Tuesday 3 February 2015

Sewing challenge, 3rd outfit for Reece!

On Sunday I made an outfit for Reece, my factory painted UFDC (United Federation of Doll Clubs) Little Darlina Ana, sculpted by Dianna Effner.  I used a 'body' pattern by Becky Colvin, with two tone puffed sleeves which so far I'd not used before and I designed a simple skirt pattern to go with it.  I added a hat that I knitted some time ago for another doll, black lace edge socks from Dollmore and cat face shoes that I've had for ages.  I'm very pleased with how little Reece looks in this outfit.

I love these little girls, they are so nice to sew for!


  1. It's Beautiful Sharon! Looks so nice on her, I like the one strap going across the body and the mix of floral and stripes.
    Sweet little hat just finishes it off to a T ! Reece looks perfectly sweet in her new outfit and well done with keeping on with your challenge hugs Dee xx

  2. I think she looks adorable in that outfit. Does these dolls have loose wigs? Because I just LOVE her hair. It's so pretty that there's different colours in it.
    Big hugs from Lene

  3. Reece looks super S! She is a beautiful little girl

  4. Lovely, Sharon!
    It looks like you feeling with the dollie, knowing then what colours to use to comfort them...

  5. This is one of the cutest dolls I have ever seen! Her hair, her face...amazing. This dress is so did such a great job and thanks for sharing :)

  6. Love her outfit from head to toe! The puffed sleeves give the top a neat layered look, and the hat is the perfect finishing touch! :)

  7. I've always been very partial to this little Reece and I simply love the one diagonal strap detail that you have added to her skirt. Makes the whole outfit so OOAK!

  8. Beautiful!

    One of the things I love about the outfits you put together is the way you make the colours work together; There are so many subtly different shades of pink here, and you've put them together in ways that compliment each other perfectly. Really lovely!

  9. Just gorgeous Sharon. I love this outfit on your Little Darling girl, Reece. She looks so sweet in pink! :) xxx

  10. Thank you all for your lovely comments on my Little Darling Reece and her outfit :) They're most welcome and very much appreciated!
    Big hugs Sharon xxx


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