Wednesday 24 May 2017

Blythe Con Europe 2017.....Part Two.....Photo heavy!

As promised (although a day late), here are some of my photos from Blythe Con Europe, which took place last Saturday, here in Malaga.  I have to admit that I'm not completely sure of who customised a lot of the Blythes in my photos so unless I do know, or it's pretty obvious who owns the stand, I will not put much narrative into this post.  I hope you enjoy seeing the photos, but I warn you, there are a LOT of them!!!!

Sam, my tiny Elfdoll Hana Angel on the Jerry Berry resin body, came with us....

As did Hershey, my Simply Chocolate Blythe (customised by me).....she obviously couldn't stand the pace though!!!!

As we went into the venue, there was a large board which was being spray painted by a local graffiti it is in the first stage.....the end result is at the bottom of this post:

There was a beautiful model on display which was made by the very talented Nanuka from Bilbao here in Spain, flickr photos of her work can be found here: Nanukafactory

 Brian, obviously trying very hard to contain his excitement ;)

And now for the photos of the stalls

Below two cute custom Blythes on the I Have Wings stand....

The middle girl below is wearing a beautifully intricate mask made with beading and ostrich feathers....

I cannot remember who this little one is, except that she has a Pure Neemo body in size small.  She has a very cute custom face.....

The lovely girl below with beautiful reroot, was on the Pomme Pomme stand....

 Jolly Roger Dolls stand....all looking very cosy in their hats....

I loved these 'helmets' with their ears and flowers but they were 85 euros each...beautifully made though with fine tiny stitches....

Note the sweet little bears on this stand, I think they were made from soft mohair...

I particularly loved this middle girl with her quirky mouth and sticky up pony tail!  And her little Minion friend....

The below stand is Papa Toronjo, another Spanish artist.  He was telling me that his dad carves the Blythe faces and he paints them and then dresses them.....their stand won the prize for Best Stand with it#s nautical theme and big wooden boats!  

This funny little fellow was on the Banochita (Blanca Diaz) stand, he's a Midi Blythe head on a taller jointed body, although I'm not completely sure what type of body.  His face has been carved with an open mouth and teeth!!  He looks full of mischief!

Cute Blythes in lovely hats by La Gata Tricotadora....I love those yarn flowers too!

A Blythe sized 'house' setting on another stall!! 

My lovely friend Monica from Granada, who sells really nice knits as Feltland...

This beautifully customised sad faced Blythe and her three eyed companion!

Another three eyed 'alien' riding his rocking horse....

Some gorgeous metal props on this stand, by Tebuki Customize....

Amazing customs on this stand....note the tiny little Blythe in the bottom left hand corner!

Harry Potter themed display below, how cute is this!!

The stand below is showing The Little Mischiefs (Dolly Treasures).  This is owned by a lady called Eileen Lam who lives in the UK and takes the most amazing Blythe photos and captions her photos with rhymes. She then has them made into books which she sells.  Typically I didn't know any of this until after the event of course, or I'm sure I'd have been tempted to buy one of her books!   Some of her work can be seen here

Here are the raffle tables.  There were an incredible amount of prizes including quite a few customised Blythe dolls!  To give you an idea, the raffle started at 5pm and the final prize number was called at 7.55pm!!! 

Another friend, and the organiser of the event, Malagueña, Olga Ramirez, also known as Vainilladolly, had a stand with her gorgeous custom Blythes for adoption....I just love her style so much!

Olga's little Secretdoll Ming obviously not wanting to be left out of the action!

The stall next to Olga's was selling these cute little Sonny Angels....I was tempted but I really don't want to start collecting something else!!! 

The next photos are from Zozo of Zolala who I've known forever but had never met before.  Zozo is from the Netherlands and makes very detailed outfits and hats for Blythe.  I knew Zozo from her days making incredible outfits for BJDs, and still use some of the patterns she produced many years ago.  It was lovely to finally meet her after all this time!!  Her stand was my favourite for all it's little details....

Here's Zozo below with my Blythe.  What a lovely lady, we chatted for probably about an hour.  I hope that we meet again one day! 

My Hershey on the left, looking slightly puzzled, is joined by her new friend Trufa, another Simply Chocolate, owned by Kittenlash from the UK....

