Saturday 18 January 2014

Will it ever end........?

I really thought I'd be finished with this darn sorting out by now, after all I've been at it all week, but it seems that with every box or drawer I sort out, so there is another pile of mess created behind me.  I've filled two great big sacks and one medium sized one with fabric that I no longer 'need' and it's all going for recycling as I write.   I have taken more than 520 photos of fabric, have ironed and individually bagged each and every piece and logged them all on my computer.  I've sorted out more than 15 plastic drawers and boxes and still have more to go.  How can one person accumulate so much fabric????  You wouldn't mind if I'd been sewing forever but I've only been doing this for about 7 years!!!!

All moaning aside though, I have to say that the good side of the sorting is how it has taken me down Memory Lane.  So many pieces of my fabric were gifts from lovely friends!  I was reminded of when a very large box arrived unexpectedly on my doorstep from a friend in the was filled with wonderful things such as beautiful fabric, tiny buttons, patterns and even a Natterer doll!!!!  And another friend, May from Australia, who regularly sent me fat quarters that she'd seen and "just knew" I'd love!!!  May passed away last year so those pieces are particularly really is time I made something nice with them, instead of always "saving" them until I find just the right outfit to make!!  And lots of other lovely pieces that were sent to me over the years!  I really am very lucky and blessed with my friends!

Anyway, in case anyone is in any doubt that I might be exagerating, here are some photos I took today!!!

The Sashas and Natterers finally see the light of day again!!

The empty (for now!)  boxes are starting to stack up precariously!

But this is still the state of the floor! (Oh and you can see that I've spread out into the hall now too!  Oooops!!!

More boxes waiting to be sorted!

And more fabric waiting to be ironed, photographed, bagged and boxed!

I need to start on this shelf unit next, and find a better home for the BJD boxes on top!

These boxes are full of denim....I mean how much denim does one dolly seamstress need??

Oh what fun (!), more things to sort and find a home for!


  1. Well, I am not sure what to say, but it looks like you have your work cut out for you...mind you I am not even going to attempt to take photos of my sewing studio! I admire what you are doing though - it should make it easier to know just what you have available...and it looks like a LOT. Great to get a glimpse of our doll shelves as well. The little box room looks interesting...I have one similar - is it a cafe, restaurant, shop or what? Good luck with the rest of your endeavours in cataloguing and tidying.

    1. LOL, what can be said!!! It's awful...but I will persist and get there eventually!
      The room box was originally a shop, it mostly sold toys and gifts. Then I changed it into just a bedroom because I wanted to put the toys and stuff into the nursery of my big dolls house! At the moment it is still a bedroom but I rarely use it although it is the perfect size for my Elfdoll tinies. However, a bedroom is a bit restricting, so one day I would like to make it into something else again!! One day.........

  2. Ups, you have a lot of things, fabrics and dolls. I see many kinds of dolls. It's very interesting to see your nice "Tohuwabohu". In seven years I want to have the same:))

  3. I feel so guilty!! NOT!! lol What a lot of fabric etc you have!!! I would offer to come and help but I would not IRON the fabric before I put it away and you'd be following me round taking it all out again to iron It !!! lol
    Love seeing all your different dolls, the bjd's and the natterers, I am a lover of seeing people rooms and treasures and this room would be a great place to spend a few hours peeking in this box and that , holding up this doll and looking at them , making notes to get one!!! lol

    Love the little room box, always wanted to do one of those but never got round to it....another thing to put on the list for retirement!!! It's truly amazing how busy I will be for a poor retired person Paul keeps telling, when he moves another of my 'craft 'books out of his way!!!

  4. Cleaning and sorting out a workspace is a lot of work, but you will be rewarded in the end with an organized environment.
    Just think, all the fabric we can see right now in your photos will one day be clothing on your dolls! That's exciting!
    Keep up the good work and enjoy the process.

  5. Wow! That does look like a really big job, but what a wonderful amount of fabric you have! :D

  6. My thoughts are with you :)

    Du bist ein wahres Vorbild!
    Gib nicht auf; du schaffst es!

  7. The Madonna song springs to mind.. ' Cause we are living in a MATERIAL world and I am a MATERIAL GIRL , you know that we are living in a material world and I am a material girl .....':)

  8. WOW! I've never seen so much material in one small place. Beginning to be quite glad that I can no longer sew if this is what it creates in it's wake. I wouldn't have known where to begin sorting and cataloguing it all so well done you and carry on.......

    Fab and mt amusing reply SS-R!

  9. Thanks for all your comments! The job is now DONE!!!!! Yeaaaaaah! It took a while but I'm so pleased with myself now!!!!!!


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