Thursday, 13 June 2013

Millie visits the Bioparc in Fuengirola...

On Tuesday, as it was my birthday, we went to the Bioparc in Fuengirola.   Some years ago when it first opened, the 'zoo' was a dismal looking place with horrible cages and not a pleasant environment to visit, but nowadays it is lovely, very child friendly with attractive 'enclosures'.

I'm not really a 'zoo' type of person, I admit that I don't really enjoy seeing 'wild' animals in captivity, but the Bioparc really appeals to me.  It describes itself as "a different concept of a zoo" and I have to say that it really is the nicest zoo I've ever visited.  I took the following from their website:

Bioparc Fuengirola stands out, among other aspects, for its architectural design as an “immersion zoo”, plunging visitors into the animals’ native environment. The whole centre is intended as a stroll through an all-surrounding recreation of the creatures’ original habitat, providing a solution of continuity between the physical space occupied by the public and by the animals, with the aim of expressing some of the magic involved in walking through the woodlands and discovering their inhabitants.

Anyway, I took my little Millie (blond 1971) with me and actually took some photos of her enjoying her visit!  They are not great photos because as usual with other people around, I tended to rush them, shoving her back into my bag as quick as possible.  But I did end up taking quite a few photos, so I'm getting better at photographing my dolls in public!!!!

Millie really liked seeing the Flamingoes, particularly as there are some sitting on eggs at the moment!

Here she is reading about the African Crocodiles....actually called Nile Crocodiles

And here they are, basking in the sunshine....luckily for Millie, they're behind thick glass in this viewing area...

She also enjoyed looking up at the very large Flying Foxes hanging from the roof...

A bit of respite from the sun, with an old Budha statue...

It was so hot that Millie had to wear her baseball cap to protect her scalp from burning....

There are some lovely waterfalls throughout the parc and Millie enjoyed standing near them as the air was a little cooler...


I like this photo of Millie, although we can't see her eyes, her expression looks pensive.  I wonder what she's thinking!

And finally, although she would kill me for this, here is a photo of my mum holding Millie!!

All in all, a lovely way to spend my birthday!!!



  1. Great photo's of Millie enjoying your visit to the zoo, Toby will be very jealous of her being close to all those animals.
    Love the photo of your Mum holding Millie.
    And am waiting for your range of Millie dungarees to be launch.Glad you had a lovely day
    Sasha hugs Dee x

    1. Thanks Dee, yes Toby would love this zoo, he will have to come and visit!!
      I will be sure to let you know when the dungarees are done. I need to get to the fabric shop in our town....and of course I'm at the coast now and don't want to go home yet!!

  2. Ahh! Sunshine! (our weather is dull and overcast ...typical British summer really) Fab pictures of Millie and a lovely picture of your Mum too!!

    1. Thanks Ronny!
      Yes we now have full blown summer, the temperature has been over 30c for a few weeks was 36c today at lunchtime!! Thank goodness for sea breezes!

  3. Fabulous! Just love the last photo :-) Looks like she had a great day and like Ronnie says how wonderful to see the sunshine.

    1. Thanks Lorraine! Yes, a great time had by all! I have to say that I couldn't live without the sunshine nowadays!

  4. .....and WHO says that SHE doesn't like taking photos of her Sasha Dolls in public places????

    These ones of Millie enjoying time at the zoo are really great. I bet that after the first few shots you didn't even notice the folks around you and let me tell you it gets easier and easier so that in the end you become completely oblivious to any looks or stares or comments.

    Millie is quite delightful. Love her dungarees. Just perfect for this outing, so fresh and cool looking!
    Now keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks so much Kendal, glad you liked the photos and the dungarees. I made these for Millie a little while ago and she's not taken them off since!
      I will keep at it, I promise!!!

  5. I think it's a pity there are no pictures of your husband enjoying a break inside the chimpanzee's enclosure.

    1. I didn't post one because it would be too difficult for anyone to tell him apart from the he'd go APE if I were to show his photo on here!

    2. Are you sure that what you call an old buddha is not in fact you husband?

    3. No, this is definitely not my husband is much older than Budha!


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