Incredible custom Blythes by Ma Poupee Cherie....

I loved these soft fuzzy hats and the gorgeous tan girl in the middle modelling one!  Apologies though, I cannot remember the maker of them!

Another sweet bunch of customs....I wonder what's been said that has shocked the little girl on the right?!

Three customs with teeth....I think I might have to try doing a toothy custom one of these days!!!

I loved these trendy girls in their snazzy sunglasses.....I was sorely tempted but at 55 euros a pair.......

The astronaut Blythe carrier on the left is a brilliant idea!

More great customs and clothing for them!

This little girl was one of my favourite customs that was for sale.  I think she has the cutest face.....and SOLD, but no, not to me!  

Another couple of cuties that went home with new mums or dads from the event....I really like the hair on the girl on the left, a great reroot....

Bimba Bambolina had some gorgeous room settings and props for sale, these are just a couple of samples of her work....

The little girl below looks like she's saying "No, I'm quite comfortable staying here, thank you!"

The cutest little duck on a swing on Melinda Pato-Duck's stand....

Three girls walking through the scary woods on this stand below...

A close up of the custom I showed up above....isn't she a sweetie!

This little school boy is obviously having a lot of dental work done at the moment.....

What a studious little one this is....waiting to be adopted for 1900 euros....

As is this little curly head, for the same price....

And this naughty girl with pink hair standing on her desk!

These delightful girls and pretty flowered helmets are on the stand of Moshi Moshi.....

As are these sweet bears which I showed above....

I wonder why these girls look a bit displeased?  Maybe they don't want to part with their beautiful flowered helmets!

Loved this little fellow with the sailor suit and top hat!  And his tiny red doggy friend...

Another sweet custom Blythe with her hobby horse, on the stand belonging to I Have Wings...

And a better close up of two I showed above...

A really bright colourful stand, I'm not sure but think this stand was owned by 'Creative and Regaliz Couture'...  

A very sweet mauve haired custom on the same stand....

I don't know who this shy little custom is by but love her nightgown and her reroot....

And another great custom on the same her mushroom teeshirt and little tambourine!

My very lovely friend Barb, Little Miss No Name, showing her M for Monkey doll on the left and her friend's girl on the right.  These little dolls are all made of cloth with a posable armature inside, their faces are handpainted....

I've known Barb for many years but we've never met before as she lives in was wonderful to finally meet her, she's as lovely face to face as she is on line! 

Another stand with a nautical theme.  I loved the little fabric fox and his sweet mice companions....

There were loads more stands that I just never got around to photographing, and masses of great stuff to was a super event!

Finally here is the completed 'graffiti' painting of Blythe....and lastly me showing that sometimes yes, I do get in front of the camera, if somewhat reluctantly!!!!

Oooh you can just about see my Blythe tee shirt that Brian made for me, showing Hershey :)  and my bulging bag of goodies!!!!

Well if you're still awake, then I hope you enjoyed seeing all my photos from Blythe Con Europe here in Malaga.  Thank you very much for stopping by to share my fun day out!

Big hugs Sharon x


  1. Fantastic photos, Sharon! There are so many gorgeous customs and it amazes me how nice some of them turn out. I love the little Hermoine Granger doll and most of the ones you said you liked, I did as well. I had a little giggle over your "Brian is trying to contain his excitment" line as that reminded me of my husband, lol.
    It's also great to see you in the photo as I always love to see the real person behind the blog. Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Thank you very much Farrah, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos of the event. It really amazes me too how the customs come out, they really do bring these dolls to life.
      Yes, doesn't Brian look like he's having the time of his life ;)
      I'm glad you enjoyed seeing my photo, I hate having my photo taken so it took a lot of persuasion for me to stand there like that!!!

