Friday 19 June 2015

"World Doll Day" Tag

A couple of days ago I was 'tagged' by Farrah Lily at Cozy Comforts and Dolls blog, which can be found here: 

The tag is to: 
1. List 3 favourite dolls from the ones you got last year.
2. List 3 dolls currently on your wishlist.
3. Tag 5 people to do the same thing! (Anyone with a home on the web, not just bloggers, can be tagged!)

So here goes, these aren't in any particular order:

1.  My 3 favourite dolls from ones I got last year.....

Of the three Sasha dolls that came to live here in July 2014, my favourite is definitely Núria, my beautiful redhead Ballet girl from 1969.  I saw her pop up on Sarah of Vintage Sasha's blog and knew immediately that she was for me.  She has such an expressive face, one moment she looks tranquil or sometimes sad, but she can also look quite annoyed too, it just depends on how the light hits her beautiful features!

Another favourite is Ellie, my Little Darling painted by Dianna Effner.  When I saw her up for sale on a BJD forum back in  I was immediately smitten and contacted the seller about her.  I wanted her so badly but was a bit short of the asking price, but the seller was lovely and agreed to wait a week or so until I'd sold one of my BJDs to get the balance!  Fortunately I sold a doll really quickly and this little beauty came to live her in Spain.  Readers of my blog will know that she's put me through some angst in the earlier part of this year, but I have to say that I've no regrets adopting her, I love her!!!

My next favourite of the three has got to be another of my Little Darlings!!  It is in fact Reece, my factory painted #2 sculpt which was released for the UFDC back in July 2014.  I saw several fro sale on Ebay and could see the potential in this little sweetie, so I decided to contact the UFDC directly and bought one from them.  As soon as she arrived home I changed her wig, then I enhanced her eyes slightly with glaze to bring them to life.  I love this girl too, she's so sweet and cheeky looking!!!

2.  Three dolls that are on my wish list.....

Now this is hard because I am not very good with Wish Lists....I tend to make a decision that I want to adopt someone then I will go all out to find that doll and adopt it if I have the money at the time!  If the doll becomes available and I don't have the funds then I will do my best to find them, usually by selling a doll that I know I can replace if I miss too much!!!  However, if money were no object, I would like a girl just like this one, she belongs to a lovely dolly friend who I'm sure won't mind me sharing his girl here.....I do believe though that if, in the unlikely event that this doll became available for adoption, there would be a very long queue!!!  

This is Steve's gorgeous No Philtrum Sasha from the her!!!

Another doll that I suppose we could say is on my Wish List, although she is actually already ordered and deposit paid, is this lovely girl being painted by the artist Lana Dobbs.  She's a tanned Little Darling #1 sculpt.  I have already been waiting 15 months so hopefully I'll have her by Christmas!!  

And finally, one day I would like an early brunette Sasha with non falling hair and a wider face!!  Not asking much eh?  ;)  The one below belongs to another lovely dolly friend, Kendal, and I'm sure she'll not mind me using a photo of one of her lovely girls who fits my description perfectly!!!

3. Tag 5 people to do the same thing!

OK so who to tag!  I think I'd like to hear from the five people below, but if you'd like to do this anyway, then please do....I'd love to read it!

Dee of Sasha Village
Jenni of The Bryn Derw Kids
Kendal of Kendal's Sasha Brood 
El Rincon de Bright
Cloud and Klaus

Please don't feel obliged to do this, I know people are busy but if you want to then please do share!!



  1. Will do, Sharon, but it mght take a few days - busy wedding planning, house hunting, job seeking for number one son and fiancee!

    1. My goodness you have enough on your plate already!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry - that was complete gobbledy-gook! I meant to say that Reece is my favourite of your already owned dolls and your 'on order' LD is the one I like best of your wish list girls. All are lovely, but perhaps I should consider a LD, as well as a Little Fee....!

  3. I will gladly accept your tag Sharon. Will do it later today, once I have finished all the things that I need to get done.
    Love your favourite girls of last year and the three on your wish list. hugs Dee xx

  4. Have only just seen this 'tag' Sharon and will try to take up the challenge hopefully over the next couple of weeks.....although not sure if I dare to do the final part of the 'wish list' dolls.... as meant to be 'selling on' not 'buying' over the next year.

    Adore your three favourite last year's dolls, especially those Little Darling girls who I had the pleasure of meeting at the 2014 CnS....not to mention the one you have on order.

    Good luck with your future wish list least you already know that you will definitely be getting ONE of the three!

    1. Kendal, only do it if you feel up to it, it must be fun and not a chore for you :)
      Haha, that's supposed to be the point of wish lists though, they are just that, wishes.....but we know how bad we dolly people are, we can go all out to make those wishes into reality!
      I'm glad you like the Little Darlings, they are very cute.....

  5. Hello Ms. Sharon,

    My name is Elisabeth and I live in the USA. I have been following your blog for a while now, and am slowly getting around to starting commentary on all the blogs I follow. I just love your blog. I love all your varied dolls, your talent and your beautiful Spanish home! Your blog is so interesting to follow, with so many lovely dolls mixed with bits and pieces of your life and the life of your lovely doll family; the Spanish culture and sights.

    I must admit, that the Blythe dolls are a bit of an acquired taste, and although I love your face-ups and following your skilled work on these interesting dolls, I doubt that one of them will make an appearance among my doll family anytime soon. When I was a little girl in nursery school, one of my classmates brought in a very special doll. She had a laughing happy baby face, with accompanying sound effects, and then at the press of a button it turned into a crying face, with sound effects. According to my mother, I was absolutely terrified of the thing! I think perhaps the Blythes with their wide, color-changing eyes bring up a bit of that primal first reaction in me.

