Thursday 27 June 2013

Bring on The Girls!!! Introducing the newbies!

Yesterday my son Brendan came down to join us here at the coast for a few days and kindly brought my two new girls with him!  They'd both arrived early last week and so I've been patiently waiting to 'meet' them.....finally last night I got the chance.

My first girl to introduce to you is a 1971 wider faced Brunette Sasha which I got from Shelly in the UK, Sasha Doll UK and she is just as I expected, a little sweetie!  I gently washed and conditioned her hair because it felt a bit 'sticky' as doll hair often does, and my goodness she is losing her hair badly....but I was aware of this already, so no nasty surprises!  I think she's lovely and if she goes bald....well, I'll either get her rerooted or buy her a wig!

I had made this outfit for her in advance of her arrival, but I'm not sure that the colour is good on her, maybe it is a bit too strong.  I will have to try here with some other outfits that I've made or make her something else.  She came wearing a lovely dress, socks and shoes by Ruthsdoll, which I will take photos of soon.

My photos don't do her justice as it was so bright out!

Now my second girl to arrive was much more of an unknown to me!  A Blue Gingham girl,  I bought her from the US and the seller described her as being from the 60's and having only been removed from the box for photos.  Well, although I'm no expert, I could see from her photos of the box that the doll was NOT from the 60s, but I liked her all the same, so decided to bid for her.  I got her for a very good price and the added bonus that she came through Spanish customs without any charges.

However, the doll is a complete surprise to me.  Firstly, as I already said, the seller said that she had bought the doll, new, for her daughter back in the 60s and had put her away in her box because her daughter was "too young" to play with her.  She said that the doll had 'box hair' from being in storage.  I really am not sure of her age though.  Her stringing is brown in the legs and white in the arms, so she is definitely older than 1971, her box puts her at between 1972 and 1974 but, having looked in Dorisanne Osborn's book,  "Sasha Through the Years", I can see that the box is actually a mix of not one, but TWO box types!!!  Her neck has the ring neck assembly which weren't used until 1974.  However, her gingham dress has Velcro on both the back and cuffs, which was done circa 1978!!! 

She has a slightly 'concave' look to her face and when I look at her in profile and compare her to my 1971 Blond, I see that there is a definite difference across the bridge of their noses, but only from the side.  From the front they look quite similar.

The only disappointment is her fringe.  If this fringe is her default one then all I can say is the factory worker should have been sacked as she/he really must have been having a bad day! LOL.  It is really not good, there are about three different lengths to it and even a few plugs underneath that look like they've 'broken off' or 'singed' ...... I have washed and conditioned it and although the rest of her hair is really nice and soft and silky, the fringe will not lay well, even after 24 hours wearing a sock on her head!!!  I can only assume that the seller is mistaken and the doll was indeed played with at some point by a budding hairdresser!!!!

The Blue Gingham outfit is all complete and in very good condition except that the elastic has gone in the shorts.  It just needs a wash to freshen it all up.

In conclusion, I have to say that I'm really delighted with both dolls and really have been bitten by the Sasha Bug!!!!


  1. Two lovely Sasha's Sharon. Love the brunette wide face would have been very tempted by her myself! :) Her green dungarees set is lovely and does look nice on her. I have found that the brunette really suit the pinks and reds.
    The blonde is also lovely, sweet face and looks so nice in the purple dungarees set!
    Her fring elooks like it may have been cut/chopped but once sorted she'll be a little darling!
    Two great additions to the Spanish Sasha band, remind me how many was you ONLY going to buy? three? :)
    hugs Dee xx

    1. Thanks so much Dee! I'm glad you like them both and their outfits.
      I know what you mean about the colours, I love my little puddle eyes Brunette in red shades, so I'll make something new for my new girl in a colour more suited to her!
      The fringe really does look at way, doesn't it! And it also looks like it has no intention of doing as it's told and laying flat, so I think this one is going to be a bit of a tomboy with untidy hair!!
      And YES!! It was indeed me who said "Only THREE!!!!" LOL

  2. I can see why you bought the blonde. She is lovely (the wide face is as well, It's just that I had already seen her). Your pictures make her look so sweet and innocent. Her fringe looks very childlike. I'm really take with her.

    1. Thanks Julie, I'm glad you like her, she's a bit of a tearaway I think! Of course it's possible she actually cut her own hair....I used to do the same myself, in fact it's only a couple of months since I cut my own fringe a bit wonky!!!!

  3. I actually think the fringe is quite realistic - it suits her with the dungarees! And she has such a sweet face!


    1. Thank you Penny! I'm inclined to agree, the fringe does seem to suit her, doesn't it!!

  4. They are lovely girls..and look fab in the outfits you made! I would have said that the blonde is a 75/76 girlie as she still has some hand finishing in those beautiful eyes of hers :)You little tinker - you have definitely got the sasha bug:)

    1. Thanks so much Ronny, I'm glad you like them! I think you're right, the years you mention do tie up with what I was thinking! I love her eyes, I'm so glad I got her and yes you're so right, I have definitely been bitten...AND HARD!!!

  5. Two very lovely girls Sharon and I can imagine you are indeed very pleased with them as I would be. Just love their dungarees as well, they are great.

    1. Thanks very much Lorraine, I'm glad you like them and their outfits!

  6. Looks like you've definitely caught the 'Sasha addiction now, and from the looks of things, if this post is anything to go by, adding on, not in ones as is the norm, but in TWOs!

    Both girls are delightful. Always love the brunettes and the wider faces but that was very bold and rather risky of you to wash the brunette's hair!
    I think that the blonde's fringe looks most attractive as it is, so IMO no taming needed here.

    Great dungaree outfits too! (Just as a matter of interest to me I'd love to see photos (can be sent privately if you wish) of the brunette wearing the lilac and the blonde the green when you have a spare minute or two.)

    1. It's funny you should say this Kendal because each time I've bought a Sasha/Gregor, so I've bought another soon afterwards and then there have been gaps until the same thing happens again! Ooops! But you're right, I have indeed been bitten by the bug!!
      I don't know if I was 'bold' to wash her hair or downright stupid to be honest! But her hair had that sticky feel that some dolls have and I really don't like it, so I took the risk! At least it is now clean but yes falling badly!
      I love the scruffy fringe of my blond girl, she is going to keep it like this, it adds 'character' I feel!
      I will change the girls around and show you how they look. I can already tell you that Miss Brunette looks sweet in the purple with lilac!! I'll take photos tomorrow hopefully!
      Thank you, I'm glad you like them both !


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