Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday, 30th September 2011.....MORE shopping!!!

On Friday my mum and I went shopping again....did I mention that we like to shop?!  This time we went to Romford because I really wanted to go to HobbyCraft, which is probably the only craft shop chain in the UK.

Firstly though we went into the West Ham United shop and I bought a couple of things for could I pass that shop without buying something for the lad?  He is, after all, their biggest fan!

After that we shopped to our hearts content....I spent far too much money on myself!  We also went to the craft shop and I bought a few odds and ends that looked like they might be useful....however, I was a bit disappointed because I felt that their range of goodies had gone down since I was last there in September 2009....but it was nice all the same!

For lunch we had my very very favourite Pie and Mash with eel liquor...oh boy, I'm sure I could eat it every week without getting fed up with it!!!

On Friday evening we went to the Queens Theatre in Hornchurch to see a preview show called Up and Under.  It wasn't something I would have chosen for myself but have to say that it was quite funny and well done, considering the cast had just 6 members!

It was a very full day, I was glad to see my bed on Friday night!

Friday purchases: Lightweight jacket for me!  2 shirts for Brendan; bra for Magdalena; lots of craft things! John Freida Sheer Blond hair mousse x 3 for my friend at the coast!  Can't remember what else now!  Oh yes, chocolate covered fudge from Marks and Spencer....yum yum!

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