Friday, 7 October 2011

Thursday, 29th September shop shop.....

On Thursday morning my mum and I went food Tesco!!!!  However, what should have been a quick hour getting the few things my mum needed, ended up being an epic 4+ hours wandering around and chatting to several friends of my parents!  It was nice though as I've known them all my life and hadn't seen them in some 7+ years since we moved to Spain!

Unfortunately I made the silly mistake of wearing new shoes without socks or tights and my goodness you should have seen the size of the blisters I developed!  OUCH!!!

Home we went and that evening, my mum, brother John and I went to a local pub/restaurant for our dinner, where I had a lovely meal of scampi....I took ages going through the menu as I really wanted to have something that I generally didn't have the opportunity to eat here in Spain!  And as expected, we bumped into more friends of my a short meal turned into a much longer one, but it was lovely all the same!

We decided to walk home as it was such a beautiful evening.  I was really fortunate with the weather whilst I was there!

Thursday purchases: 2 large bars of Cadbury's chocolate for my neighbour (1 x Caramel and 1 x Fruit and Nut); 2 x 500g bags of Pearl Barley (for putting in stews); Vaseline Intensive Care cream deodorant; John Freida Sheer Blond shampoo; Imperial Leather Shower foam......ALL items that I can't find easily in Spain, if at all!!!!

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