Monday 30 September 2013


This is one of the reasons I love being by the beach....sunset from Valle Niza beach...


  1. How gorgeous does that sunset look?? I'm packing my bags with Cooper under my arm and am on my way to join you!! I could look at that view for hours :)

  2. So lovely! It must be so nice to be close to a beach! :D

  3. I love the sea! What a lovely place to sit and just chill. Oh Sharon you do rub it in!!! Lol but I'll forgive you, I'm sure I'd be the same showing these lovely views and places if I lived on the coast. If Ronny shows up , take the dog and send her back, she'll only start tormenting your Sasha's :)

  4. I too adore the sea and was lucky enough to go to boarding school at Llandudno, the school being only a stones throw away from the shore where we spent our after lunch and tea breaks and then spent the first three years of my married life on the UK's south coast living on Bexhill's seafront.
    I love to watch the waves breaking and then rolling in over the sand.
    My Sasha Dolls have inherited my love of this although they haven't been able visit the seaside for the past two years now.

    Rest assured though that I won't be turning up there, with or without a little dog under my arm, as I can't now cope with the sun and heat


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