Thursday 3 October 2013

A Hair Raising Experience for Bailey!

Yesterday we came home from the coast, finally, after almost 5 months down there!  I have mixed feelings about being home was nice to sleep in the big wide bed we have here, as opposed to the regular sized one we have at the coast, and it was lovely to see my friends/neighbours again, but I didn't like the state of the house!  Five months of dust on top of all the mess created by my son whilst we've been away!!!  Not good.

One plus point was I had several parcels waiting for me, two of which contained the supplies I needed to do my re-root on Bailey, my baldy ex brunette Sasha.  So because I didn't want to wear myself out doing too much cleaning all at once ;) I made a start on re-rooting her last night.  After several hours again today, she now has all the plug holes of her centre part completely filled!!  I probably won't get much done tomorrow as I'm having my own roots done then, but hopefully at the weekend I'll do some more!

I chose a mix of dark blond and light brown for her because I liked how she looked in the wig of a similar colour.  

After an hour I'd not got very far.  It's a very slow process!  And quite demanding on the fingers!!  I can certainly understand why re-rooters charge the amount they do for re-rooting a doll!

Todays work - I've put one side into a ponytail to keep it out of the way whilst I'm working on the other side of the parting.

She looks like she has a Mohican here!!  I hope I'm not doing it too thick!

And who got to wear the lovely lambswool wig that was previously made for Bailey? 

Yes, Vienna, my Volks SD10 Nana, has nabbed the dark brown lambswool wig.  I think she looks really lovely in it and it suits her because she is more mature.  Also it actually fits much better on her too, there is no dome at the crown, which was what I didn't like about it on Bailey!!


  1. Very Interesting photo's of Baileys re rooting, thanks for sharing them. How do you know how much hair to put in each hole? I like the idea of having a go at re rooting but I don't like the idea of taking off their head!!!!
    That mohair wig looks lovely on Vienna but I still want one for a Sasha!!! :)

    1. Thanks Dee! To be honest, I have no idea, I just put a bit in and hoped for the best!!! It's very time consuming but it's also very addictive....I don't want to put it down!!!!
      Yes, I think you're right on Vienna, it does look nice on her, doesn't it! It could end up being used by another Sasha one day in the future but for now she'll look after it!!!

  2. Gosh! You're being very adventurous since arriving back to your Winter residence. (How lovely to have two seasonal homes.)

    Although I've never re-rooted, or even thought of attempting one myself, I'm thinking that it might be being done a little thickly considering looking at all the holes that are still to be filled. Is there anyone who you can have a word with before continuing?
    I know that at the very end it can be 'clamped' down (hot water and a sock?) in some way which flattens it enormously .....but having heard just what a hard task it is I would feel easier if you could have a word with someone and show them what you have done so far before continuing.
    Good luck and I look forward to seeing the finished look.
    I agree with Dee that the wig does suit Vienna much better with not having that dome to the crown.

    1. LOL Kendal, I really should be doing the cleaning....two homes, two lots of blooming cleaning...there is a downside to everything I guess!!
      I think you might be right on the plugs, I got a bit carried away at first....this happens every time I've done a Blythe too...but I'm trying to make them thinner now. What you're seeing above is the two rows of parting and I have to say, it had LOADS of holes to fill, and yet in other places there are hardly any. I'm going to speak with Sarah Williams as she has been very helpful with all my rerooting questions, as has Jackie R, but I hate to keep asking in case they don't want to reveal their 'trade secrets'!!!
      Thank you also on Vienna and the wig. It really fits her well, you'd have thought it was made especially for her!!!

  3. Is there no end to your talents Sharon? I am really looking forward to the end result! I have never been brave enough to reroot but you may give me the courage to give it a go! Sarah of vintage Sasha sent me instructions ages ago so I might just dig them out as a winter project :)

    1. LOL, you're too kind Ronny!!
      Re-rooting is time consuming and hard work on the fingers, but I have to say that it's addictive. It's much easier to do a Blythe scalp though because they are softer rubber and you use a different method, so it's quicker, and my goodness, Sashas have such hard heads!!! But I hope it'll turn out well as I have plans for the Gregor head too!!!!

  4. Ah the dust combined with a boy's talent at 'non' housekeeping....I can well imagine! You were wise not to do too much cleaning though so you could enjoy yourself with Bailey.

    Good luck with re-rooting Bailey, I can well imagine how difficult it is...aren't you glad you don't have to have your roots done the same way?! ;-)

    Vienna looks fabulous in the wig, it really does suit her beautifully.

    1. Yes, you're imagining correctly!!! No, I didn't want to overdo the cleaning, just in case hubby got used to me doing it every day! LOL, now we wouldn't want him to be disappointed when that doesn't happen!
      Thanks on Bailey, and yes, thankfully it is not so painful for us....unless of course you're having that rubber cap and the crochet hook really seems to hurt me!

  5. Wow - I'm impressed at your talent!

    I hope your visit to have your own roots done doesn't involve taking your head off...


    1. Thanks so much Penny!
      Well sometimes I think it wouldn't be such a bad idea to leave my hair there and pop back for it a couple of hours later, especially as sometimes my hairdresser seems to take a long time.......then again, this IS Spain, we live in the moment!!!

  6. Oh my, re-rooting looks like an ambitious project! I like the colours already! :D

    Vienna looks like that wig was made for her!

    1. It's hard on the fingers, but pretty much a simple'll be the styling afterwards that will be the challenge! I can only cut bobs and it would seem a shame to go to all the trouble of rerooting, only to cut it off into a short bob!! LOL
      Thanks very much on Vienna, she does look nice in it, doesn't she!!!

  7. Vienna looks smashing - that wig was just waiting for her - perfection!

    Poor Bailey - what an awful lot to have to endure! If you feel you are re-rooting too thickly, try skipping a hole in the next row under the top part, the heavier, thicker hair on top will cover the thinner row just below it, so it will lay nicely. It is always a good idea to go round the perimeter and part first, making that fuller, and then fill in the rest of the head area with smaller strands.

    I'm so happy you've chosen to make her a blonde & light brown sun-streaked beauty- I think it will suit her beautifully. She'll look just like she's spent the Summer at the seashore!

    1. Thanks very much Janet!
      I have started the rest of the plugs with less hair now, as I think I was getting a bit carried away. I haven't done any of it for a couple of days and will hopefully get back to some more tomorrow's taking longer than I had hoped but then again I've not been doing it constantly!
      Yes, I thought this colour would be nice because I like her best in the similar shade of wig. I hope that I like it when it's finished though! LOL....lot of work for nothing if I don't!!!!


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