Saturday 30 November 2013

A year goes by.....

I can hardly believe that a year has passed since my beautiful African Grey, Cocoa, died in my arms.  I still miss her so much and the funny thing is, occasionally I think I hear her whistle, which is probably one of the neighbours in the next street to ours, who has an AG called Luna....African Greys have quite loud voices! 

I would love to have another African Grey but so far have done nothing about it.  I have thought about it often over the last year and did casually mention it to hubby this morning, he said he understood why I'd want another, but that was the end of the conversation.  Maybe come the spring I'll bring the conversation up again and perhaps we can make some enquiries about breeders here in Spain.  I think Brians main concern would be that it might be hard to find a good breeder here in Spain as we'd not want to go through the same thing again as we went through this time last year.  

Cocoa giving the Evil Eye!

One of her favourite foods as a baby!

And one of her favourite perches, the wall mounted soap dish (soap free!!) in the bathroom!

She was very clever too...always 'on' the computer!!

It looks here as if Minnie Mouse was about to club her!!!  Not sure who'd have come off worse though!!!


  1. Oh She looks so sweet Sharon and such fun ! I am not a big bird lover myself but I do like parrots they seem to have a character all of their own.

    Hope you manage to get another one next year, although with five dogs , a love bird and 14??? sasha's it may start getting a bit crowded in that car that as to bring you all from the country to the coast every few weeks..... :)

    1. Thanks Dee, she really was! She was a real chatterbox and the house went so quiet without her being there. Yes, parrots do have a lot of character, and each African Grey that I've met has been so different!
      It's true though, if we did have another, we'd have to bring her/him with us, and the car is very full as it is....although we do already have the cage down here waiting, just needs putting together.
      And I don't know where you got the idea that I have 14 Sashas!!!!! Pleeeease!!! ONLY 13!!!! As you said before, a Bakers Dozen!!

  2. Dear old Cocoa, she was obviously well looked after and loved, because she looks very happy and content in the photos. I can't believe a whole YEAR has passed, that has gone quickly.
    When I was little I had a Mynah Bird who used to wolf whistle and 'sing along' to the radio. Can't say I am a big bird lover..... Get yourself another Chihuahua girl!!
    Coop sends a big kiss to 'his' girl Kara and hope she is feeling a lot better today after the fright she gave you. A big hug to her from me and all the other wee beasties living with you

    1. Thanks Ronny. Yes, she certainly was loved and I hope well looked after, although I have to say that I kept questioning myself if I'd done or not done something that caused her to die early......but then we have Mango and he's healthy. A lovely friend of mine who has loads of experience with parrots, told me that sometimes it just happens, they "go light" I think she called it, through either not eating for one reason or another, and then it's just too late for them. But then of course I beat myself up about not noticing that she wasn't eating, if this was the case......
      I like Mynah birds, they are very interesting!
      Cocoa used to sing, dance, blow kisses and talk so much in both English and Spanish, she was a real character!
      No, no more dogs thank you....I love them to bits but 5 really is plenty!!!!!
      Thank you from Kara, she is fine now...she is always fine the next day, thank is just me that is knackered having sat up half the night looking after her!!!!
      A big hug back to you too...for yourself and your little (and big) doggies!! xxxx

  3. So sorry you lost your bird last year!

    Sometimes one have to wait for the right time, in your case to get another parrot. Perhaps in spring, when nature awakes?
    I hope you'll find a responsible-mindes breeder. This is really important.

    1. Thanks so much Anne, I appreciate your kind words.
      Yes, the right time hasn't come yet, maybe it will never come, but I will not give up hope and will wait and see.
      It is indeed very important to find the right breeder when it comes to animals....we would certainly be very careful to find the right one if we decided to get another parrot.

  4. Gosh it is indeed a year isn't it? I remember with sadness when you posted that you had lost your dear friend. What a character, lovely that you have these wonderful photos to remember her by.

    When the time is will know and the right breeder and bird will come along. It really does make a difference as you say.



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