Friday, 3 October 2014

'F' is for Furry Friend....

Sian, as my Kidz n Cats Grace is now called, decided that Friday is the day for making new friends, so she looked at all the furry creatures here and decided that this little black and white cat is her new friend!  She has a cat of her own, after all she is a Kidz 'n Cats', isn't she, but this one seems to have taken a liking to her too, so who am I to argue about their new friendship!

Doll:  Kidz n Cats Grace from My Doll Best Friend in the UK customised by me
Dress by me
Tights also from My Doll Best Friend
Beret by Hattie at The Sasha Village
Denim trainers/sneakers from Zapf Baby Born
Cat by Volks, Japan


  1. Hello Sian, your new best friend looks very sweet. Love your new outfit it will keep you a little warmer when you come over to the UK, for a visit, My kidz are looking forward to meeting you. I also am looking forward to seeing what your mum did up close!! I must say that the beret looks very cute!
    Hugs Dee xxx

    1. Hello Auntie Dee, thank you for liking my new outfit....I might wear this one but I might persuade my mum to make me something else....or maybe I'll borrow a duffle coat from one of the Gregors here, I'm sure they'll not mind! :)
      Yes, this beret is dead cute isn't it....I hope I'll get to meet it's creator when I come over to visit with you!
      Hugs Sian xx

  2. Hello Sian!
    We tried to comment before but it seems to have disappeared. Your cat is very cute and your outfit is lovely. Aren't you great at balancing? Not all Kidz are so good, poor Alister can't stand well.
    Freya ( a Kidz Galina) xx

    1. Hello Freya
      How nice of you to write to me, a new friend in Wales!!
      My mum has the same problem with blogs all the time and sometimes she gets really cross....and we have to listen to her moaning about 'darn blogger'!!!
      Yes, I can stand quite well although I did take a fall in the garden last week and hurt myself.
      Hugs Sian.
      PS Mum says if you ever want to send Freya for a holiday Auntie Jenni, she'd love to have her visit!!! ;)
      The little toothie kidz are mums new passion! :)

  3. This comment is from Kendal, it came via email as she was having problems with it posting:

    'Hello Sian.

    Just to let you know that our favourite photo of you today is number 4 where you're kissing your new furry friend.

    Where is your own pet cat then? Off out hunting for food or taking a nap in the sunshine?

    Love from Kendal’s Sasha Brood.xx

    PS. Our mummy says that she was pleased to see that your joints were all covered up today as she likes you much better this way!’

    1. Hi Kendal and the Sasha Brood
      I'm answering on behalf of Sian today as she is still in bed.....she's a bit like a cat herself and likes to snuggle under the covers for as long as she possibly can!
      I'm glad you liked her photos and yes, all the joints covered today as she is getting ready to travel to England in 2 and a half weeks and thinks it will be colder than she is used to! I'm wondering the same!!!! Will I need a coat.....will it even fit me this year or look like a loose sack as I've lost weight? I will have to try it on pretty soon I guess!
      As for Sian's cat, he has taken up residence with one of the Sasha dolls as he took umbrage over Sian kissing ANOTHER strange cat!!!!
      Big hugs and thanks for your comment Kendal, Sharon xxx

  4. Sian looks so precious Sharon. Whar a sweet face and the photo showing her walking with a bent knee is just great! That is certainly a movement our Sashas cannot make. A very sweet post! :) xxx

    1. Thank you so much Ginger, I'm glad you like her. I enjoyed customising her and love how different she now looks!
      :) xxx

  5. 4-6 fotki jak żywej dziewczynki z pupilem
    ubranko gustownie dobrane a pluszak - czad!


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