Thursday, 17 October 2013

And so on to my next project!

A dear dolly friend of mine in the US, asked me if I would customise her Blythe (an FBL Simply Chocolate) as she didn't like the shiny faces that stock Blythes come with.  I received the head when we were still at the coast,  but as my customising tools were here at home, I've not been able to work on her until now.  I made a start on her straight after I finished my Sasha reroot, which was probably not a great move as my hands were already a bit tender in places, and customising involves quite a lot of carving and sanding!  However, I got stuck in and have just finished her today, she is now ready to rejoin her body back in California!

Work done:
Completely remove the shiny surface of the face;
Remove old eyelashes and replace with newer more natural ones;
Remove and replace four sets of eyechips;
Carve the philtrum, lips, chin and give her a softer rounder nose, add nostrils;
Sand and colour eyelids using several layers of chalk pastels;
Boggle eyelids;
Lift eyes slightly;
All new makeup using chalk pastels and several layers of MSC sealant;
Wash, condition and trim hair;
Create 'sleep' eyes;
Add new pull charms for eye changing and sleep eyes.

The stock doll with eye mechanism removed:

Uncustomised faceplate with makeup removed:

Sanded and carving for the major sanding to smooth those lips!

The finished result:  Brown eyechips by Cool Cat Collection:

Eyelids coloured using several layers of chalk pastel, lovely new soft eyelashes:

Pink/mauve forward facing eyechips by Cool Cat Collection:

Side facing icy blue eyechips with silver foil backs by Brainworm:

Front facing deep turquoise green eyechips also by Brainworm:

Little burnished copper bird and bow adorn the eye changing pull cord:

Little Matryoshka doll with 'made with love' tag adorn the sleep eyes pull cord:

Comparison of 'before' and 'after':


  1. She's lovely. What a wonderful difference!

    1. Thank you so much Julie! I must admit that I do really like doing this as the doll almost seems to 'come to life' when she's been carved.....all of my own Blythes are customised now, I really don't like them that much when they are stock!

  2. How you customise these dolls just amazes is hard enough carving wood, let alone plastic! Doesn't she look more natural now, such a sweet look and her lips look great!

    1. Thanks so much Lorraine! Yes, they are hard to carve because the plastic is both hard and slippery, so you have to be careful not to slip and slice into your fingers (which I've done before) or make a dent that would be hard to sand out. I'm glad you like her new look, I've always liked customised Blythes, I don't go a bundle on their shiny stock faces!

  3. She looks much nicer now you have done your magic on her! How multi talented you are! Why cant you live down the road, so you could come round for a cuppa and teach me all these things ! ( Paul will tell you that really means do them for me!! :)) ) I have been looking at these little dolls and may get one in the future :)

    1. Thanks so much Dee, glad you like her. LOL, It would be nice to live locally to you, we could play dolls too! And I'd be more than happy to teach you!! They are great fun dolls and there is soooooo much stuff available for them, props-wise, and clothes....the clothes and footwear are amazing!! But can be expensive too!!!

  4. I have a Blythe. Maybe she needs luscious new lips like your girl, lol. You did a wonderful job on your girl. Lovely! Miss Gladys

    1. You're always welcome to send her head here for a visit Miss Gladys!!
      Thanks so much for liking what I've done to this little girlie!

  5. oooh she is sweet Sharon! You have magic hands for sure!! i haven't touched my Blythe & Icy girls for quite some time now but the stand on my desk watching me as I work - which is very little this last little while:(

    1. Thank you Nikola. Thankfully her mum is very happy with her too! I admit that I've not done anything with mine either .... in fact when it came to changing their clothes for warmer ones...most of them were already wearing warm outfits from last winter...Ooops! I have one left to change...maybe she'll still be wearing her summer dress next year!

  6. Sharon,
    I just found her on your Blog - I am soooooo thrilled - I can't wait for her to arrive home. I'll get her dressed and take photos for you as soon as she's here. Thanks so much for doing such a FAB U LO SO job on her for me.
    Joanie :) :) :)


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