Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Lazy days......?

LOL, NO!  Definitely not lazy days that I've been having but  just lately I have been very lax when it comes to my blog!  It's not that I haven't got anything to write about, I've been really busy lately, but more that I just haven't had the inclination to sit down and type!  So today I'm playing catch up!

We came back from the coast over a week ago and there was a pile of dolly parcels waiting for me!  I couldn't remember half of the stuff I'd bought as we'd been gone more than two weeks and some of these parcels were from more than 2 weeks previous to us going down there, so it was really great to open all my parcels and padded envelopes.  There were cute spotted shoes from Ebay for Blythe and the Persons, a pair of lovely TTYA dungarees for one of my Blythes as well as a pretty outfit for Heather Sky from Miema in Germany.  As well as those, there was a Prima Dolly Ebony that I'd bought secondhand on Blythe Kingdom with a view to customising her,  and a gorgeous painting by my friend Fiona Wilson in Scotland.  Fiona is an artist and had painted a tiny portrait of Heather for me.....both Heather and I are delighted with it! ;)

I can't even remember all the other things, there were that many!!!

But one thing that I do remember is one box contained a lovely little Blythe Fuit Punch which had travelled from Belgium for me to customise!  Yes, my first Blythe custom for a paying customer!!!  I didn't start on her straight away as I was already working on my own Border Spirit but once I'd got the carving done on Border, I made a start on Fruit Punch.  I finished her yesterday and sent the final photos to her owner this morning  for her approval.  Thankfully she loves her so FruPu will be off home again within the next few days.  I won't share photos of her here, I'll leave that to her owner, I think that's only she takes nicer photos than I do!!! :)

My own girl, Border Spirit is also completed now and I'm really happy with her, she is just as I hoped she'd be.  Now I have to think of a name for her......something to match her personality.  I think this latest girl is the best I've done so far, I have a long way to go but I certainly think that the finished result is my favourite end result to date!!

And finally, today my little Elfdoll tiny Min del Rae, came back from the US where she has been having a new faceup done by the very talented faceup artist, Ravensdolls.  I haven't done anything more than put her head back on her body, so no photos of my own, but I don't supposet that Raven will mind if I share this photo she sent me .... isn't this faceup gorgeous!  When you consider that this head is soooo tiny, the face itself is only about an inch across, if that....the detail work though is just amazing!  I'm very happy with the finished result!

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