Monday 15 June 2015

A change of wig for Fiona....and dolly nudity!

Fiona is my Little Fee Ante by Fairyland in South Korea, and I have had her since 2008 when she came to me secondhand from California. 

Fiona/Ante is approx 25cm tall, normal skin, resin ball jointed doll.  The Fairyland dolls have about the best joints for posing that I've ever come across in my 9 years of collecting BJDs.  I don't think another company has yet come close to achieving the posability of these dolls to be honest.  I remember being amazed at the company's photos when they were first released and wondering if it was really possible to get them to hold such great poses, but yes, they can indeed hold great poses.  I thought I'd share some of those old photos with you which are from the Fairyland website.....warning dolly nudity!

The dolls also have magnetic wrists and ankles so that their hands and feet can be removed for easy dressing, as well as magnets placed inside the resin on their backs so that they can wear little resin wings and on their heads so that they can wear horns!!  You can also purchase additional hands, such as pointing fingers and little fists, as well as different faceplates such as 'winking' or 'sleeping'!

A funny little story about a lovely friend of mine who sadly has since passed away, and her Little Fee's magnetic hands.  My friend used to knit and sell on Ebay and one day she wrote to say that she'd lost her dolls hands, she'd looked high and low and couldn't find "the darn things"!  I made a few suggestions because I'd also had occasion to lose mine.....had she checked the metal legs of the ironing board?  Her buttons tin?  Anywhere metallic near to where she knits?  Yes, she'd checked all these places but they'd failed to turn up so she got onto the Fairyland company and ordered another pair.  A week or so later, she received an email from an Ebay customer in America to say that she loved the cardigan that she'd just received having won on Ebay, but did my friend know that there was a Little Fee hand in each of the sleeves?!!!!!  Mystery solved!  So although the hands don't usually just fall off like that, they have a little notch that keeps them in place, they'd obviously got snagged on the yarn in the sleeves and gone off with the cardigan!!!  It's always nice to have a pair of spare hands though, isn't it! 

Standing up straight showing the jointing system from the front:

And from the side, I love this pose because it's so like little kids stand when you tell them to "stand up straight"!:

And from the back:

A cute little pose:

Sitting down nicely, a typical child's pose whilst sitting on the floor to play!

 Another cute pose:

Standing on one leg:

A great TV watching pose!

Playing leapfrog with a friend!

Awww Little Angels!

Well I got a bit sidetracked there, didn't I!!  But I know that there are some friends who follow my blog, who, although they don't collect bjds, are still interested in them and their posing ability so I thought I'd share. 

So going back to Fiona, every now and again I change her wig to give her a new look and a new lease of life.....and nearly always change it right back to the original again.  Today she is wearing this pale blond one but I'm not sure that it's actually 'her'......I think this sort of short wispy style but maybe a darker blond?

Fiona is wearing a very simple summer dress which I made for her last week, the bodice is lined, and the sleeves are not inset, so it took me no time at all to produce and yet I think it looks really quite nice on her!!! :)  She's added her white leatherette summer sandals too!  Next time I would make it shorter in length though, I prefer to see children in shorter dresses so that they can run about and play without the extra fabric getting in their way! ;)

Well I hope you've enjoyed this little insight into Fairyland Little Fee dolls and their posing....and of course seeing Fiona, she, for me, is definitely a keeper! :)

Have a great week!!


  1. Sharon !!! I LOVE how these BJD's can pose! Those nude photo's are just great showing how versatile they are and yes they do look just like little children trying to stand up straight! lol They look nice and sturdy.
    Love Fiona's dress, lovely fabric and I actually agree it could be a little shorter but beautiful all the same.Thanks for sharing all the details of these charming little dolls :)xxx

    1. Dee, I thought you'd enjoy seeing those photos, they really are very good posers and make for such great and expressive photos. There really is no comparison to be honest. The Fairyland dolls are indeed very sturdy looking, they look far chunkier than they actually are though because when you see a Little Fee in real life, so they seem slimmer than you'd anticipate. I'm sure you would love the very tiny ones too, I can see you coming up with all sorts of wonderful stories with the little elves and pixies, I really can!!
      And your garden would be a magical setting for them. I have to admit that I've struggled with the very tiny tinies because they're just too small for me to enjoy.....especially as I get so much enjoyment out of sewing for my dolls. My smallest limit is about 14cm tall I think.
      Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed them!!!

  2. Dolly nudity!!!!!!!!!?????? Are people really so offended by a nude doll? They need to go and visit some of the homes with young children round here and see the assorted nudist colonies for dolls that there are in the hills of Wales.

    She is absolutely adorable and, I'm blaming you for this Sharon, I WANT!!!
    I've never seen a bjd that was able to hold poses in such a great way and I haven't been drawn to them before.

    Link to where to find one please....pretty please? Need something to look forward to after the poison they are about to inject into me in an hour. Off to dream about BJDs and plot how to save up for one. Hee hee, don't need to feed the family, do I? Would the bank notice a missed mortgage payment? Could I sell my children's granny? So many options for fund raising......J xx

  3. You would be AMAZED Jenni at how many people actually ARE offended by dolls in the nude, I've always thought it was hilarious myself because they are after all just bits of resin, vinyl or plastic but I actually have a friend in the US who said to me that had she known a particular doll was "gendered" she would never have bought her!!!! But honestly, it is hardly dolly porn is it!!!!! But I do still laugh when I see sellers showing a nude photo of their doll and they have the bits all pixellated or blacked out!!!! Even on dolls like Barbie who don't even own nipples for goodness sake!!!!! LOL
    Anyway, back to the dolls themselves, I'm glad you like the dolls, they are great, there's no doubt about it! The company is Fairyland and their website is and if you go there don't blame me for it afterwards!!!!
    Have fun on there, and if you go onto Flickr there are lots of photos on there that I'm sure you'd really enjoy!!!!

  4. Those poses are impressive works of engineering, aren't they? I don't always pay attention to Fairyland's releases, but maybe I should!

    And Fiona is just too adorable - the expressiveness of her eyes is amazing!

    1. Thanks very much jSarie, glad you like my little Fiona!
      Yes, they're so well made, I really like how they're put together.

  5. Great post, Sharon! I can't get over that articulation. What a dream to photograph!! Love little Fiona...she really looks like she could come right to life with those adorable poses.

    1. Thanks very much Farrah, glad you liked it and yes they really are well jointed, they pose ever so well!

  6. Fiona is a dear one, no doubt Sharon! I am marveling at the many poses of these dolls. It certainly adds a lot of options in playing and photographing them. A wonderful post and thank you for the education! I love learning more about dolls! :) xxx

    1. Thank you very much Ginger, glad you like my little Fiona!
      I love to learn about dolls too.....that knowledge can prove very expensive too though! ;)


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