Saturday 21 February 2015

Never say Never....

Last year I said that I wouldn't be buying any more BJDs, I wanted to get my numbers down and I have downsized a bit.....but last weekend I saw a very cute girl for sale on Den of Angels,  I wasn't looking for a new doll, honest!  I was only snooping about, I mean looking to bump up my own 'for sale' thread on there!!!  So there she was.  A bald, unpainted little girlie who just called out to me from the page.....what could I do but go and look at her?  And that was it, totally hooked and obsessed over this doll which I'd never seen or even heard of before.

She looked rather impishly at me and I was smitten!  But when I saw that she was being sold by someone here in Spain, I knew that it was meant to be, so I bought her and she arrived in two days!!!

This is Reira, she's created by a Spanish artist called Lola Palacios of Atelier Momoni.  Reira is 33cm tall and has a body shape that is very popular at the moment in the BJD world, her hips and bottom are large but her waist and bust are small.  It's a challenge to dress her because of this shape, but I think it'll be fun finding her style.  I do believe that this style of BJD is called 'artist' doll....but Reira is a 'true' artist doll anyway!!

Because Reira came blank (without any facepaint or 'faceup' as it is called) I thought I would give her a temporary faceup myself, before I decide who to send her to for a professional one.  One of my favourite faceup artists, Raven, no longer works on dolls, so I will have to look around for someone who has a slot available, but more importantly, who's work and style I really love!

So here are some arrival photos.....The box is 'stylish', quite plain with the Atelier Momoni 'crown' logo in cerise pink and company name in grey...

The doll came with a certificate of authenticity and a postcard sized sketch of the doll, drawn by the artist Lola Palacious

Inside the box, Reira was safely nestled in her lovely pink and white polkadot padded cushions.  You will see she came without eyes or wig.

"Hey, let me out of here!!"

"Phew...that's better!  Although I'd have liked something other than this cold tile to sit on!!"

Reira's skin tone is called 'toffee' and it really is a nice creamy tan.  I love tan dolls, with the bright light and sunshine here, they photograph so nicely.

Being the impatient person I am, I decided to start on her faceup yesterday afternoon.  Having sewn all morning, it was nice to put the fabric to one side and do some work on her.

"Are you ready?"

I use artist quality watercolour pencils and chalk pastels and Mr Super Clear Flat to seal between layers.  I'm not entirely happy with the end result but it will do for now!  Unfortunately by the time I'd finished it was dark so the photos are taken with flash....I planned on taking more photos today outside in natural light, but after yesterday's sunshine, today we have rain!

I'm not sure which wig she'll wear yet.  Her head is quite small, 5-6 inch wigs are too small though and 6-7 are a bit big.  The burgundy wig below is quite big on her whereas the brown one is a bit small!  I think she needs an exact size 6, which I don't have much of.  So I will be on the hunt for a new wig for her, I may even consider making her a Tibetan lambswool one....I think that style would suit her.  The eyes I've chosen are oval hazel brown glass.  I think she looks a little bit like a cat!! :) 

Here are some posing photos, she poses beautifully as she is completely double jointed, and can touch her face or her hair.  It was still raining as I took these so I apologise for the poor quality of the photos.....I will take more when the sun comes out!! 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my new girl and I hope you all have a lovely week ahead.  And for those of you with very cold weather and masses of snow....please keep safe and warm!


  1. She is great, I love the face up you have given her, it has really brought out her charm and impishness. She looks very stylish in her new gear as well

  2. OOOOOHHHHHH! Sharon! What are you DOING???????????
    Now I want one - very, very bad of you to lead me down this path because she is undeniably cute and I won't be able to send her sister back if she decides to jump into a box and head this way.
    J xx

  3. She is so lovely! I really love the top you made for her! I didn't know that new shape was popular with BJDs. Since it mirrors my own shape, I must say I like it! LOL! I wonderful purchase for sure!

  4. She is so sweet Sharon! I love her face shape ! I don't know why you feel the need to send her off to have her face redone, you are perfectly good at doing her yourself. I think she's got an Elfish look about her and of course that means I love her!! lol I love the red wig on her and how you have posed her , seriously tempting.......
    These dolls also look so superior to the cheap things that seem to have appeared on the bjd market, if i buy another bjd I'd want her to look as good as your girl here.

    Did she come with eye's or did you have to use one's you already owned?

    She'd make a nice friend for Elfine I think.... :) but not yet..... :)

    I love seeing all your different dolls, you dress them so well and are so knowledgeable, having been a collector for so long, unlike some who buy a couple and know everything!!
    I look forward to seeing what you do to her over the coming month's as I know you'll decided to chop and change her until you have found her style! :0
    big hugs Dee xx

  5. Hello from Spain: This girl is fabulous. Great purchase. Nice pics.Keep in touch

  6. This is a really lovely doll. Not too sweet.
    And her shape is like mine as I was young, not easy to dress:) But that empire-tunique looks great,
    I love the short wig most.
    And you painting is beautiful!

    I recently bought a 'Mahi' by Oxana Geets in Russia - if I can finally solve my struggle with the customs, I have to show her to you!

  7. She is very appealing and I love her face as it is, especially with the burgundy wig.

  8. Reira is absolutely lovely. I can well understand that you just had to leave everything and bring her life!! & you have done so beautifully. I am certainly not a BJD expert but would be very happy with the way you have painted her face. The last picture of her is perfect.
    It is raining today in the UK with some sleet in the air & the wind is whipping around the Camellias. Severe frosts are making a garden wonderland every morning but Spring can’t be far away….can it?

  9. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my new girl.....I'm really happy with her.
    I have managed to get a spot on a very popular faceup artist's list and she said she'd work on her straight away.....but now I'm worried about sending her! LOL will she be the same cute girl that I'm already smitten with, once she returns? It's a long journey too, the faceup artist is in Asia, would she get there and return safely? So much to think about! I am going to give it a lot more thought before deciding. I might even remove the faceup I've given her and start over :) So many possibilities!
    Thanks again, sorry for the lack of individual replies, I've been playing again all day and now need to just sit down and relax LOL.
    Big hugs and have a great week everyone!
    Sharon xxx

  10. She is just so cute and this is yet another doll I learned about that I am in love with, lol. I think you did a fantastic job with her face up and she has such character already that I can understand why you'd be nervous to send her. She looks like so much fun to photograph!

    1. Thank you Farrah Lily, I have to say she was easy to fall in love with for me, she is just so impish and I feel she's different from my other BJDs....I'm very happy with her!
      I'm glad you like her faceup, I'm still undecided on sending her, but do I really want to put myself though not only another big wad of money going out of the paypal account but also there is the worry of sending her to the Far East and then back again and risking yet another hefty customs fee on entry into Spain.......somehow I do think she might be staying as she is :)

  11. I am just as smitten as you are, Sharon! She is so sweet! I love everything about her and I love that she fits in your vintage outfits...they look smashing on her! ♥

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! At first I was thinking Whistling Thistle Photography?, now that sounds familiar, then it just hit me that it's you!!!! Thanks so much for coming to visit my blog and for your nice comments on my girl. I'm very happy with her, she's a little sweetie and yes, it's great that the Sindy outfits fit

  12. What a wonderful girl! I am so amazed at her transformation. She is so very pretty and I do love that first wig best! The fabric of her dress/top is endearing and a nice contrast to her jeans. I think she is a delight!!! Great post! :) xxx


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