Saturday, 1 September 2012

September song.....

My friend May in Australia reminded me that I'd been lagging behind with my blog, so here I am playing catch up again!  Thanks May!!  Sometimes I just need a gentle shove in the right direction, other times I need a kick up the bum to get me moving!

We came back from the coast today, having spent the last week down there.  It was lovely as usual and we did a bit of shopping, buying some DIY stuff including laminate flooring, which hopefully will be laid at the end of this month.

I also did a bit of sewing for Hope, my Kaye Wiggs MSD and that will be going on Ebay tomorrow, all being well.  Here are a few photos of the outfit:

Today when we got home I had a lovely parcel to open!  It was my new little Kaye Wiggs tanned Tillie which I bought secondhand on the Resin Cafe.  She is so cute, I'm really glad that I got fact I'm enjoying my KW dolls so much that I wish I'd got into them sooner!!!

I haven't thought of a name for her yet, and this won't be her actual wig as I have three other wigs on their way to me from Hong Kong, but I thought this one suited her quite well.  It is a human hair wig that I've had for years and recently cut into a bob......!  The one style I can cut!!  Also I thought she'd be a brown eyed girl but she has decided that green eyes are her colour.  That may change but for now I go along with what she wants! :)

What I also like about her is that she is skinny and can fit into clothes that I made for my since adopted out Mini she has a ready made wardrobe.  The outfit below came from Riz and the hat is made for the Lati Yellows by Pei on Flickr.  The shoes are by Madam Alexander, so just shows what small feet she has too!  

This week will probably be quite busy as we have vet appointments, and then we are off to the coast again next weekend.  My mum and my brother are coming over from the UK next week and staying until almost the end of September, so I may not get much time for my blog again....but I will try May, honest I will!!!!

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  1. I love Hope and your new little one is adorable, I think I might have to get one of Kaye's dolls next year (I'm done for this year short of winning the Lotto!!!).
    I was worried about you when I saw the news about the wildfires, were they far from you or nearby? Very scary. Enjoy your family time xx


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