  2. What wonderful photos and dolls. I enjoyed looking at and reading every one of them. It must have been a truly wonderful day. How do the dolls get their names? What does a Jerry Berry resin body mean? And a Simply Chocolate Blythe? Pure Neemo? Are these the makers/designers? I look forward to seeing more photos, jane x

    1. Thank you Jane, I'm happy you enjoyed seeing them.
      Well Jerry Berry is a doll company, I think they are in South Korea and they released their dolls initially with an all plastic jointed body, although the heads were made of resin and handpainted, with beautiful handpainted eyes. A couple of years back, they introduced a replacement resin body and I bought one for my doll, however, after a while I realised that I actually preferred her with the plastic body (company who made the plastic bodies is called Obitsu) and so I swapped bodies back again. However, I then sold her to Dee of Sasha Village!! But I kept the resin body and then I put that body on Sam who is a Hana Angel by the S.Korean company, Elfdoll (who incidentally don't seem to be around any longer, which is a shame as they do lovely dolls). Now Simply Chocolate is the release name of that particular Blythe. All Blythes have a name when they are released. They're all Blythe but they have names such as Simply Vanilla, Simply Mango, Heather Sky, and so they are referred to as such. And Pure Neemo is a type of hard plastic body that people sometimes use on their Blythes as they want a jointed body for more posing options. Blythes have a hard plastic body with rubber arms and legs but the arms don't bend much at all and the legs have an aperture inside which allows the knees to click just three times, so not much flexibility at all. Lots of Blythe collectors change their dolls bodies to give them more options. I hope that helps but you can always ask me more questions and if I know the answer I will share, and if I don't, then hopefully I will know someone who does!

    2. Thank you for the explanation. I never really thought of changing body parts on dolls, but it must make them more interesting. I like how some dolls have proportionate heads and bodies, arms and legs and some have shorter, chunkier ones and the Blythe doll heads are so large, yet look great! Thank you x Jane

  3. That must have been fun! Thank you for taking so many photos though, I'd probably forgotten to use my camera as there was so much to see.
    I don't collect Blythe dolls, so I know nothing about them - but I like the girl in the white night gown very much!

    1. Oh I still missed photographing loads Ursula because I was either chatting or looking at stuff for sale, it was a lot of fun.
      Funnily enough I saw that girl in the white gown on Flickr yesterday and now know who she's by, Sandra Efigénio, who is a Portuguese Blythe customiser.

  4. This looks like it was such a fun event! Thanks so much for sharing so many photos - it feels almost like being there! :)

    1. Thank you JS, I'm glad you enjoyed the photos :)

  5. What great photos, so make me wish I'd been there! Brian looks like he was having a great time 😏
    How nice also to meet up with friends and people you've spoken with via email etc.i love looking at the custom dolls , it's amazing the work that's done and wonderful that you can crave their faces to make them so individual .
    All those lovely clothes and props! Wow maybe it was good I didn't go , I'd probably me living on beans on toast for a couple of months !
    Thanks for sharing ,I'm off to study all the photos again, I'm sure I missed something! 😜

    1. Ps that bag you are holding at the end looks very full !!!

    2. LOL I wish you could have come with me Dee but it's true, the temptation was vast, I'm surprised on the one hand that I spent so much money but then also surprised that I actually was relatively restrained ;)
      There were so many great props...I think the Blythe world really does have some very talented people in it, some of the little metal items, ie a telescope, were so wonderfully made! And the shoes! My goodness the shoes were amazing too, but I forgot to photograph them.
      I just looked at some photos from when I went to Blythe Con UK in 2011....I took only TEN photos! I would like to go to another BKEU one day, maybe you can come to that one with me instead ;)

    3. PS don't worry, the bag was bulging but it was just my camera case.....honest! ;)

  6. I'm... SPEECHLESS...and that doesn't happen very often, as you well know!
    Pleased though that you, and BRIAN, had a great time at this Blythe Doll Heaven.

    1. LOL Thank you Kendal, and no, you're not often speechless, as am I!!! And oh yes, Brian was thrilled to be there with me.... and if you believe that, you'll believe anything ;)

  7. Super photos Sharon, and although I'm over the urge for Blythe, I love those little boy Blythes. :)

    1. Thanks very much Sandi. I too thought I was over the urge for Blythe but the event has sort of piqued my interest again....although not too much, thank goodness!!

  8. Thank you, Sharon for your posts! Amazing pictures! Love yours purchases :)

    I have a lot of emotions after reading, I can imagine how great it was to visit this event! Slightly jealouse :). And I'm looking forward to visit our local event for the first time.


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