Sunday, 18 October 2015

Tea time visitors!

Today it's a 'no dolls' post but I just wanted to share some photos of some 'visitors' who came by this evening. 

I just happened to look up when something caught my eye through the living room window and I looked out to see a big herd of goats walking past on the bank of the dry river bed next to us.   A few of them were walking along the river bed itself.  I thought I'd quickly grab my camera and take some photos, I've always loved goats and always wanted a miniature goat as a child!

I ran out to our back deck and started snapping photos.....but forgetting that having just put a deep conditioner on my hair, I was sporting a most attractive (NOT!!!) bright blue towelling turban!  LOL!

I think the elderly goatherd was rather amused at this funny English woman standing there taking photos of his goats and wearing a turban!  Oh well!

Looking towards the beach.....I wonder if this lot had been for a little swim!

I think the goatherd found me highly amusing!!!

This one decided that there was more fun to be had on the dry river bed!


I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead! 

I'm off to the UK on Wednesday but hopefully will have time to do another blog post before I go!!


  1. What a lot of goats! I love goats, we thought about getting one once but decided we did not have the space! Thank goodness! I can just see it eating it's way through all the plants!
    But I love seeing them and can totally understand you wearing your turban and taking photo's and at least the goat herder will have something to tell his family!! lol
    see you very very soon :)xxxx

  2. Que divertido! Sorry can't do an upside down exclamation mark at the start, the goatherd is certainly having a giggle by the look of it. I'd love to have goats roaming past like that, although I must admit we have cute lambs over the garden wall to keep us amused.

  3. Very cute, Sharon, I love the goats! What a wonderful site to see them in your backyard. I would've been out there with my camera wearing God knows what as well just to get a shot. Lovely photos! :)

  4. A random herd of goats - brilliant! :)

    I love goat photos. In my lottery-winner fantasy life, I'd be keeping a heard of goats on a mountainside somewhere. ;)

  5. What delightful Tea-time guests! Just love surprises like this.... and so lovely to see all their dfferent coat markings! Hope that they had their fill.
    You're a true photographer, camera always at the ready, never mind that you look be looking better (stopped to take your turban off and brush your hair and all could have been missed!) springing into action to take THAT prize photo/s!

  6. Hehe love those goats. Think the goat herd will be dropping by your way again!
    Have a safe journey and great time in the UK 😊

  7. How fun that they just passed your house when you noticed, and there are so many! Great pictures! Have a great trip! xxx

  8. Thank you for all the nice comments, sorry that I didn't get the chance to reply individually.
    Big hugs, Sharon xxx


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