    Although I am hoping to eventually blog myself, between moving into a new house, job searching, being a good wife and a pet owner; it will probably be a while, but perhaps I can demonstrate my appreciation of your wonderful blog by answering your questions here. (No pictures, of course).

    To be honest, I have not bought any new dolls, at least major collectible dolls, in the past year. I prefer collecting play dolls and I have just not had the expenses to indulge in anything extra, but from among my newest dolls I would say my favorites are my 18" Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls, charmingly handmade by a very talented local lady, and my cute little Create-A-Monster Monster High Gorgon girl from Mattel, who has a lot of personality for a "freaky fabulous" fashion doll.

    On my wish list would be: One of those wonderful Unisex Sasha Dolls, a nice boy play doll that is not necessarily a Sasha doll; and the twin brother that my little Theresa (A modern Gotz Barbara) is secretly pining for. I envision some-one almost exactly like Jeanann's ( Bryn Derw Kids) Paul, but due to limited funds and happy doll homes, I think that I'll have a long wait for at least two of those.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to put my two cents in, and for your wonderful blog which I have been enjoying so much. It is just lovely getting a chance to visit with you and your beautiful family in Sunny Spain.

    Best Wishes.

    Elisabeth Kreger

    1. Hi Elisabeth and welcome to my blog....or to commenting on it!!! Thank you so much for joining us and making the comments, I appreciate them very much. It makes me very happy to hear that you enjoy reading my ramblings of life here in Spain with my family, furry, feathered (although they haven't featured much) and dolly! I love to take photos so it's nice to k now that someone enjoys seeing them.
      You're right on the Blythes, they are indeed an aquired taste and one I wouldn't have dreamed that I would indeed aquire, in fact I still don't like 'stock' Blythes with their shiny faces which seem lacking in personality to me, but I really love some of the customised ones and I particularly love to customise them myself, I just get so much satisfaction from taking the knife to them (Ouch, sounds horrible!) and I suppose bringing them alive. I think it is why I find it hard to part with them once they're done. Which is a shame because the poor girls are standing on the shelf gathering dust but I can't yet bring myself to sell them!
      I loved hearing about your 'wishes' and the dolls that you have.....I too like the play dolls, I have some Gotz play dolls which I love, they have such sweet faces. I really like the 18 inche play dolls, there is sooo much variety to choose from, isn't there?
      Oh and I like the Sylvia Natterer ones, the new ones this year are very well priced too, I'm almost tempted but trying to be good!
      So thank you once again, I hope you will comment again if something tempts you to :)
      big hugs Sharon xxx

  6. I wanted to add that I absolutely loved the whole Teddy and "Zotic" post. Your new Cora is absolutely gorgeous (I love those dark-skinned dolls and may soon be adding Caleb to my own family), and Teddy's infatuation is so adorable. I just love the expressiveness of the Sasha dolls. They are so very lovely, and feel so good to hold and touch and play with. As you can see, I have my lovely late 60's early 70's brunette pink dress featured in my profile picture, who I received as a birthday gift when I was five. Admittedly, she is a waif, having been lovingly played with for (well I won't say how many) years, but to me she is as precious as the most minty mint display doll.

    It was a lovely post, and I think you are doing quite well with your work on photographing Cora. I wish you continued luck in your photographic experimentation. Also, I hope you can find her a name soon. Actually, I think "Zotic" is quite nice for a pretty girl's name.

    I continue to wish you joy in your wonderful doll family. I look forward to your next post.

    With pleasure,

    Elisabeth Kreger

    1. LOL Teddy is besotted with her, he really is. I think she is starting to get a bit fed up with him though, he is always underfoot, wherever she is, he's a step behind ..... bit like my Chihuahuas when I open the fridge door ;) And she still hasn't got a proper name....not sure on Zotic though, don't you think it sounds a little bit like a bathroom cleaning fluid? LOL ;)
      I too love the Sashas, you probably guessed ;) although I never had one in my childhood, I wasn't really into dolls but did have Sindy, her boyfriend Paul, her friend Patch and various other fashion dolls, plus I had Teeny Tiny Tears! It's great that you still have your childhood one and that she's still loved....they are great dolls! And I agree, waifs are every bit as lovely and lovable as minty girls and boys!
      Big hugs again
      Sharon xxx

  7. As you know, Sharon, I love little Ellie! All 3 of your favorite dolls are charming for sure. I can't wait to see your new LD doll, she is just gorgeous! That early brunette Sasha with the wider face has quite the personality as well-I never knew there were so many variations in that doll line. Thanks for playing the tag game as I really enjoy seeing other people's favorites and wishlists!
    xo Farrah

    1. I do indeed Farrah, thank you! I am looking forward to the new girl from Lana but it is such a long wait, I ordered her in March 2014 and the wait time was 11 months back then. However, I've since spoken with Lana and she says she doesn't know when she'll even be starting on her. I think the wait time now is already 22 months so it has doubled and I don't really expect to see my tanned girl until at least Christmas this year!!!
      You're welcome, I enjoyed it, I like this like this and love reading what other peoples ideas are too :)

  8. A very interesting post Sharon and I think our taste in dolls is very similar and we both collect dolls along with our Sashas. So nice to see the dolls you are wishing for in the future. A lovely challenge. :) xxx

    1. Thank you Ginger, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think Dee has tagged you so I look forward to seeing your will be interesting to see who are your favs from last year but I think I know one of them already! ;)

  9. Yes, I am tagged by Dee and am wondering if repaints are considered new dolls??? This is a bit harder to do than I though it would be. Well, I will make the best choices I can for the past year! It has been a wonderful doll year and I am really enjoying the dolly responses!
    :) xxx


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