Friday, 4 December 2015

Dolls for Sale - Warning: Nude dolls!!

I have a couple of ball jointed dolls for sale and thought I'd show them on here too, just in case anyone is interested but isn't a member of the BJD forum Den of Angels, where they are also listed.

The first doll who is looking for a new home is a Volks Super Dollfie (SD10) Nana who is approx 58cm tall and made of all resin.  I bought her new in March 2008 direct from Volks in Japan.  She is a beautiful doll and has a gorgeous custom faceup by Luna in Italy.   The doll comes with the chocolate brown Leeke World wig shown in the photos, random glass eyes (not necessarily those shown below)  and her white cotton knickers, also shown in the photos.  She also has her original box and cushions.

The price for this doll is $550 or best offer, plus shipping.  I ship worldwide.

The second doll looking for a new home is a 1st Edition Ayumu, who is also from the Volks Company.  He is a YOSD, approx 26cm tall and anatomically correct.  Ayumu is also made of all resin and is fully jointed.  I bought him brand new back in November 2007, via a shopping service in Japan.  Ayumu comes with his default wig, shown in the photos, random glass eyes, his full paperwork, default box and cushions.  He too has a custom faceup, his is  by Caroline of Viridian House in the UK. 

The price for this doll is $375 or best offer, plus shipping.  I ship worldwide.


Both dolls are in very good condition with no chips, bad odours or other damage.  They both have probably yellowed slightly over the years but if they have then it is even.

If you are interested in either of the above dolls, then please email me at:

And please don't be shy about making an offer, I can only say no, and I promise that I'll say it really nicely and not in a scary way! ;)

Thanks so much for looking, and I hope you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Lovely dolls and I'm sure, they will find a cosy new home.
    I enjoyed so much your sentence about answering not in a scary way :)
    You're such a friendly person and if I ever need ball jointed dolls, I'll will ask you without fear.

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you Anne, I'm glad you like the dolls and yes, I hope they do indeed find new homes :)
      LOL I hope I'm not scary, but sometimes people are afraid to ask in case they get a horrible'd be surprised how people can be sometimes!!

  2. A lovely couple of dolls Sharon, I am surely they'll be snapped up quick. I will have to wait until next year before I can consider maybe getting a couple of small bjd dolls but I know exactly who to ask... you :)
    Do you have another doll lined up or is this just a little housekeeping for funds in case one you like appears?

    1. Thanks Dee! I hope so :)
      I'm more than happy to help you when you decide to go for your BJDs, I'll have fun helping you to spend your money ;) LOL!
      I have one in mind but I also need to clear out a bit as I have far too many dolls and think these deserve more attention than I seem to be giving them!

  3. Good luck Sharon with your doll sales! They are lovely! :) xxx


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