Monday 6 January 2014

BJD Meme

People were being tagged over on Flickr to do a  BJD Meme, so I thought I'd give it a go...I'm going to do two, one for BJDs and one for my Sasha dolls as they are two very different types of dolls!

If you'd like to have a go then please do so, it's great to read about others dolly interests and how they got into the doll hobby!

1. How long have you been in the BJD hobby?
I received my first BJDs in August 2006.  I ordered one from Denver Doll Emporium and then saw one I loved more at Dollmore, so ordered her a week later, they both arrived on the same day!

2. How many BJDs do you have at home?
I have 25;

3. What are their names and sculpts?
I won't list them all because there are too many,  so here is a mosaic I've just put together:

4. Which doll have you had the longest? How long has it been?
Narsha.  She was my first BJD and is still here 7 and a half years later.  She's been through a lot of changes and now has a custom faceup by Raven.

5. Which doll is your favorite?

To be honest I used to say Narsha, but I really love Fiona and Samantha fact I find it really hard to have a favourite!!

6. Are you waiting on any dolls now? If yes, which one(s)?
No, I've not got any BJDs, or any other dolls for that matter, on order at this time!

7. What is your grail doll?
I really don't have a grail doll any more.  I've had them in the past but none at the moment.

8. Did you learn something new because of this hobby?
Yes, I have learned to sew, knit and crochet, although my knitting and crochet aren't great.  I have also learned a lot of other useful crafts along the way!

9. Have you made any friends you might otherwise not have because of this hobby?
Yes, I've met some wonderful people through the dolly hobby and have actually met one of them a couple of times when visiting the UK.  I've also got really really close friends who I speak to every day on-line and they're all over the world!

10. What are your doll plans for this coming year?
I'm inclined not to plan very far ahead when it comes to my dolly hobby, however, I would really love to get some good props so that I can use them in my photos and I'd particularly love to improve my photographic skills. 


  1. Now I know the answer to the question from your next post. This is a great way to find out about your hobby, I may give it a go!! Not sure about putting on the photo's but may sk no2 child to assist!!
    A lovely collection of BJD. I am very fond of the Kaye Wigg girl on the bottom and also a couple of the others :)
    Thanks for sharing Sharon.
    hugs Dee xx

    1. Thanks Dee! It's really easy to make a mosaic of your photos using a photographic site called Big Huge Labs. I can send you the link if you'd like it. I'm glad you like my girls and boys! Notice though that as I've reduced my BJD numbers (I had 40 at one point) I've bought Sashas. Combining the two, I am almost at 40!!! Oooops!!!

  2. An amazing group of BJDs Sharon - lovely to see this mosaic of them all.

    1. Thanks Lorraine, I'm very happy with them.....I've had some of them a long time now and I can't part with them at all!!

  3. Lovely to see your whole group like this! It's lovely that you still have your Narsha, and she remains one of your favourites! :)

    1. Thanks very much Lynn! Yes, Narsha won't be going anywhere, she's been here, there and everywhere with me and has gone through a lot of changes herself....she's very yellowed now, but I still love her!

  4. They look to be a lovely group but I'm afraid that knowing absolutely nothing about these dolls I can't comment.

    1. Thank you Kendal, they are very addictive the Sashas!!


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