Wednesday, 15 August 2012


I have come to the conclusion that the Blythe world is very very ELITIST!  When I first got into Asian ball jointed dolls back in August 2006 many people spoke about elitism within the BJD world.  Allegedly there were people who would strive to only buy Volks dolls and looked down on others that collected, in their opinion, "lesser" brands of bjd.  However, I never found this to be the case, and still I have never really come across anyone who has made me feel that my choice of dolls, whether they be Volks or otherwise, is not 'the correct brand to be collecting'.....and that suits me fine because I have indeed got several Volks dolls and love them every bit as much as my less expensive Dollzone boy!  I'm happy to say that for the majority of bjd people it is not what brand you prefer but what you do with it and how you enjoy it....which is all well and good.

I've also always felt that the bjd hobby encourages creativity, whether it is someone doing a faceup for the first time, making a wig or even making an item of clothing from a sock!  It is fun and I love it.  I've never felt that my dolls should be wearing clothes by this or that seamstress or company...again it is how they wear them that counts!!

Over the last couple of years I've become interested in Blythe....definitely not instead of bjds (they will never replace bjds in my affection!), but alongside them.  I love seeing photos of them on Flickr and seeing what people do with them.   However, something that I've become increasingly aware of is the 'elitism' amongst a large majority of Blythe collectors.  It doesn't seem to be how you dress them, but who made the clothes for them and who customised them.  Now some people might say "oh it's just a case of sour grapes because she doesn't have all the 'right names'...but it actually isn't the case.  I have never been one to strive only for 'named brands', even for myself.  I buy what I like and what I find comfortable.  But I've actually been told that a particular hat I have for my Blythe, which I bought because I thought it was mega cute and the price was right, would be better left at home when I went to Blythe Con UK!!!!!  And the reason?  Because the design is similar to X's hats and people will say that yours is 'a copy' !!!!  So X has the exclusivity in the Blythe hat world?  WOW!!!  And on another occasion when I made a dress for my own Blythe, I was told by another Blythe person "oh the dress is cute but the design is a bit like X's, so you really shouldn't put those pockets there as that is what she does!"  The pockets in question were in the centre front of the skirt part of the dress......I didn't realise that I couldn't do that...silly me!!!! 

I find it all a bit incredible really.  After all these are just dolls, life doesn't depend on who made the dresses they wear or who crocheted their hats, or does it?  It seems for some people it really does matter, and a whole lot.  People have been ignored for less!!!! 

Oh well, I guess I'll have to put up with it!  But I know what I'd much rather do, I'd much rather buy my girls cute dresses on Ebay or Etsy by people who are making them because they enjoy doing so.....rather than say "oh no, I couldn't possibly let my girls be seen in something that isn't made by X........"  And I'd just like to add here that I'm not picking out anyone in particular but just in general.

Who was it that said "the more we strive to be different so the more we stay the same"?  I can't remember .... maybe I just made it up!!!! ;)

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