Monday 9 October 2017

A doll for sale, sewing and more morning walking.....

I am having another small clear out to make way for a new doll....or three!  And so the following girl is looking for a new home.  She is a Fairyland Mini Fee Chloe in tanned skin, with a beautiful custom faceup by Caroline of Viridian House in Scotland.  She is resin, fully jointed, 40cm tall, slim ball jointed doll.  She has the 'cutie' legs and medium sized bust.   I am asking what I paid for her $600 plus postage, but am open to offers!  She is lovely but I admit that I prefer really young looking girl BJDs. Chloe will travel nude and bald to her new home but I will include random eyes.  Please excuse the dusty eyes in this photo!!  The shame!!!!

You might recognise her dressed:

Also on the dolly front, I did a bit of sewing last week and Brodie, my Iplehouse BID Bordy, was happy to be the recipient of the dress.  I used an old Sasha smocked dress pattern and reduced it by mega amounts...(goodness knows how much, I've slept since then! ;) ).  I used a thick cotton fabric for the main body of the smock and used a 'shabby chic' design quilters cotton for the collar and cuffs.  Unfortunately the sleeves are a bit too long but I'll adjust the pattern next time.  I'm sure Brodie will grow into it!!! 

Finally for today, a few photos from this mornings walk.  We found another new route which took us even higher up into the olive groves and then walked back down and then along the beach which was deserted except for a neighbour swimming with her two dogs. 

Someone has been busy making a circle of stones in what are actually the abandoned 'footings' of an apartment block facing the beach.....

And finally, a small little house in ruins, which is located in a field nearby.  The 'house' is tiny, made up of just two rooms, one is approx 2m by 2m, with a small archway into an even tinier room.  At the back (which is the front in this photo) is a largish stone horse trough.   And the wall on the right of the photo is part of a water depository.  At one point there was obviously electricity and running water to the property, but it has all gone now.

I hope everyone has a lovely week ahead and thank you for stopping by!

Hugs Sharon x


  1. Good luck with selling your doll I'm sure she'll go quick. I thought for a moment you were about to say Brodie was for sale!! I near had a panic attack ! as I love her and knew she'd have been long gone if that was the case!
    Then realised you'd never sell her lol, Love her scaled down dress, so sweet with the slightly long grow into sleeves!
    How lovely to walk early in the morning and see views of the sea and the countryside!

    have a great week xx

    1. Wow it has taken me so long to reply to these comments, I'm so sorry, but I guess better late than never!
      As it happens, in the end I decided not to sell my Mini Fee Chloe, I changed her hair and eyes and fell in love with her once again :)

  2. Hi Sharon,
    I can understand the direction you are taking with your dolls. I have some larger BJD's I am contemplating about moving on myself.

    So love your Brodie, though I never did purchase an Iplehouse BID Bordy myself, cannot for the life of me understand why now. When I look at how you have styled her, I could kick myself and as for those sleeves, isn't that how all the kids are wearing them these days? I think she looks an absolute darling in that dress.

    You do realise that all these early morning walks of yours are making me feel guilty, don't you? I wish I had your drive and total commitment, but I guess I am naturally a night person and at my age I doubt if that will change. I'll just have to stick with the afternoon walks with hubby and the pup! :)
    Big hugs,

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Sandi, it seems crazy replying now that I'm so late!!!

  3. An interesting post. Thanks.

  4. Never mind the sleeves, they make the look even more natural, as children's clothing often doesn't fit too perfectly. Love the combination of the two fabrics.
    The little house in the last photo is just how we feared how the cracking house we looked at might end, once the repairs had started...

  5. Hello, I found my way here through clicking on other doll collector's blogs and liked it here. I link to you, hope you do not mind that.

    The dress on Brodie looks so cute and as NeverUschi wrote, do not mind the sleeves, I think it suits well like that.

    I hope that your doll(s) find new good homes, good luck with the selling. :)

    1. Thanks very much DollsDolour, I'm glad you found me, even if in a roundabout sort of way!! I hope you will visit again as I'm going to try getting my blog back on track and posting more often again!!
      I'm glad you liked the dress!


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