Monday, 30 March 2015

Another little glimpse.....

....of my little girl who was once a boy.  I was taking some photos of her modelling the wig and thought she came out looking particularly pretty in them, so I thought I'd share on here. 

The sun has been well and truly shining for the last few days and this morning I actually saw people in the sea as I drove back from my trip to the supermarket.  We are already experiencing temperatures in the mid to high 20s centigrade :)  Ahhhhh spring and summer, my favourite seasons of the year :)

Just as I took the photos so there was the slightest breeze which blew the 'tendrils' over her face but I thought it looked quite good so didn't take 'replacement' photos ... (wig is a Monique Collection Christine, size 8/9 in Chestnut Brown that I've styled and trimmed)...

Here she is in front of the Jasmin which is absolutely smothered in flowers, and the smell, particularly at night, is just wonderful ....

Hope you all have a lovely week!


  1. Great wig and how lucky to be having Sunshine and warm temperatures mind you I suppose it's not really luck just the weather you normally get. Your'll be 'surprised' to know we are having gale force winds and driving rain , well lets be honest Easter a four day break is just round the corner !! Lets hope some of that sun comes over this way for a few days :)
    Love the pink blouse she's wearing, lovely girl, lovely photo's hugs Dee xx

  2. That's a gorgeous wig - the colour goes so well with her eyes!

    And the way her shirt works with the flowers is equally fabulous!

  3. Love the look you've given her. The wig really looks lovely with those very dark eyes.

    Send me a sun tan, would you? I feel pale, frail and soggy - just braved 30 mph wind and torrents of rain but at least it's a westerly, so not driving rain under the door today! Count my blessings you say? That means counting my dolls and I keep getting up to a high number and losing the plot!


  4. I love how you have created such a beautiful little girl and she's just so cute! Enjoy all of that sunshine :)

  5. What a gorgeously beautiful Sasha she has become under your guidance. I just adore the customised dolls.

    Fab background with the sun behind the profusely flowering Jasmin. A couple of years go I planted two different flowering time Jasmins in containers either side of my conservatory doors in the hope of their perfumes creeping into the the space. Unfortunately still waiting for that to happen as there's still not enough flowers appearing.

  6. She looks lovely in that wig, and the blouse suits her! :D Has she got a new name yet?

  7. More photos of one of your welldressed and lovely little girl!
    Love the curls!
    She appears to be a delicate personality, or am I wrong?


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