Tuesday, 1 October 2013

A little visitor comes to Spain....

A couple of days ago a little brown box arrived from the UK and I could hear snuffling sounds coming from within!  At first, having seen the return address on the box,  I thought it was Ronny's Chihuahua/Pug Cooper come to visit my Chihuahua, Kara,  but once I'd got the box opened, I realised that it was actually a baby!!  Yes a small little baby boy called Drake who has come to visit us here in Spain!

He was very tired after his long journey and a little bit tearful, but after he settled in, he proved himself to be a proper little charmer! 

Like all babies he enjoys playing Peek 'a' boo....although he did a lot more 'peeking' than 'booing'!!!

And again, like most babies, he has a fascination with his feet!  They made great 'playthings' for him, which is just as well, as we're a bit short of baby toys here at the moment, seeing as we've never had a baby to stay before!!

He wanted to suck one of his lovely shoes, but we had to put a stop to that because we don't want this lovely outfit that he arrived in, to be ruined by baby dribbles!

He looks a bit tired here, doesn't he?  I think he was starting to droop after all his rolling about on the blanket!

Oh! A new burst of energy!! He has seen the boat and of course, as his name suggests, he LOVES boats and the sea!!  He even pulled himself up on his little chubby legs to get a better look at the sails!

He looks very pleased with himself here, having stood up like this!  I don't think it'll be long before he's walking!!

After all his playing, Drake decided it was time for a nap, so we turned down the lights and he quickly went off to sleep....dreaming, I'm sure, of his adventures when he finally goes to his 'forever home'!!!

Drake is a non sexed Sasha baby who has been donated by Ronny of Absolutely Sasha blog.  I will give the link here so that you can go and read for yourself what Ronny is doing with little Drake!  Such a fantastic idea!!  I hope that when he leaves here in a couple of weeks, he'll have some new clothes to take with him, as well as some toys to keep him entertained on the next leg of his journey.  I will keep you all updated of his exploits whilst he's with us, here on my blog!!


  1. Thank you Sharon! Great to see that Drake has survived his journey over to Spain! I really must get blogging again and show everyone the fantastic gifts donated to Drake by Kendal, Petrana and Rosie.
    Hope he is good while he is with you...thank you for having him to stay:)

  2. It's lovely to see where Drake's got to on his travel's he is certainly getting about in the true following of his namesake. Just hope he gets time to drop by here before he's off to his new home !
    He looks like he's settling in for a visit.
    Have you put a baby on that ever growing list of yours Sharon :) slip slip... Lol

  3. That is incredibly adorable! He looks like he's having a great time on his visit!

    And what a lovely idea.... :D

  4. I was wondering how Drake was getting on in his travels so am glad you have blogged about him. my younger daughter and I offered to have him on his journeys before the big auction day and I hope we are on his list of people and places to visit. I am sure you will make him a lovely outfit.

  5. He is just so cute. Good to see him again.
    I only hope, for your sake Sharon, that he sleeps through the night as it's no fun when you spend half the night walking the floor!

  6. You've made ME feel very guilty as although I have taken photos of Baby Drake whilst he was here I haven't 'blogged' them as yet! It's on the 'to-do' list!
    Hopefully seeing him happily here will spur me on now!


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