  5. Hi Sharon,
    I just adore your little Ellie...she is so cute and the outfits you made are perfect on her. I love the last outfit! That hat on her is so cute!


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