Monday, 24 September 2012

Last days of summer.....

I've been incredibly busy for the last three weeks as my mum and brother have been here visiting from the we've been here, there and everywhere, eating out, swimming in the pool and sea, and shopping!  I feel like I'm sort of juggling with too many balls at once to be honest!

However, at the weekend, I managed to sew some pieces to go with the dungaree/overalls that I'd made in advance of their visit, so that I could put an outfit on Ebay.  I hope that Kaye Wiggs MSD owners will like it!!!

It consists of striped overalls/dungarees, long sleeved shirt, hat and socks.

Here is the listing:

And here are a few photos of the finished outfit, taken on the beach yesterday evening:

Auction ends Sunday, 30th September!

Thanks for looking!

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