Sunday 17 March 2013

Flowers or weeds.....who decides?

This morning was beautiful and warm, definitely what I call 'short sleeves weather' so I decided to make a start on the weeding.  The weeds have really taken over in the last couple of months and because of the cold I was reluctant to go out and get rid of the darn things.  I quite enjoy weeding, it's one of those 'mindless' jobs, I know, but it gives me time to ponder things.  And today's pondering was this......

"Who decides what are weeds and what are flowers?" LOL

After all, some flowering weeds are every bit as pretty as some flowers, aren't they!!

Well I filled two sacks with some pretty flowering weeds, as well as nettles which kindly stung me in the process!!  I've got a long way to go yet but I got a bit cleared as well as some sunshine on my paled winter skin.  And took some photos too!!

A Margarita, as all Daisy type plants are called here!

Fresias (oh the scent of these is just wonderful!)

Blossoms on the Nectarine tree

A little bee collecting pollen from one of the succulents

Tiny little 'flowers' on another type of succulent

Purple Irises

And then the weeds!!!

And finally, the 'skeletal' remains of a leaf, probably from the Lemon trees

Isn't Nature wonderful!


  1. Such cheering photos for us here still in the throws of Winter!
    I think that I'd have been tempted to leave the flowering weeds in whilst they were in flower as they looked as pretty as the real flowers.

    I too just love the scent from Fresias. Even just a tiny bunch can fill the surrounding area with such equiste perfume.

    Thanks for this delightful, colourful post with hope for us here in the UK that Spring will soon be arriving.

    1. Thanks so much Kendall for your sweet comments. I did leave a few of the little flowering weeds, I couldn't bring myself to drag them up by their roots....although I will have to pretty soon as they are smothering a small mandarine tree, which could barely see the sunshine!
      The fresias are so pretty and yes, smell gorgeous. We found a couple of bulbs in the garden one day as we raked it so left them, next thing we knew it, they were everywhere! Lovely!
      I hope that spring does come your way too. I watch the UK weather each day and gosh it's cold there at the moment.
      Big hugs Sharon x

  2. Oh, it's lovely to see pictures of plants blooming! We're still under snow, here!

    Personally, I say if it's pretty, it's a flower, not a weed! ;)

    1. Thanks Randomfish! Exactly, on the weeds vs flowers!!
      I hope your snow leaves you soon and you can get on with welcoming in Spring!
      Hugs Sharon x


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