Friday 15 June 2012

A real change of heart!

I've always thought that the Kaye Wiggs dolls were cute and a couple of years ago I had a Kaye Wiggs Pepper with a Volks SD10 body, but sold her because, lovely as I thought she was, she rarely got any attention, being so big.  However since Kaye started working with Jpop Dolls and producing full dolls, I've never really paid that much attention to them.  I looked in passing and liked their faces but really wasn't keen on their hands and feet.

However, this week I've been looking and looking as I felt I'd reached a bit of a crossroads in my dolly collecting....I wanted something different and something that would inspire me to get sewing properly again....and Kaye Wiggs girls sprung to mind.  They are very popular and as such are very expensive to buy on the secondhand market.  And I really can't be doing with the long wait for them after pre-ordering.  So I decided I'd have a good look at the photos of them on Flickr and started narrowing down my choices.  I finally decided that if I were going to go for one it would be a light tanned or sunkissed Layla or Hope.  I made up comparisons of both molds and thought "well I prefer Hope's nose, but love Layla's lips", then it was "I like Hope but she looks a little bit older, whereas Layla looks quite child-like".  In the end I put out some feelers in the form of "Want to buy" ads on several doll sites and waited.  And just for my friend Kate's information "YES, Kate, I did indeed use the Four Day Rule!!" ** (see below)

I got quite a few responses and finally decided to buy from a lovely lady in the US called Judy.  So I've paid for her and hopefully very soon I will have a light tanned Layla coming to live with me!!  I feel quite excited!

Layla has a faceup by Forever Virginia and it looks very sweet in the photos supplied by the seller....I'm sure she will be even lovelier in real life!!!

Here is a photo of her from the seller, I'm sure she'll not mind me using it for my blog!

So all in all, a great dolly decision day!!!

** The 4 Day Rule: thought up by my friend Kate, it is when you think you really really must have a doll and want to buy one sit on your hands for four full days, looking but not doing anything about purchasing.  Then if after those four full days you still want the doll then you go ahead and buy or order her!  And I tell you, this rule really works.  There have been so many times when I've been determined that a particular doll is for me, only to wait and realise that after the four days have passed, I've already moved on to another one!!!!  Fickle or what!!!!!


  1. Ooooo she's gorgeous Sharon, congratulations!! And I love the Four Day Rule idea, I am fickle too and many a time I buy on impulse to realise I didn't really want it that badly and on they move. So I will be trying the Four Day Rule out in the future!

  2. She is wonderful, Sharon! I've seen photos of this girl before and she is cute as a button! I love Kate's 4 day rule! I must try applying that one too.

    Congrats and I will be trolling your flickr site waiting impatiently for your girl to arrive!

  3. The 4 day rule is brilliant!


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