Thursday 19 March 2015

Looking for a new home.....NOW ON HOLD, thank you!

This little sweetie is looking for a new home.  She is a Puddle Eyes Sasha from 1973/74 and I got her from Shelly of Sasha Dolls UK back in May 2013.  She is clean and has no nasty smells, her hair is long and thick and as far as I can see she has no missing plugs.  It also appears to be non falling, losing only two hairs when I combed it through with a metal comb.  I am very careful with her hair though, having learned from past experience!  She has a matt face and a small shiny 'rub' to one side of her mouth.  Apart from that she is in very good played with condition. 
Her stringing is all original and a bit lose but she can still stand and hold a pose.  She would travel to her new home nude, the outfits in the photos are not included.

I am only selling because I tend to prefer the non matt faces on these dolls.

Please contact me on if you are interested in giving this sweet girl a new home.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Adorable girl! I'd have her in a blink if finances allowed it (darn that boiler!!!) I like the matt look and love the puddlers! I've only got rewigged girl of this type and would love one with 'real' hair.
    You've dressed her beautifully, as always.
    J xx

    Ps Life' a bt hard post chemo so will email tomorrow - surely the blah will be over by then?

  2. She's just so cute... I bet she will find a new home in no time! :)

  3. She's lovely Sharon but I agree about Matt faces, I sold a lovely 69 FCP blonde because she had a matt face, gorgeous but was always worried I'd mark it!
    I am sure she'll find a good home soon.
    Hugs Dee xxx

  4. Very pretty girl Sharon! So glad she has found her new home! :) xxx

  5. Thank you for all the sweet comments, this little girlie will be going to live with a lovely lady in the UK at the end of the month :)


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